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Greek Mythology

in working process

12 Olympians
Lesser Gods

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2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: What exactly is the point of this wiki?

2010-02-21 [Eyden13]: I'm trying to complile infomation about the greek myths then thinking about usu=ing it to either write a new story or create a new rp.

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: okies. That's cool. I'll see if I can help sometime when I bored or something. ;]

2010-02-21 [Eyden13]: great ^-^

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: :0]

2010-02-23 [Yume Youki]: I'll help. :)

After all, I sort of started something like this a while ago...

I have a book about the greek gods and such; has stories, a list of the gods, and so on...

By the way, Eyden-sama, Hades is not an actual part of the twelve olympian gods - I believe that would be Demeter, Persephone's mother...

Otherwise, they're all good...

Would you like me to give you the list I have of the twelve olympian gods/godesses and some minor deities?

It's in the back of that book I mentioned above. :)

2010-02-25 [Eyden13]: Just fill it in. And I also have three books on it and each has different opinions on who the twelve gods are. In mythology it is undetermined because of the lack of miterial written down. But your free to help qand add any thing. However for now just fill in info on the minor and najor gods.

2010-02-25 [Yume Youki]: You got it. :)

2010-02-25 [Eyden13]: Yay! I love it when people start helping me. ^-^ Oh and try to spread the poll around I plan on doing something with it later oon.

2010-02-25 [Yume Youki]: Okay. Hmmm... I could put a little add-on on all of the wiki pages I own...

And I could put a link to it in my mood. I'll go do that in a bit.

2010-02-25 [Eyden13]: Great ^-^

2010-08-08 [SilverFire]: Just fill it in. And I also have three books on it and each has different opinions on who the twelve gods are.

Whilst this is true, no ancient source records anyone considering Hades as an Olympian - the clue is in the words. The Olympians are so called because they live on Olympos. Hades doesn't. And there's not actually that much dissent about who the Olympians are, the main cause for confusion is in the fact that Hestia stepped down to allow Dionysos in.

2010-08-08 [Eyden13]: That's true. I actually need to do a bit more reseach for this wiki since I never thought of the words like that. However, any advice or help is welcome.

2010-08-08 [SilverFire]: Well if you have any specific questions I might be able to help answer them. Possibly. <_<

2010-08-08 [Eyden13]: Thanks. Honestly this is one of my slower projects so If anything pops up I'll let you know. Thank you for taking an intrest though. ^-^

2010-08-08 [SilverFire]: No problem. :3

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