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Flight of the Silver Eagle



The eagle let out a cry of agony, the shrill mournful tone piercing the air through out the citadel, causing every defender to stop what they were doing and to turn towards the master adepts quarters. Not only did the riders turn, but the huge bird-like beasts that accompanied them also turned with wide eyes in the direction of their far off kin. A sacred eagle of the heavens has become tainted. It has Fallen. Celeste, the master's silver eagle bowed her head and closed her brilliant blue eyes. The Fallen would come for her and the human she was bonded to quickly. It would kill any that came across its path.

Thyamus slumped in his chair, a hand shakily rubbing his temple. The last time this had happened the Fallen had managed to gain entrance to the citadel. Not this time. Grabbing a quill the master adept scribbled down some notes, tickling his chin with the feather before remember some names, and writing them down. One of his guard poked her head in, "I have summoned the messengers." Thyamus nodded and took several sheets of paper and rewrote his request, handing them to the nameless white guardian to be given to the messenger birds. They would need a blood magi. The master knew just who to send for, and she happened to be on her way here already.

They only had a few days before the Fallen would have gathered enough darkness and shadow to move about. They would have to be quick in getting its location. He thought about the others he had chosen, his thoughts brightening slightly at the current trouble maker of the citadel. Shilo had the skills, but perhaps this outing would calm him down a bit, as he was right now in a cell for knocking out a drunk the previous night. Thankfully, his gryphon had more sense. Eralie needed this, as she had suffered too much by staying in the citadel, and she provided balance to her cousin's brute strength. The last addition to the team he had asked for Thyamus wasn't familiar with, but he was sure they would make a good team. Glancing over at Celeste, For our sakes they must.


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Flight of the Silver Eagle

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