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This is the Home of the Elftown Brute Squad. Only those privileged enough to be deemed with Guard or Patroller Status are free to walk these halls.



and now.. for some cheese

They are many...and we are few. Brute Squad! Brute Squad! COMIN THROUGH!

Current Roster

<img20*0:img/drawing/16649_1090883832.gif>[Lerune] Guard Captain Indigo, Rainbow Brite Division
<img20*0:img/new/StGuard3.gif>[Anonymous] Guard Sergeant "Sacamuelas"
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[Malnu] Guard Intelligence Division
<img20*0:img/drawing/16649_1090883777.gif>[Sunrose] Guard Lieutenant Paparazzi Division
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[Adnama] Guard Anime/Manga Division
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[Rennie] Guard GIF Hunter
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[Broken Saints] Guard Awaiting Assignment
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[djxmonster] Guard GIF Division
<img20*0:img/new/Guard3.gif>[Kaimee] Guard Art Division and huntress of repeat crime offenders
<img20*0:img/new/mpatroller1.gif>[teptep] Master Patroller Elftown Gestapo Division
<img20*0:img/new/Patroller3.gif>[ShadowKnight] Patroller Elftown Bruiser Division
<img20*0:img/new/Patroller3.gif>[MathiasIV] Patroller Negotiator
<img20*0:img/new/mpatroller3.gif>[Stratakus] Master Patroller S.A.M.P.S.O.N Project
<img20*0:img/new/mpatroller3.gif>[Ihsahn] Master Patroller GIF Division
<img20*0:img/new/mpatroller3.gif>[Ultiem] Master Patroller GIF Division
<img20*0:img/new/Patroller3.gif>[Sylvia Rote] Patroller Random image Division
<img20*0:img/new/Patroller3.gif>[Erestor] Patroller ASCII-art Division

Time for some new blood in our Brute Squad! Congrats goes to these Guard/Patroller Team members for having what it takes to be a Brute Squadder!

YAY!!! With every group, there must be GROUPIES, those loving and dedicated people who just want to hangaround the Brute Squad, even though they are not patrollers or Guards..

So here you go.. your chance to be an official groupie of the Brute Squad!

Brute Squad Groupies

Welcome [Kaimee] and [Erestor], by order of [TheRogue]!

Elftown Brute Squad Banners

[Guards only Private Wiki]

[Malnu] is now in charge of the Brute Squad. In his absense, any member of the Squad may make changes or if [Lerune] wishes to take charge of the wiki she may do so or delegate. Love and best wishes,


Username (or number or email):


2007-09-07 [TheRogue]: yay snoogers!

2007-09-07 [Calico Tiger]: *blows snot in Strat's general direction*

2007-09-07 [Stratakus]: ... At least it was only Snot.

2009-02-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Silly guards... *eats ramen*...

2009-02-18 [Janouk]: lol, this is so old. Half of them is gone :)

2009-02-18 [TheRogue]: *appears in that blue jedi light ghosty kinda way* yeah.. but the brute squad shall live on!! *echo* uh.. yeah.. [poof]

2009-02-18 [Janouk]: Oooh, that's just sad <img:44166_1164145230.gif>
*fills the echo with hellos and yays*

2009-02-22 [Stratakus]: It would be more effective if we could track people down by their I.P and kick them in the junk. So many of these brats deserve a Bag Tag or a Cunt Punt...

2009-02-28 [Malnu]: That just sounds uber painful reading it.

2009-02-28 [Stratakus]: <img100*0:>

2009-03-05 [Janouk]: Ouch!!! :-0

2009-03-10 [Calico Tiger]: That picture causes me to lawl x)

2010-05-30 [Mortified Penguin]: I never did like Elftown's old guards... *eats ramen*...

2010-05-30 [Sunrose]: I bet you got the walls of your bedroom plastered with pictures of them all :P

2010-05-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Of course. So far, only two of them are X'd out though.

2010-05-30 [Sunrose]: You need to learn how to aim better when you're staring at the ceiling doing your nasty..

2010-06-09 [Kaimee]: I hereby classify myself as the newest of new guards if that's what old guards are.. receiving O.o;

2010-06-09 [Sunrose]: The newbies have to go through a similar hazing though :P

2010-06-09 [Mortified Penguin]: *puts a huge [Kaimee] poster on the wall*

2010-06-10 [Kaimee]: Well, at least make sure it's flattering, I'd hate to think of you... "exercising your imagination" to an inferior quality image

2010-06-10 [Mortified Penguin]: It's the finest Photoshop could produce.

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