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Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.

Revelation, 1. 7

In the post-apocalyptic world of New Earth, nothing is ever as it seems. After the end of the world, it seemed human life was just as stubborn in nature as it was cruel, like a parasite it attached to the earth and refused to die even while stationed on an ever dieing planet. Earth ground broke and crumbled, even the most lushest of forests turning into baron waste lands. Cities were decimated and abandoned, villages left to rot, many things were lost and forgotten. Time gave the world no favours, and as it passed, so did the world continue to crumble and break around humanities' eyes. Over time the sky turned red, the weather a constant temperament phenomenon, and civilization disbanded, it's modern theories and values now only a fractured memory.
Five hundred years past; five hundred years of nothing but an eternal struggle under a scarlet sun.
A new age dawned and with it a new breed of man, natural selection brought out the inner instinct, the greatest minds built new cities and new villages, and along with it, new weapons.
Welcome, to the end of the world - Date 2521

[Rice] here, behold my new RP which I created mostly due to my boredom and a sudden spark of random ideas, the end of the world is always a fun topic, so why not create my own version of it. I hope you read the summary, if you didn't you're a severely lazy bastard with no attention span. Just a few important notes, this wiki is going to contain violence, sex, naughty language and many other things that may cause children to cry, so it's going to be rated R to stop said tears. If you don't like it then you then kindly leave.
IMPORTANT: This wiki is semi invitation only, since I am sick of getting new role-players messing up my Rp's. But for the sake of my soul I am going to be merciful and allow anyone to apply, send me an amazing character and I'll let you join.


Residents of New Earth

Dystopia's Soundtrack

Dystopia's Artbook

Chapter One - Revelations

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2010-10-04 [Rice]: LMAO XD you like stopped for ages though, that's why I restarted because you didn't come on anymore!

2010-10-06 [*Leric*]: I know ._. I suck at life. This summer I worked from 8am-9pm..and then I crashed.

2010-10-06 [Rice]: Oh my god..I thought you couldnt work more than 12 hour shifts.

2010-10-07 [NOOOPE]: Question! What are our characters doing in this rp? Why are they together? What are the motives?

2010-10-07 [Rice]: We've had this conversation haven't we? I swear when I first opened this you messaged me with something similare and I told you.
If not, basically our characters our going to be hired to stop Lucien Break, who is the tyrannical leader of a cult. Character will have their own reason, my character will be in it for the money, some maybe a sense of adventure, others might have a personal desire to stop Lucien.
Whatever you bring to the table I can work into the plot.

2010-10-07 [NOOOPE]: Wow... that was forever ago, wasn't it. Damn. I can't believe how utterly I forgot that.

2010-10-08 [Rice]: It was a long time ago. Time passes too quickly. XD

2010-10-09 [*Leric*]: Not according to korean law haha you work how ever long your boss tells to.

2010-10-10 [Silver Moon]: when do you need me to make a charry? Sorry I have been pretty busy lately

2010-10-10 [Rice]: Take as long as you need. I'll start when everyones ready.

2010-10-10 [Silver Moon]: what races do you allow?

2010-10-10 [Rice]: What did you have in mind, this isn't really a fantasy only humans. But what we're you thinking.

2010-10-10 [Silver Moon]: cat person...

2010-10-10 [Rice]: Erh, no sorry.

2010-10-10 [Silver Moon]: ok I can make a person. Is there any magic or not?

2010-10-11 [Rice]: It's set in the real world so no magic powers I'm afraid. But, since it was a nuclear war people can have odd talents and slight defects. Like my character has red eyes and white skin. So, odd little talents maybe but no full blown magic powers.

2010-10-17 [Silver Moon]: hmmm I don't know if this is my type of game than...sorry

2010-10-17 [Rice]: Fair enough. Run free little fly~

2010-10-17 [Silver Moon]: lol sorry I like the fantasy games. I kinda think reality can suck so I like to steer clear of realistic games lol. ^-^ Thanks for the invite though

2010-10-18 [NOOOPE]: I am the complete opposite. Complete.

2010-10-18 [Rice]: I wish this was real.

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