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Player – [Veltzeh]

Name – Geeileq Machaiktev

Race – Hauken

Sub-race – Aglia

Class – Warrior/Fencer

Allegiance – Hauken Rebels (if stationed on Kosate that is)

Appearance – Geeileq's got a fairly athletic build (which seems slimmer because of the 186 cm tall frame), gray eyes, long, black hair tied with ribbon, angular facial features and a rather grayish complexion as opposed to the usual tanned haukens. Of course, some time ago Gee also possessed the more saturated complexion of the haukens, but living for years in some darkness and only little sun has made the color fade in time. There aren't really that much scars on Gee's body, but a few here and there like any soldier would have. Gee's wings are darkish brown with black and white parts in them and they're slightly lighter on the underside.
Gee has a really strange contraption of a cloth for an undershirt and it looks rather redundant – not that it would really show much from under the other clothes. Besides that, Gee has another, gray undershirt, a weirdly patterned dark tunic, a vest, moccasin shoes, shorts, generic trousers that seem barely not baggy enough to not be in the way in battle and fingerless gloves.
For equipment, Gee has a hat that always seems to be wet, a foggy cloak (that, if the hat is dry, has a wet spot), necklace and bracers of archery. The rest of the items are stored in a some sort of backpack that hangs over one of Gee's shoulders, goes between the wings and hangs half around the torso like a cross of a huge sports bag and a one-shoulder-backpack. A short spear is attached to the attaching band of the bag, and a cho ko nu hangs on a holder on the bag.

Age – 42

Personality – Geeileq is just the sort of person who's commonly smart, oblivious, short-tempered and nonchalant at the same time. Gee is more often angry than happy, though neither emotion is really particularly strong. Having been living with the people of Ki'afisal for a while now has caused Geeileq's views and habits to merge with that of them; slavery and imprisonment don't look that bad anymore – when it's done to other people, that is. Of course Gee still objects to it, but well, maybe the slaves really did something really bad to deserve it or are just intellectually lower and don't even understand the concept of freedom.
While Gee will never really be able to get rid of the claustrophobia common to haukens, the dah'kin helped overcome most of it in small tunnels and the like so that only extreme conditions would make Gee lose it completely. Now tight places just make Gee more easily annoyed and angry, or whiny, depending a bit on the situation.
Having an exceptionally high voice, up to the point where it sounds obviously female, Gee doesn't really like to speak much, but once the people around know about the voice, Gee won't hold back – not that Gee was especially talkative in the first place. Silence is gold. In social situations Gee prefers to stay somewhat quiet, but not to the point of extremity. However, when the discussion is controversial and Gee has a strong and/or legitimate point of view, it will be defended loudly until a compromise or similar is achieved.
In combat Gee is offensive and down to the point, wanting to get the work done and over with. Gee likes fighting and swift strikes, but not prolonged battles. Having spent most of the time alone, Gee isn't used to people that much, but doesn't avoid them and in fact likes presuming a leader position – though, what with appreciating freedom, Gee won't really command or demand others to do anything, which might sound cumbersomely polite or disturbingly uncaring to the others.

History – Gee was born in Kosate like any other hauken, spent the early years there without much of interest happening (besides a stormy and angsty teenage). Gee grew up like any child, and then, like most young adults, started out to become an independent unit. Gee tried serving in the ranks of the hauken rebels for a couple of years, but rather wanted to do something original and travel-related.
What would be more original than go to another continent to study the life there? Therefore, Gee traveled to Ki'afisal, made a very small reputation of being a flying freelance wanderer and grew rather interested in Dah'kin and their culture despite the fact that they tended to live in dark, even confined places and had been nothing but slaves in the past – new and unimaginable are fascinating things sometimes.
For a while, Gee served in the dah'kin army and underwent some training to be rid of the claustrophobia hauken have – it worked after a fashion. However, eventually Gee discovered being with the dah'kin wasn't that great either and left again, without making the dah'kin mad about it.
After that Gee went for the lone hitman type and made a bit more of a reputation being a flying mercenary. Gee did, however, fight along some other Doomsday Knights in the War of Corruption on a front where nothing really interesting happened. Finally, the war having ended, Gee went back to bounty hunting business.

Other – "I just like to... KILL things. Getting paid for it is a definite bonus." All people this far who have seen Geeileq's name spelled out first have resorted to pronouncing the name "Gee!"

