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Featured Wiki Archives from 2008

February 2nd - February 8th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=2> (Featured Wiki)
February 9th - February 15th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=3> (Show Your Process)
February 16th - February 22nd: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=4> (Numberpedia)
February 23rd - February 29th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=5> (Realms of Lemire)
March 1st - March 7th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=6> (Spazznik_comic)
March 8th - March 14th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=7> (Playgans)
March 15th - 21st: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=8> (Welcome to the Wizarding World)
March 30th - 5th April: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=9> (The Neurotic's Guide)
April 6th - 12th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=10> (Kura's Color Contest)
April 13th - 19th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=11> (Haiku-A-Day)
April 20th - 26th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=12> (Werewolf Game)
May 4th - May 10th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=13> (The Emperor's Birdkeeper)
June 15th - 21st: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=14> (How Awesome is Your Elftown House?)
13th - 19th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=15> (A Touch of Legato)
20th - 26th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=16> (Plush)
July 27th - August 1st: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=17> (Humble Dwarf's Mountain)
August 2st - 9th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=18> (Something Interesting)
August 10th - 16th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=19> (Elftown Archives)
August 17th - 23rd: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=20> (Dipping into Digital)
September 7th -13th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=21> (DoomedFaeries)
September 21st - 27th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=22> (Portfolio Contest)
October 19th - 25th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=23> (How on Earth did you Pick that Name?)
November 11th-18th:<URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=24> (What's An Artist?)
December 3rd-December 10th: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=25>(How on Earth did you find Elftown?)


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