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Halfway House Rules

1. Don't be a dick.
Simply put, don't antagonize people. Playful banter is ok, as is establishing rivalries with characters, but you should never go out of your way to be mean, rude, or otherwise socially unacceptable to your fellow game players. This is supposed to be FUN. Don't make your fun reliant on bringing someone else down.

2. Don't confuse the IC/OOC line.
In Character is In Character and Out Of Character is Out Of Character. Do not confuse the two. Sometimes we get very attached to our characters, and when events happen in game, it can be hard to step away from all the emotions flowing out of the character and into one's brain. It is important to remember to not take things personally, as well as to not use your character as a vehicle for vengeance. If Player A has Nightwing turn your River Tam down for a date, do not have your Spock suddenly hate all of Player A's characters. Again, remember-- the game is supposed to be FUN. Keep the drama on the appropriate characters.

3. Wait until your character has been approved to start playing.
If your character hasn't been approved by the Mod (Blaze Rocket) Do not start posting in the game. Your posts will be removed and not considered cannon. You are, however, welcome to hang out in the chat box and get to know people, and ask questions. These interactions will be OOC, and not influence the game in any way, however.

4. No God Modding.
Examples of God Modding are having a character who never takes a hit in a fight, or is never hurt by the hits they do take. God Modding is also writing prose that dictates the actions, dialogue or effects on other people's characters. This can be as extreme as saying "My character punches yours in the face" or as subtle as "My character is irresistibly beautiful." To combat this, try to use potential phrases (i.e., "My character launches a punch at yours" or "My character's beauty is usually irresistible." ). Use common sense, and communicate with your fellow players, and you should have nothing to worry about.

5. Post regularly.
Everyone is very understanding of real-life happening, and we all know that LIFE takes precedent over games. That said, very little can be as frustrating as a scene moving slower than it needs to. For this game, you are requested to post once a week, per character. If your characters go inactive for a month, then they will be considered fair game for in-game death. If you need to take a break from the game, simply let the mod know when you're going to gone, and your characters will be set aside for you to play upon your return. If you're going to be gone for a week, tell the people you're in scenes with, so they're not waiting on your posts. Generally, just try to be considerate.

6. If you're ever unsure of something ask.
It can be intimidating, I know, but there's never any shame in asking for clarification from the mod or your fellow characters. If you're not sure of anything, just ask! Do remember that OOC knowledge should not be treated as IC knowledge, and it'll be just fine!

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