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Is there a story behind your user name?
Yes there is. When I first started online role playing I was creating a Sith character for a Star Wars group on Myspace (sad I know) but couldn't come up with anything good. So I found a Sith Name Generator that told me to take the first three letters of my first name and the first three of my last name and put them together so Josh Martin became: Josmar. He became an amazing character with a long history and also my favorite creation. I use this name everywhere now as my own little online persona.

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
About 90% of the time I am roleplaying, either running my own games or playing in others. Then the other 10% is spent between my "official" duties and personal projects like my useless information wiki: Lord Josmar's Emporium of Useless Information.

What made you start up your useless information wiki?
I absolutely love useless and obscure information and for the longest time me and a friend of mine would have "Useless information fights" where we would try to outdo or amaze the other with useless information we had found out about random topics. Once we ran out of the information in our heads we had to start reading books that specialized on the topic, and that is when I realized that there are a lot of people that would enjoy reading such info. I love creating wikis on here so I just went crazy with it.

How did you get into role-playing?
Well, it started out with good ol' fashioned Dungeons & Dragons back when I was in junior high. When Myspace got popular, I stumbled upon a group that was doing Zelda role playing and then I stumbled upon Star Wars role playing. That is when I really got into it and had many an adventure. It wasn't until a rough patch in my life that my friend told me about Elftown and I joined and started role playing here in just one game before branching out to a large number of games. Then I started running my own games and have plans to run more if I can keep them going.

What do you do for a living?
I am currently part of the fast food slave labor force at the local Burger King. I am, however, trying to get into the coal mines that are very abundant in my part of the state and will be attending college this fall to, hopefully, increase my chances of getting into a mine.

What made you aspire to be a crew member?
I fell in love with this site shortly after joining and wanted to do more to help the site. I have done what I can and still feel like there is more that I can offer, but almost everything else requires you to be on the council. That and I already spend hours on here at a time, so being on council will give me more to do while I am on.

Do you have a message for all Elftowners?
Don't be discouraged by any hardships you face in life. Keep at it and you can do nothing buy overcome and succeed. Don't ignore your thoughts and ideas, give them life.

Is there something you particularly like about Elftown?
I love how easy it is for people to find others that share interests with them. When I started here I only had my friend, her husband, and a few people from their Rping group. Now I have a good number more friends that I enjoy Rping with. The same can be said for artists and poets on here can find and share their arts with others who can appreciate it.

What are your interests and hobbies?
Other then Efltown, I am a pretty avid gamer both console and MMO. My current game of choice is Star Wars: The Old Repulic for the PC. I also enjoy doing Duct Tape crafts making all sort of nifty stuffs. Other then those, my kids take up most of my time.

What sorts of crafts can you make with duct tape?
So far I have made: Deck boxes, roses, wallets, and a lady's clutch purse. The first two items I even have tutorials posted up for them here on Elftown. But that is just a small list of things that can be created using duct tape.

What sorts of deck boxes do you make--for what card game?
They can be used for any kind of deck for any game, but the ones I made are currently holding my Magic the Gathering cards.

What game type do you build decks for--standard, legacy/vintage, casual?
I have no idea, lol. I have never heard of those, I just build them the way I have been since Tempest block.

Do you role-play outside of text?
Not recently, but when given the chance I do play several table top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel, and Vampire the Masquerade. I love playing games like those and love learning new ones.

Do you commission your duct tape crafts?
I have considered it but never went through with it. Too many factors involved for my liking.

What made you want a robot?
Oh, you mean the poem I wrote? I had never written a non-serious poem and wanted to try my hand at it. So I took something that everyone wants and wrote about it. Back before the year 2000 we were all promised flying cars and robots by this time, so I figured I would ask the question.

What inspires you to be creative?
Really everyone I see on this site. I see all these paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos and even crafts on people's houses and it makes me long to be creative like them. I know that I will never be able to draw or paint like most the ones I see, so I do what I can.

Have any critique/comments/suggestions/admiration etc. on a specific Elftown matter?
I dont think I can give anymore admiration for this site then I already have, and any complaint or suggestion I have usually ends up in the forums. Pretty much just keep up the good work Elftown.


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2012-03-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Josmar... you failed to mention Bob's Diner even once... why must you disrespect me so?

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