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2011-05-11 09:26:00
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Elftown Proverbs

1. All Threads Lead to Junk.

2. Elftown is Always Greener on Someone Else's Monitor.

3. A Preview in time, Saves Nine Edits.

4. Wiki Edits Speak Louder than Wiki Comments.

5. A Member of all Forums is Master of None

6. Absence Makes the Unread Posting Count Grow Larger

7. All that Glitters are Money Donors' Usernames.

8. Wikis of a Feather Should be Listed Together.

9. Make no postings, Get no Replies.

10. Penguins will be Turkeys.

11. Dead Wikis Tell no Tales.

12. The Road to Junk is Paved With Good Intentions.

13. Out of the Wiki Comments/Changes List, Out of Mind.

14. Better to Have Entered an Official Contest and Lost Than to Never Have Entered an Official Contest at All.

15. Six Wiki-Comments, Half a Dozen Forum Postings.

16. Don't Count Your Unread Messages Until You've Read Them.

17. Official Contests and Junk Forum Wait for No Man.

18. Let Sleeping Trolls Lie.

19. All Good Threads Must Come to an End

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2011-05-07 [hanhepi]: These are great!

2011-05-08 [Triola]: This is wonderful :D

2011-05-08 [Sunrose]: Sadly my head is blank, can't think of one to add :P

2011-05-08 [Mortified Penguin]: I'll kill you!

2011-05-08 [Triola]: Sunrose: Hell hath no fury like a ladie scorned? >.>

2011-05-08 [Sunrose]: Haha good one diggity :P

2011-05-09 [sequeena_rae]: Haha these are brilliant!

2011-06-06 [All_Most PUNK]: I disagree with number 5.

2011-06-10 [Akayume]: This is awesome.

2013-11-20 [iippo]: Ah, rediscovered the awesome! :D <3

An online friend is a friend indeed.
An RP is only as strong as its weakest player.
A little knowledge of Pseudo HTML is a dangerous thing.
A badge earned is a badge saved.
A rolling panda army gathers no moss. (might need a link to that wiki)
A golden priv can edit any wiki.
A house filled with copied lyrics cannot stand.
The Council's work is never done.
Better to make new wikis than to curse the inactivity.
Brevity is the soul of the mood update.
Wikifaffing is next to godliness.
Every Elftown page has a leaf-lining
Elftown Impressions are the most lasting.
If you can't stand the heat get out of Bob's Diner.

A diary entry a day keeps... somethingsomething?

2013-11-25 [ally]: I love how the Junk forum is well presented here.

2013-11-25 [iippo]: All polls and no diaries makes [Viking] a dull boy.

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