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Elfchat Technical Information

(I made all new shiny pages with proper spelling/punctuation and no passwords, so start watching them instead!)

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2006-04-20 [Ocean Soul]: This has been very helpful indeed :) Never would have managed on my own xP

2006-04-22 [Vampirizza]: I used mIRC before... sweet.. I addore mIRC :D yaaaay

2006-07-11 [lyubomir]: guuhhh i uesed mirc for.. 5 years but now i know that there is a chanel like that ..nevermind but the chanel don't exist.. coz i go to #elftown and automaticly gives me an @ (op) wich meen that the chanel is not registred there is no CS and SeenServ in it :( and i am the only one there :(((((((((

2006-07-11 [lyubomir]: ..shame on you ..all of you :)

2006-07-11 [Sunrose]: I don't know what you do, but the channel exists...

2006-07-12 [zepher]: Lubo: are you on the right server?

2006-11-09 [fant0m]: can you get on the server off a firewall? because im unable to

2007-01-27 [_habnabit]: Other good IRC clients: X-Chat for Linux/MacOS, XiRCON for Windows, irssi for *nix.

2007-02-02 [Isilando]: ^_^

2007-02-03 [zepher]: Best thing is, the link always shows up to date stuff.
I am so good ^_^

2007-04-07 [MisLuck]: Stupid question; is this on IRCnet, quakeNet or in other?

2007-04-10 [Isilando]: Azzura; , in case you understand Italian ; )

2007-05-14 [_habnabit]:
^^^ If the reason why you didn't post information about XiRCON was because the website was down, there's a download link I found from As nice as mIRC may be, XiRCON is many times more lightweight and I think the interface is a lot better looking.

2008-05-30 [zepher]:
Right people, Elfchat has moved to a different server,
This page has already been edited to reflect the changes.

Again I would like to remind people that elfchat is a place where it can take some time for you to get a response.

It helps if you start a conversation, e.g. Dont just say 'hi' and wait for someone to reply.

Be nice!

2009-02-03 [hanhepi]: well, i just followed all the directions to install (kind of. the registering bit gave me NICKSERV Unknown command )but i couldnt find #elftown on the /list, and when i typed /join #elftown i got an empty room. what? no one goes there now?

2009-02-13 [zepher]: Hmmz, There is always someone on Elfchat.
Sounds like you might have the wrong server, somehow.
Or... Martian radiation!
Could you try again and send me the details of the connection?

2009-02-13 [hanhepi]: um, ill try....

2009-02-13 [hanhepi]: i forgot to type /server
hehehe. oops.

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