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Please have a look around, submit poems, and vote in current duels. News can be read below, and please check out The Rules before submitting a poem. Thank you for your time!


if you wish to enter, please read The Rules, and go from there to the "Duelist Submissions Page."

The Winning Duelists
Blessings of Donators
Olde Poems Page
Staff News
Arena Links


News & Updates

Want to help out here, at the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena? Visit Help Wanted!

A new page has been added, with links to other wikis.


The Dueling Arena

This week's duels

Dark (December 8th)

Love... (December 8th)

To Make You Think ... (December 8th)


Awaiting Saturday


Awaiting Challengers



These duels need challengers! Please check out About the Categories for more information on them.


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2007-06-25 [Kitara Softpaw]: Yea, I've noticed about the whole "social gathering place". It's annoying.

I agree though. It's alot that contributes to the whole "recurring death" thing.

2007-07-03 [KainVM]: Hate to say, but I think I contributed in a way also. Since I'm mostly dedicated to work and... well work. I've completely blown off my volunteer stuff... Diva, Contact me if possible later... I'll see what I can't do to help you get off in helping the arena.

Crow, you do more than your share here, Lol. Especially since I've gone dormant. It's more than likely Askoga will never come back, at this rate. As for me, well I'll try, but I'll mostly just be doing the Administrator thing, coming in occasionally, checking with the staff and see how things are running. Which.. is mostly what I used to do... Heh.

2007-11-24 [KainVM]: Go figure... talking about checking on things... Wow... a whole four months since the last comment was posted... Hi again, your last living admin... I think? Anyway...ahh... hi? Is anyone alive?  Is that EKG even on? ..... hellllooooooo?

2007-11-28 [Mystereality]: this wiki seems interesting, and I have a lot of poetry I can use or write. Is this place active any longer? is there anything that can be done to get it running again?

2007-11-28 [Citrine]: ... looks like I'm here to help, starting now. No, I don't quite know what I'm doing... but I can try to get things running if we have participation.

2007-11-28 [Linderel]: I may participate if it might actually stay alive this time. :P

2007-11-29 [Citrine]: I'll do my best to help.

2007-11-29 [KainVM]: -Spits on his hands and rubs them together.- Ok thats it...

Now hear this, Now heaaaar this. I am KainVM, your last existing Administrative body for this Poetry Dueling Arena. [Citrine] has been kind enough to offer assisting, I'm making a call to any others who would like to help also. I understand you all have lives and thats a given.

Today I will update ALL the categories, yes it's not update day, which I will AGAIN change to a more convenient day for [Citrine] to update.

And so it begins! -Lifts hand and snaps.-

2007-11-29 [KainVM]: Done. If there is anything wrong... tell me, I'll see if I can't fix it..

2007-11-30 [tenshi-ryuu]: Question of curiosity that I haven't been able to locate the answer to anywhere else: Is there a limit to how many poems can be entered to compete at a time by one user? (I assume max 1 per category)

2007-12-01 [KainVM]: Actually, the maximum is... how ever many you can write. however per Cate you may only enter 1, but I do allow double entries.

Where this sounds strange, if you, the victor have two poems, you may opt to duel yourself, make it interesting.

To me that is unorthodox but, one person may like the other poem that you made over another. You may not vote for both however. Long strings of explinations that don't make sense: Priceless.

2007-12-12 [SeLoCeS]: hi guys great to see this runnin again I would be back to help out but am leavin for India in four weeks and dont know if i will have internet where i am staying for three mths but hope you dont rule me off the admin side cause i will help when i get back to New Zealand if that is cool in march

2007-12-13 [KainVM]: Whoa, nice! Don't worry. All Missing in Action Moderators are never written off. You may come back when you wish. Thank you for telling me in the first place though! I will most definitely welcome you home with open arms!

2007-12-14 [crowdel]: im back if we are off the ground again for jovial category

2007-12-21 [KainVM]: Just jump right back in Crow. I'm more than busy because of the holiday season.. and working retail.. well you know the drill. I'm swamped. Barely a day off worth calling a day off. So.. -shrug- I come in when I can... but it isn't oft enough.

2007-12-22 [crowdel]: yeah well whats the list of admins theres SeLoCeS, Me, and You thats three and i believe 6 categories so if everyone takes on a second one you shouldnt be so busy and i dont know what you two have but ill take the one you two are not doing

2008-05-21 [KainVM]: Good evening EWPDA. Your run away lead admin here... wow.. I'm sorry. I haven't received an Update at my Email in so long, and working as much as I do I don't always remember this. Wow... how is everyone doing? I'm sorry for the five month vanishing act... ahh... Can anyone update me what you've seen going on?

2008-05-21 [Citrine]: next nothing, unfortunately. :(
... and I know that part of that was supposed to be my responsibility, but we need contributors before the admins can do much. :/

2008-11-10 [KainVM]: Citrine, thank you for your info. Another long hiatus on my part. Forgive me. Life's been hecktic.. with what the econ is like in the USA it's hard to keep a job. Been working to the bone so... I'm very much exhausted. Haha seeing as I hardly appear anymore. I'll do what I can to get this place rolling again... Just feeling so old....

2008-12-31 [Linderel]: The submissions page has 42 watchers! :D
Hm. I'll try to submit a few of mine. If this thing is to be resurrected again, it's going to have to be a group effort.

2009-01-20 [Fractured Memories]: Let's get this rolling. It sounds like an interesting concept and I'd love to submit. Is it still open and if so when is the next one?

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