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Hello and Welcome to the new Ella Enchanted wiki page!

by:[Blue Hawk]

If you loved or are a fan of any of these things, then this is the right page for you:
-the book Ella Enchanted
-the book's version of Char
-the book's version of Ella
-any other character or part of the book

Also if you hated the movie, or wished they hadn't changed half the plot around, added politics, added a villian, put in a stupid prince Charmont, etc. Then this page is also right for you!

If you loved the movie, then you can also join, but you'll have to bear with the book lovers' complaints of how much they changed the story.


Ella Enchanted banner #1.


This was drawn by [the Indigo]. Thank You!

This is a banner that I drew for those who prefer the book. It's not very good, but simple.




This was drawn by my sis, [Coldfire1], just because she hates me, and likes showing off her art skills. You may use it if you wish.


Any tips on how to improve this page, are welcome.

Also, I would like to chat with some people who would like to discuss how bad the Ella Enchanted movie was, which was not very good!! Politics do not belong in a FAIRYTALE!!! If you loved the movie, you can defend it, or if you loved the book, you can chat about how wonderful the book was. The discussion is currently being held in the comments. Please try to stay on topic.

Go ahead and vote here! but beware! the poll sometimes won't appear!

608) Which of these characters of the book "Ella Enchanted" do you like best? (Administrator: [Blue Hawk])

Number of voters: 17

If you want to become a member, please just add yourself to the list, and then if you like, you can tell me, [Blue Hawk], that you are joining the member list. Thank You!

Our wonderfully wonderful Members:
1. [Blue Hawk]
2. [the Indigo]
3. [last_of_my_kind]
4. [Romanian Spirit]
5. [Rambert] Check out my Good Books List!
6. [Pnelma Tirian]
7. [psychopath3]
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10. [Winter_Alone]
11. [Dint]
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13. [Kit Azhure]
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2005-04-22 [last_of_my_kind]: *snicker* ide pay to see all of those people burn

2005-04-23 [Blue Hawk]: me too. But make the dragon flame them in layers, with breaks every once in awhile to let them suffer

2005-04-30 [last_of_my_kind]: can we eat them later?

2005-05-02 [Blue Hawk]: sure. Here comes the ketchup ad barbacue sauce

2005-05-27 [Blue Hawk]: HEELLLOOOOO!!!! Is anyone there? *hears a great echo coming back. it says "NNNOOOO!!!!!"*

2005-05-27 [last_of_my_kind]: when a duck quacks it doesnt echo o.o"

2005-06-05 [Blue Hawk]: it just did echo. Because this place is EMPTY AND UNINHABITED BECAUSE ALL MEMBERS HAVE DESERTED THE PLACE!!

2005-06-13 [last_of_my_kind]: thats not true i am here *jumps up and down trying to be seen in the crowd* T.T gha im so short

2005-09-13 [Blue Hawk]: We have a new member!

2005-09-13 [last_of_my_kind]: holy crap its a post o.o"

2005-09-13 [Blue Hawk]: What does that mean?

2005-09-14 [last_of_my_kind]: nobody ever comes here anymore T-T

2005-09-14 [last_of_my_kind]: this is the closest thing to roleplayen

2005-09-15 [Blue Hawk]: I guess. I wish some more people would come on here and chat.

2005-09-15 [last_of_my_kind]: i know i like miss our random g-nome talks

2005-09-15 [Blue Hawk]: rofl. those were funny. I miss them too. Maybe we should contact some of our members and try to get them to chat on here again.

2005-10-15 [last_of_my_kind]: *trys that thing people do with the mind and the talking in the brain thing*

2005-10-15 [Blue Hawk]: lol sure took you awhile to reply to my last comment

2005-10-16 [last_of_my_kind]: ^^"" sooo sorry

2005-10-16 [Blue Hawk]: it's okay

2005-10-16 [last_of_my_kind]: WAKA

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