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Drive is a new weapon, stronger than anything imagined. It is a chemical, used by soldiers to give exponential boosts in physical, mental, and in some cases, supernatural abilities. But it does so at a terrible cost. It's highly addictive, and causes grotesque mutations, severe mental warping, and can prohibit some, if not all of the senses with prolonged use. but they needed power, and just looked over the horrific side effects.

After Earth had become completely desolate, and unable to support life, the few that could escape the dismal abyss wandered through the systems, until finally coming onto this planet, Scleira. It's atmosphere contains much, much more oxygen allotting for it's natives to grow to gigantic proportions. Naturally, as humans go, a bloody war ensued to take over the planet as their new home. But something was different, they were no longer the power they used to be, and were quickly being forced back by its population. So they had to come up with something new, a new weapon that could even the odds against this threat to their existence. And thus they came up with "Drive". This chemical took biological warfare to new levels, giving the people who used it nearly god like abilities. With their new hammer in place, they began driving the nails of success, one battle after another, quickly turning the tides, and soon...took the planet as their own. With their new foot hold, they began looking further, and with their new weapon, began to believe that they were truly invincible. Now a hundred years after the initial war that sparked Drives creation, Humans have become a super power amongst the systems of the universe. Their tyrannical government, ever hungering for more, are constantly taking over more and more, pushing the borders of their territory further and further out with each annex. Naturally, a resistance movement began forming, composed of those that were struck homeless by these invasions, and those few humans that are against the use of drive after learning it's dirty secrets. With each movement the Humans, or Drivers make, this resistance grows stronger, and soon, an even bigger war will ensue. So which side will you choose? The Chaotic humans, Or the disheveled hordes that they're constantly battering to the side? The choice is yours, but choose wisely, as neither side's fate is clear...

Rp Rules:

:No Godmoding! It sucks, and I promise, I will kill your character... then give you the boot! Everyone gets hurt eventually!:

:Also, Don't let EVERYTHING hit you >.>:

:This is meant to be mature, so pretty much, anything goes, if you can't stomach it, don't join!:

:When everyone isn't present, there will be a severe post limit in place (getting left behind sucks!) and damnit, I want this rp to LIIIIVE!!:

:Other than that, go crazy!:

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2012-01-21 [NOOOPE]: wooo!

2012-01-21 [Dezmond]: awesome!

2012-01-21 [Earoluim]: Who do I send my character to ?

2012-01-21 [Dezmond]: me me me!!!

2012-01-21 [NOOOPE]: NOW

2012-01-21 [Dezmond]: Bahahahaha!

2012-01-23 [NOOOPE]: Gotta warn you I wont be around till after 3 on the 24th.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: tis fine ^^

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: Crap, btw my work schedule changed so i won't be on to start this thing until tomorrow afternoon sorry guys!

2012-01-23 [NOOOPE]: I'm at work till 3 anyway. All's good.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: yeah 2 central for me >.>

2012-01-23 [NOOOPE]: ah, eastern here.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: irony~ so that's not a problem i think it's the same time with the change, innit?

2012-01-23 [NOOOPE]: I don't think you should worry about everyone being there at the same time. We all have work (or school) and live in different time zones. As long as we respect each other and wait for people to post, everything should be ok.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: kk i know i know it's just, yeah nervous xD haven't done this gmming thing in a while lol

2012-01-23 [Chel.]: Ravenclaw and myself do all the time. Feel free to ask if you want any advice/help.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: haha thanks, i'll be sure too ^^

2012-01-23 [Ravenclaw]: I've recently found it useful to restrict players to one post a round when there's something heavy going down. So many people want to get in and be the big hero that those who aren't able to be on consistently get left behind. People who are impatient *cough* chel *cough* don't like it, but it helps to maintain order.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: oh yes, i've dealt with that kinda thing before >.> early on luckily so i got the whole posting limit DOWN when like everyone isn't around. OR, if they don't want to do that, i've even dumbed it down and made it a rotation to post *shrug*

2012-01-23 [Ravenclaw]: I'm a fan of the rotation, so long as the users are on at least once a day.

2012-01-23 [Dezmond]: i am for the most part too, until it becomes inconvenient >.> when you wanna post and by the time you get a chance, it feels kind of out of place yaknow?

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