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Gawn Phirefeather


Roleplay(s): Defeat of the Duelist<Rimg300*0:>

User: [Aeolynn]

Species: Harpy

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Description: Standing at 6'6" with an impressive 21 foot wingspan, Gawn is actually an averaged sized male harpy. His eyes are brown tinged gold, with pale bronze skin and ebony hair. His wings (naturally brown and black) are dyed fully black with red markings and swirls along the shoulder to the joint then continuing onto the secondaries. As a duelist, the markings are for visual affect and even his tail is dyed. Like a typical harpy his feathers stop at the front of his hips, leaving his groin bare of feathers and hair. He wears a brown loincloth to cover that area but that is the only clothing that most harpies ever wear, even the females. Harpies do have the muscle to carry passengers but since they have no arms, the passenger would have to hold onto them with their own strength.

A duel is considered an art, more of a dance then an actual fight but injuries are common, as well as deaths. The duelist's claws and spurs are sharpened for use, and armor is very extreme and heavy duty.

Personality: A curious creature, Gawn has always been fascinated with the earth below but due to his role as a duelist he has never been allowed to really go off on his own. He has always been too busy with fights to really go and do some things for his own entertainment. Not too bashful, Gawn is used to getting what he wants and isn't used to defeat. There's a reason he doesn't have as many scars as other seasoned duelists.


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Defeat of the Duelist

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