Weapon of Choice – Epee

Element – Yellow


Level – 10 (Warrior 5, Fencer 5)

Experience/To next level – 10000/11660

Stream Epee (magical epee) +5 (6 ATK, 4 DEX, 2 WGT) (Deals blue damage, can shoot Ice fang thrice a day, transforms into water and back.)
Cho Ko Nu +5 (5 ATK, 7 RNG, 4 WGT) (fires thrice per turn)
Winged Boots +5 (7 DEX, 1 WGT)
Bracers of Archery +1 (1 WGT) (+3 ranged damage)
Hunter Hat +1 (3 DEX, 1 WGT) (bonus to Camouflage)
Mist Cloak (magical black cloak) (3 CHA, 3 WGT) (Makes wearer foggy, enemy has a 5 % chance of missing.) (bonus to Camouflage)
Tribal Necklace +4 (4 ATK, 4 DEX, 1 CHA, 2 WGT)
Spyglass (2 WGT)
2+4+1+1+1+3+2+2 = 16 WGT
20 bolts (2*1 WGT)
1 lesser healing potion (1*0,5 WGT)
1 healing potion (1*1 WGT)
1 antidote (0,5 WGT)
4 rations (4*0,5 WGT)
2+1+1+2 = 6 WGT
Obsidian (weapon: +2 atk, -2 def)
Glowing arrowhead
69 GP

Stashed: (17 WGT)
16 bolts (1,6*1 WGT)
1 lesser healing potion (1*0,5 WGT)
3 healing potions (3*1 WGT)
1 De-paralyze Potion (0,5 WGT)
2 Restoration potions (2*1 WGT)
Bedroll sack (5 WGT)

HP – 23
MP – 10
STR – 7
CON – 4
DEX – 11
INT – 6
MAG – 5
CHA – 5

CC – 22/33

Skills – Minor Lightning Resistance, Handle Swords, Marksmanship, Lightning speed, Discipline, Handle Cho Ko Nu, Rapid reload (Cho Ko Nu), Camouflage (Mist Cloak), Finesse (3/3), Weapon Mastery (epee)
Skill Points – 0

Special Skills
Frenzy - Once a day for every 5 levels the warrior can drop their defense to 1 on purpose, and raise whatever points they drop to both Strength and Dexterity for one turn.
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of his movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when he flashsteps, he can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy he moves through.
Way of the Sword - The Wanderer has gotten to the level of expertise he is in due to his ability to learn new techniques. If he sees a special/unique technique in battle, the wanderer can attempt to have his weapon learn the technique with an intelligence roll. If he succeeds, his weapon will have a 20% chance of learning the technique. Only one technique can be learned by a weapon, the Wanderer can switch weapons during battle to have each learn a different technique, and then keep switching them to use all different techniques.
Weapons Master - Once every 3 levels, the Wanderer chooses a particular weapon in which he becomes more proficient, gaining + 1 Damage when using that weapon. From then on, the Wanderer can keep increasing his proficiency with that weapon (+1, +2, +3..) or pick new weapons to master.

Realms of Lemire
Characters of the Realms
Party Nº4

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2006-01-12 [Veltzeh]: This character is hilarious. I set out not to make another androgyne, but I couldn't for my life decide whether it should be female or male, then. So I started writing the description without using pronouns. Halfway into the description, I decided which sex it was going to be. Then I finished the description still writing pronounless text because it was easier than retyping – and realized I'd forgotten what sex the character was supposed to be. Elämä on. (Life is, it's just a Finnish inside joke you'll get if you've watched commercials. I'll shut up now.

2006-01-12 [Duredhel]: Hahahah ^^ I thought it was the RP tourney char, ok I'll give it a look.

2006-01-13 [Blood Raven]: So, we still don't know what it is... I suppose we'll have to RP without using pronouns when we are interacting with Gee

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: I'll use "he" in this case.

2006-01-13 [Grengo]: So in the end, it's another androgyne, eh?

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: Oh and the one and only catfolk person will love the fact that Gee is giving off pheromones... XD

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: [Grengo]: No, an androgyne is not a "he".

2006-01-13 [Duredhel]: Oi, Vetlz, same thing I told BR, don't link the page from RoL, create another page and copy paste the stuff there. Also, you might want to explain some terms for non-RoL peeps. (just a line in parenthesis here and there will do)

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: Okay, will do. I'm interested in the reason, though, since at least this one would do as it is, in my opinion. X)

2006-01-13 [Duredhel]: Well the judges don't want links to outside places in the char pages (or sumthin like that, only remember iippo said people shouldn't just link bios from other RPs but create new wikis) and the explanations, well so the judges won't take points away from you for not knowing what the hell yer talking about ^^

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: Oh, it doesn't say that in the rules... it only says the page should only include the one character. But I'll move it, I can see it would be better if there were some explanations about Haukens and stuff there. X)

2006-01-13 [Duredhel]: Coo'... so.. >_> do it

2006-01-13 [Veltzeh]: Give me a break, it's getting close to 1 in the morning ;)

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