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Greetings, and welcome to Elftown's official 'Elftown Animation Contest'!

Contest Closed!

How to post your entry:
Add your animation after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]
Link to animation <URL:animationname.extension>
Add warning about sound


1. NO STEALING ART! Animations must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original artist. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular animation on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here. This includes random animations from the net too. MAKE YOUR OWN DARN ANIMATIONS, DON'T STEAL THEM AND TRY TO CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN! That makes us angry, very angry indeed.
Please put forth your best effort and the best quality. Entries of poor quality will be removed.
Last but not least, it can happen an artwork has the same title as another one; this is not against the rules as long as the artists' names are clear.


3. ALL ANIMATIONS MUST BE UPLOADED TO ELFTOWN! Ask [Sunrose] or [Charybdis] for wiki-privs if you don't have them already; members who follow the uploading art rules, and thus are not troublemakers, will be granted these privs. See advanced help for more information about privs.
Without wiki-privs you can not enter.

4. SUBJECT MATTER: Since the winners will be featured on Mainstreet, animations that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only images that fit the theme will be allowed.

There will be two (2) sections:
a) Loops
b) Stories

Loops are animations where a series of images will repeat themselves after some time.
Stories are animations that tell a story with a beginning and an end, without the repetition.

The theme is: Lilo, the town's mascot!
Lilo is [Hedda]'s cat. The cat you see in the birthdaywarnings.
Free to use Lilo images
The animations must contain Lilo somehow.

Images not following the theme will be removed.

The maximum length and size:
a) Loops: thirty (30) seconds
b) Stories: two (2) minutes
The maximum size is ten (10) MByte

All kinds of files are allowed: gif, flash, 3D etc.
Sound is also allowed, but be sure to add a warning underneath the link.

Deadline: April 30th

We will be picking two (2) animations as the winners.

Ten animations (five per section) will be picked out by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented and two Mainstreet polls will tell the winner per section. Participants will receive a squirrel badge, and winners will receive a coloured version of the same (or a green/coloured Masters of Building if they are commited art donors).

<img:img/new/Build2.gif> <img:img/new/Donnorart1.gif> <img:img/new/Donnorart2.gif>

Due to the fact both sections do not contain extensive entries, the Council and Assembly will decide on the winners. Thus there will be no Mainstreet poll for the public to vote in.
Thank you.


This contest is closed!


Winners: Elftown's Animation Contest

<news:[Elftown Animation Contest@wiki] winners!>

Looping animation:

By [Elegy - gone]

All submissions: EAC Loop, Page 1

Story animation:

By [Dark Side of the Moon]

All submissions: EAC Story, Page 1


Thank you to all that contributed!


Go or return to:
- EAC Loop, Page 1
- EAC Story, Page 1

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-27 [Saffron]: Don't you want to use the animated prize badges I made? :P

2006-03-27 [iippo]: *imagines all the reports that would flood in* :P

2006-03-27 [Sunrose]: Ehm, well they have to follow the badge format :P

2006-04-01 [~Vash~]: x) I guess I'll be enterin' this competition with all my crap lyin' around. =P After all, I was the one who started the whole beef about personally created animations on ET..

2006-04-01 [~Vash~]: T.T Oh nevermind. Again, I've failed to observe the

2006-04-19 [Sue Falkenkralle]: Hi, can someone help me? every time I try to uploud my gif it says: "That is not an image. I got 90087 bytes containing this data: (etc)" Its a 88KB gif, and I do have wiki-privs :(

2006-04-19 [Janouk]: Have you made sure to add .gif to it?

2006-04-19 [Sue Falkenkralle]: yes, still doesn't work

2006-04-19 [Sunrose]: Try again now :)

2006-04-20 [Sue Falkenkralle]: It worked! Thank you! :)

2006-05-01 [True, plain and simple]: Contest has been closed. Thanks to all who participated!

2006-05-01 [Sunrose]: As said on the wiki: Due to the fact both sections do not contain extensive entries, the Council and Assembly will decide on the winners. Thus there will be no Mainstreet poll for the public to vote in. Thank you :)

2006-05-16 [~brittany~]: what the hell is going on!!!

2006-05-16 [Charybdis]: At the moment, nothing, since the contest has been closed for a while :)

2006-06-12 [Elegy - gone]: Uhm, sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if I might get the coloured art donor badge? Since I was one of the winners and all... if it's not too much of a problem?

2006-06-12 [shotokan_gal]: Looking at the entrants badge slots, I don't think anyone from this contest has actually been badged yet.

2006-06-12 [Elegy - gone]: It would seem that way... and I'm sorry to bring it up, I just really want that badge >.> =P

2006-06-12 [shotokan_gal]: Ok. It sounded slightly like you thought you'd been badged wrongly that's all.

2006-06-12 [Elegy - gone]: No no, I know I haven't been badged at all, and I really could just settle for the green one I have, but the coloured one is so pretty :3

2006-06-12 [shotokan_gal]: I'll ask sunrose about it, but if it's ok I can probably get onto it now :)

2006-06-12 [Elegy - gone]: Oh, wow, thanks! *hugs*

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