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Bedrooms in Wonderland are as diverse and unique as the inhabitants themselves-- especially within the walls of the Halfway House. Regardless of the size of a room, it always fits, snug and complete, within the confines of the house. Big or small, doors open along the hallway every ten feet or so (taking a page from another world traveler) into rooms that are typically 'bigger on the inside'.

What the room looks like is entirely dependent on who the room belongs to, and what world it was pulled from. The rooms are exact duplications of their home-world twins... though they do lack in some luxuries such as working light-switches, or other electronics.

4th Floor Bedrooms

HH Jake's Room
HH Soren's Room

3rd Floor Bedrooms

HH Lyanth's Room
HH Remy's Room

2nd Floor Bedrooms

HH Jamie's Room
HH Yalaa's Room

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2013-01-03 [blaze_rocket]: We're not ready quite yet to start play, but if your character(s) have been approved, you can go a head and make a room/page for them in the Halfway House. You can room on the 4th, 3rd or 2nd floor, whichever you like!

Once play starts, your first posts will likely be in your room. :3

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