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2010-03-03 07:37:08
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Dreamweave Images

/ [Albireo the Lost]

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2010-03-21 [Eyden13]: aww. That so cute. and actually Elbereyj StarQueen is how i found your art.

2010-03-21 [Albireo the Lost]: Well, considering we're just short of hating each other at this point, that doesn't mean much to me.

2010-03-21 [Eyden13]: Well, I habor no hard feelings. I don't even know her that well. But you should really be proud of all the work u've done. Who knows maybe one day your cards will be published in some awesome card game.

2010-03-21 [Albireo the Lost]: Umm...They're Magic cards. Modeled after an existing card game xD

2010-03-21 [Eyden13]: realy. Well aren't I just the brightest person. What's the card game?

2010-03-21 [Albireo the Lost]: It's called Magic: the Gathering.

2010-03-21 [Eyden13]: I'm going to have to lok that up.

2010-03-22 [Albireo the Lost]: Go for it. It's a great game.

2010-03-22 [Eyden13]: We'll see. ^-^

2010-03-22 [Albireo the Lost]: Ha. Well it seems to work out pretty well for me...

2010-03-22 [Silver Moon]: Yea and it is pretty popular too

2010-03-22 [Albireo the Lost]: Extremely popular. That's how I get away with making cards for it and having people care.

2010-03-22 [Eyden13]: ok I'll admit the game was better than i thought it would be.

2010-03-23 [Albireo the Lost]: Lol. I'll take that as some sort of compliment...

2010-03-25 [Eyden13]: it is. ^-^

2010-03-25 [Albireo the Lost]: Anyways, I've made a new cycle of dudes, since I decided that the first set was going to be a prologue, and to eliminate the third set that was really more of an epilogue of what happened to Albireo afterward. You can find one of the images on my house, along with a little blurb where Albireo meets Nicoh, who are more or less the two most important characters in the storyline. The rest of them are:

2010-03-25 [Albireo the Lost]: And I'm really happy with the way I managed to keep Nicoh's hair red throughout the whole series xD

And the art on Nicoh the Fleeting is actually perfect for the person that character is based on. A perfect match for her eyes. An that's her most important characteristic, I think.

2010-03-25 [Eyden13]: AWESOME! it's a lot of detail.

2010-03-25 [Albireo the Lost]: I AM a writer you know xD

2010-03-26 [Eyden13]: lol. Actally I didn't know.

2010-03-26 [Albireo the Lost]: Oh...Well I am.

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