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Fay Deletoria

Username: [Myna]
Name: Fay Deletoria
Race: Music Elf
Age: 130
Weapon: Iron Fans
Armor: none
Companion: none
Natural At: Flute playing and dancing
Occupation: Bard
Trained Skills: Singing, Spell Weaving, Dance Fighting, Meditation
Magic: Bardic Magic
Handed: Right
Strengths: She is fast, agile, and she can let music flow through her body and with that she can do many things.
Weaknesses: She tends to rush into things, without her earrings she can get a bit clumsy, and being an elf it takes longer for her to learn things.
Appearance: She has the normal pointed features of an elf and her hair is long and red going down to her shoulders. She has green eyes that can piece a person’s soul and she has a thin build. She wears a rustic red tunic with brown pants and brown leather calf high traveler’s boots. She also has a leather belt with two holsters at the sides to hold her iron fans that she uses for close quarters combat and her flute is near her right iron fan for easy retrieval. She also has a rucksack for her traveling supplies. Last of all are her ear rings which are in the shape of a little blue ball at the end of a very short gold chain. She can mentally turn them on and they make a musical noise that will course through her body and help her in fighting or making music of her own.

Personality: She is very smart but she can also be hasty at times. She loves to learn new songs and dances and she loves performing even more.  She is very determined and she doesn’t like to see the weak be killed without reason. Lastly she puts on a sweet innocent face and uses her body to gather information or for assassination but she is really a nice person working against the cruel and evil, she hates doing that but she realizes that she’s too good at it not to do it. She never lets anything get too far either.

History: She remembers her past very well and it is not really that bad. She came from a town of musical elves and she picked up flute playing very quickly. She also learned that she could perform magic while playing too. She can give physical and mental boosts to people, she can heal the wounded or sick, and sometimes she can even control the wind and plants. She always keeps her flute in an easily reachable place even since she knew about her magic. When she was older her parents took her and her sisters on a journey and they became a family of bards. She learned many things and gained a good layout of the continent. She also saw how little people had, she learned of racism to hard way, and she also learned about the wars of the continent. When she was about to set off on her own way her parents gave her iron fans as weapons and the ear rings that create music for her. She travels around now to being hope to the people and she wants to possibly stop war. She is also on the quest of the ultimate sound like any bard. With bardic magic she believes she could be able to find it.

Other: She loves cows because they give milk, which she likes, and she likes the sound of their moos. She also likes ferrets for a reason even unknown to her.
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