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Below is an example of a lesson. This page features [Eyden13]'s character, interacting with my character *Rayne, it includes a conversation and fight.

Rayne walked through the wood, her long black braid swaying behind her, her simple black dress rustling the leaves as she passed. It had been a very long time since she had been here, she thought to herself as she looked around herself, her red eyes bright.

As Eyden made her way through the forest, trying to get home, she felt the blood pour out of her leg. The wound she had managed to get on her mission was slowing her pace down, it could be deadly if she didn't get home soon or found help.

Rayne stiffened as she heard Eyden approach, "Who are you?" she demanded, her voice hard, her face suspicious.

"My name is Eyden. I am from a local village." Eyden's blue eyes looked the woman straight in the eye. She knew that woman was weary of her, and in her condition she wanted to avoid a fight.

"And how does a little human from a small village receive such a wound?" Rayne asked, her voice mildly mocking, "Where do your loyalties lie, human? With Ullari, conqueror of Arda, or have you cast your lot in with Lomien's scum of a "Resistance"?"

"Neither, I'm neutral. I have no buisness getting involved in something that I have nothing to do with." Eyden said shortly. She didn't enjoy the woman's sarcasm, and mocking tone. Eyden also wasn't human, but she saw no reason to let the woman know. She was actually suprised the woman didn't see she was a Crusnisk, the red around her iris was in plain sight.

"Are you now?" Rayne sized her up, looking for a way to goad her. She examined her wound from where she stood, and smirked to herself, then stiffened when she noticed the red around the other girl's irises, "A Crusnik," she smiled mischievously, "well, won't Gurthar be interested to hear of this. Did you never learn not to play with your food, Vampires do bite back you know."

Eyden frown at the name Gurthar, it sounded strangely familiar, but she couldn't place it. At the moment it didn't matter. Eyden could tell the woman was looking for a fight, and she was getting light headed from the lack of blood. "What's your name? It's only polite that since I have told you mine you would tell me yours."

Rayne smiled at the young Crusnik, a small amount of flames beginning to burn in her palm, "I am Rayne." she said, turning her hand and gazing at the flames as they licked at her fingers

Eyden sighed. Out of everyone she could have ran into, it had to be Rayne, one of Ullari highest Captains. If memory servered her right she was young by Elfish standards. 'Is there any way I can get out of this. I would rather aviod ever having to deal with Ullari'

Rayne raised an amused eyebrow at Eyden's sigh, "So you know who I am then, I thought you would. And so you might have assumed that I would believe it my duty to Ullari to recruit you into the Dark Army."

"Isn't it? All I want is to be left alone, from both sides. But at last it seems I'm going to have to fight you aren't I?" Eyden said with heated anger, she had worked hard to attain some type of peace, and Rayne was a treat to it.

"Fight? No, you will not have to fight me. Of course, not unless you refuse to join Ullari's cause." Rayne said flattening her hand palm up and flaring the fire. A part of her wanted Eyden to fight, she hadn't had a good fight in a while, and it would feel good to take out her frustrations on a Cursnik who couldn't simply hold her still and lecture her about childishness.

"I will not join Ullari's cause or Lomien, and will you please stop showing off. Your flames are pretty, but considering the fact we are in a forest with very flamable trees is quite dangerous for us both." Eyden was getting annoyed and angry, not to mention she was drained. "If were going to have to fight, would you mind healing me or finding someone who can so it's fair. Then move to a place where we wound cause to much damage to the scenery"

Rayne laughed, "Alright, I know a place." she said, extinguishing the flames, "Let's get you to a healer, then see what you can do."

Eyden sighed one more time. There was no avoiding it, she was going to have to fight, but at least she wasn't going to die of this stupid wound caused from a stupid dog. "All right, lets go." Eyden said reluctantly.

Several hours later:
Rayne led Eyden into what used to be a courtyard, though the stone walk and walls were falling apart. "Now," Rayne said, dropping into a ready stance, "what are you capable of?"

Eyden had to admit, Rayne had a flare about her. "Very well, but so you know, we are probably evenly matched." Eyden cleared her mind of all it's cluter, drawing upon her strength.

"Are we now?" Rayne mocked, "Perhaps with your weapons to supplement," she said, her loathing for weapons obvious, "...Perhaps." Without another word she pushed her hands forward, a gout of flame barreling toward Eyden.

Eyden had been prepared for Rayne's attack, and was able to send dodge the the flames. In return as soon as she could Eyden sent a ball of water back at her. However, Eyden still wasn't at a hundred persent and was singed by the fire.

Rayne tossed a ball of fire at Eyden's projectile, causing it to sizle and evaporate, though she had underestimated the Crusnik and found herself sprayed by a small amount of hot water and steam. Rayne stood a moment, recovering, then sent a series of several smaller gouts of flame at her.

Eyden, knowing she needed to finish this soon or she would lose, created a tidal wave, dousing the flames and injuring Rayne; however, it took a lot of energy from the all most drained Crusnik

Rayne collapsed as the water crashed down upon her, she knew better than to try to use fire to save herself, she would have been enveloped in a clout of hot steam. She pushed herself up, coughing up water, and turned to glare at Eyden. She drew heat from the air, warming her body to dry herself, then sent several gouts of fire at her, they were weak however, due to the impact from the water.

Eyden managed to dodge most of the gouts of fire, but she knew that both Rayne and her seemed to be weakening, and honestly Rayne had the energy to spare. Eyden calculated her next move, this was either going cause her to win the battle or drain her of everything she had, leaving her open for Rayne to squash. Eyden colected all the power she had left, sending gust of ice that would either concoon Rayne in ice or hilt her power of fire for a enough time for Eyden to get out a live. Or at least that's how it is suposed to go.

Rayne ended up partially coated with ice, able to move, but too cold to use her powers. She began drawing what little warmth was in the cool autumn air and using it to melt the ice. Unfortunately, there was too little heat to melt it as quickly as Rayne would have liked.

"How about we call this a tie, since neither of us has the ability to use our powers." Eyden asked, while breathing heavily, kneeling on the ground.

Rayne glared at the Cursnik, "Very well, and pray that we do not met again, Crusnik. You may not be so lucky." A very cold Rayne turned and stalked away, though slowly.

"You know we could be friends." Eyden said loudly so Rayne could hear. "I do not want to fight with you next time we met, because there will be a next time. In this war we have all lost friends and family. Why throw away the happiness we mght come acoss. Isn't there some one you love?" Eyden said full of emotion, mainly loneliness.

Rayne paused for a moment, her red lips forming an ironic smile. The only one she loved was Ullari, and this Crusnik did not seem the type to approve of his ways.

The mistakes here are only a couple of grammatical errors, and one instance of very mild power-playing: "dousing the flames and injuring Rayne". Easy mistakes to fix.

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