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Fallout Fans

The one-stop place for the fans

of the Fallout series of games to go.

While many great RPG games exist, some of the most notable include the Fallout Series, which included Fallout I, Fallout II, and Fallout Tactics.

Unlike many other RPGs, these are science fiction based, set in a post-apocalyptic world recovering from a devastating nuclear war.

Fallout Roleplaying - STARTED. ENTER FALLOUT NOW!
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updated 8/18/05 (Fallout News, Fallout Roleplaying)

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2005-01-24 [Vesthrix]: lol, I know how thats bond to go.

2005-01-27 [og_ghost]: Update: in two weeks, I will be reinstating everything about Ultimate Weapons Tournament, a fighting rpg that will depend both on stats and rp'ing ability. So, if you are interested *nudge, nudge*, go make a character and join a clan.

2005-03-29 [Jay Ladlehaus]: I'm thinking about joining UWT pretty soon here. BTW: Spam Alert: I've set up a new wiki to handle the unnecessary chatter that takes place in the official Elftown wikis. Please take a look at Official Chat and spread the word.

2005-03-29 [Vesthrix]: wouldn't a forum be better?

2005-03-29 [Vesthrix]: By the way, I finally bought both fallout 1 and 2 a few days ago. No more piraited copy of fallout 2 for me. Did you know that the jew case of both the games is $4.17 now while fallout 2 alown is $19.00?

2005-03-29 [Jay Ladlehaus]: No, because most of the unnecessary chatter isn't hitting the forums. Congrats on the purchases. That is odd about the prices, particularly the $19.00 for FOII. I got both for about $10, and that was years ago.

2005-03-30 [og_ghost]: true. Yeah, any help you can offer with UWT would be much appreciated. I could use the support/

2005-03-30 [og_ghost]: and I am currently working on the engine to handle the Fallout GUI for a RPG.

2005-03-30 [Jay Ladlehaus]: superb!

2005-03-30 [Vesthrix]: What do those abrevations stand for?

2005-03-31 [og_ghost]: UWT = Ultimate Weapons Tournament. It's a online text adventure I'm hosting. GUI = Graphical User Interface, so that you can actually SEE what your doing (so you can point and click and drag and all that fun stuff). RPG = Role Playing Game. :P

2005-03-31 [Vesthrix]: Well I knew RPG.

2005-03-31 [Jay Ladlehaus]: I would hope so lol

2005-03-31 [og_ghost]: Yup. And, unfortunately, I have to be a communist about the whole process and make a utility to allow me to easily create such GUI's in the future with different projects.... which of course is making things absurdly complicated, now.

2005-03-31 [Vesthrix]: alas...

2005-04-01 [og_ghost]: So I've actually made a conscious effort to go through and just get a version of it done, and then I'll make the abstract version later.

2005-06-09 [Vesthrix]: Way cool: I'm working on a dialogue application.

2005-06-09 [Jay Ladlehaus]: ooks pretty cool.

2005-08-18 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Hello, watchers. Please go to Fallout Polls and give me some input on the banners. Thanks!

2005-08-19 [Jay Ladlehaus]:


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