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User Name: Kalma

Character name: Lucretia Priscilla Maria Esmeralda the Third - that’s how she introduces herself, followed by “Call me Ez”. The name on her birth certificate, which she has never seen, is Arani Esmeralda Scathach. Ez becomes irrationally angry if anyone calls her by anything other than Ez or by a friendly nickname that they have given her.

Mutant Name: Glamourfae

Classification: student (with the hope that there will be some fighting/mission rp)

Abilities/powers: Ez can shift into a non-corporeal form when no humanoid is looking directly at her (and remain non-corporeal if someone then attempts to look at her). This allows her to phase through solid objects, become semi-visible (ghost image), and float up to two feet above the “ground” (base level of solid floor). Unfortunately, Ez cannot re-materialize if anyone humanoid is watching her, leaving her “stuck un-stuck,” as she would call it.

Ez also has an affinity for nature, she will find ripe berries and blooming flowers before and/or past their season, can easily read tracks, has mild natural empathy (plants and animals) and is comfortable in most weather, except anything above 110 or under 20 degrees Fahrenheit which saps her energy and makes her want to hide/hibernate.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 16 - 31 Oct

General appearance: Tall (5 feet 10 inches) and slender (115 lbs). Lithe, like a dancer. Very flexible, can dislocate some joints in order to bend in odd shapes. Slightly pointed ears. Long magenta hair. Yellow eyes. Light brown skin. Low physical power and moderate endurance.

Additional Appearance: Ez likes to play with make up, often painting her face white and adding extravagant eye make-up. Ez is very into fashion and has an eclectic style involving lots of vibrant colors.

Personality: Ez is a conundrum. She likes people and wants everyone to be her friend, however her history with humanoids (primarily non-mutant humans) has led her to self-isolate when she feels overwhelmed. She alternates between being flirty, overly affectionate, and completely forgetting appropriate boundaries; and getting away from people by wandering off alone to look for animals or daydream under a tree. When Ez feels threatened (whether reasonably or not) she will become almost feral, either running away and hiding, or hitting, biting, kicking, and throwing things at the perceived threat.

Ez enjoys the company of plants and animals and absolutely loves being active and outside in all but the hottest or coldest weather. Possibly a part of her affinity for nature, Ez’s moods are mildly affected by the weather.

Special Skills: Ez can track all trackable animals. Ez is very flexible and acrobatic, with a good sense of balance.

Place of birth: San Pedro, California (Los Angeles area)

Weapon(s) of choice: Any natural/found objects, such as rocks for throwing, sticks for hitting, etc.

Medical information: Ez is terrible with feats that require great strength or endurance. Ez also cannot spend more than a few days in heavily developed areas/big cities or she will have asthma and/or panic attacks and become lethargic.

Ez also has mental/emotional problems due to her unstable upbringing. She is easily distracted and has poor scholastic abilities. She is intelligent/quick witted, but does not apply herself to studying. Ez is also a bit feral/“unpolished” from her difficult childhood and lack of a stable family unit, or stability in general. This had made it hard for other humanoids to relate to her in the past.

Ez has some imaginary friends, with whom she will occasionally converse, whisper to, giggle and laugh.

Brief History: Ez has had a rocky past, in and out of “special” schools/homes for difficult/troubled children, lots of time spent drugged and in isolation. Ez has little memory of her family unit, however she remembers having at least one brother. The headmaster of the school discovered her plight and accepted her into the school to help her control her powers and develop a more stable existence.

Relatives: Unknown, vague memories of a kind older human brother.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New arrival as of 25 May.

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