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This page is the context page for the various different types of tutorials created by [Erestor]. If you click one of the links below it will lead to a page where you can take a tutorial to differ your artistic style, maybe for the better.

The most serious and thought through tutorials are the ones in the Advanced section; however, like its name suggests, these are advanced are for the more capable computer skilled artists (but don't let it stop you if you don't want to).

The basic/ miscellaneous section has tutorials that everyone can take: the basic ones are to get people started on a new media, such as Paint and can also be used to touch up minor areas of more advanced programs. The miscellaneous tutorials are mostly for fun rather then making you art better this may also be small "how-to" pages rather then full length tutorials.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy taking my tutorials and that you get some good results from using them. I would also hope that some of you would give credit to a tutorial of mine if you used it a lot. I would appreciate people who use the tutorials to tell others about them, but still keeping the laws at the bottom; thanks.


Advanced tutorials:
(PS7 based)
- Advanced colouring technique Cell Shading
- Useful basic tool Outline Cleaner

Basic/ miscellaneous:
(MS Paint based)
- Miscellaneous/ Basic Pixel Art - Lightsaber Tutorial
- Miscellaneous - Sketcher People Tutorial
- Miscellaneous - Animated .gif tutorial
- Elftown Based - Wiki banners tutorials

- Erestor's Tutorials Template


Page ran and maintained by [Erestor], all contents are copyright (C) 2005, Erestor. All pieces on this wiki are not to be removed, reposted or editited by a third party without written conscent and/ or permission. All rights reserved.


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