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The Jabberwocky

The Basics

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Name: Jabberwocky
Nicknames: Jay, Jabber, Jabberwock (though that's not much of a nickname)
Age: Older than you
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Nationality: Wonderlandian
Occupation: Consort and Protector of the Queen of Hearts
Alliance: The Red Queen


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs
Clothing: Jay enjoys rich fabrics and dark colours, preferring to dress in high-class fashions if at all possible. Which it usually is.
Jewelry: Will occasionally indulge in large-stoned rings or a coronet, depending on his mood and the company. He's more likely to dress up around Queen Redd than around his sister.
Body Modifications: A number of scars from fighting with his brother, which he prefers to keep covered.


Length: Shoulder length in human form
Style: A natural wave which he likes to accentuate with styling, he is capable of spending far too much time on his appearance if given the opportunity. In fact, there has to be some sort of imminent emergency to keep him from his daily primping.
Color: Golden brown


Color: Brown
Oddities: They'll occasionally flash yellow if he's feeling an extreme emotion, such as rage, but for the most part he has control over this. He can intentionally make them flash to intimidate. They also flash whenever he's about to change from one form to another.

Alternate Forms


Build: Despite being the eldest, Jay is also the smallest in draconian form. Which is akin to saying the Empire State Building isn't the tallest building in the world anymore. His smaller form, however, is not necessarily a disadvantage, as it renders him the fastest and most agile of the three.
Height: Hard to say, but if you were going to measure, it'd be easier to do so in stories than in feet.
Weight: A little over two tons.
Hair: None in dragon form
Eyes: Greenish-yellow, have been occasionally described as "eyes of flame"
Defining Marks: His scales are spiked and he possesses a rather nasty set of horns and both external and internal teeth, all of which add up to him being able to hold his own in a fight. Great leathery wings, and a long tail.


Personality: Arrogant and Egotistical, Jay has a cruel-streak a mile wide. He has a sort of intuitiveness that knows just what to say, in just the right way, to get other people to start arguments for him, which he then watches in delight. He enjoys playing with people, and because of this, has educated himself to the point where he's mastered social graces and is fantastically charming in human(esq) circles. He enjoys power and is drawn to it, almost subliminally. To his sister, and Queen Redd he can be sweet and fawning, although he would loathe to have others know about that. Towards his brother, he initially was simply annoyed by the lack of understanding and like mindedness that he expected from him. Over time he's grown more and more angry with Wyrm, not understanding how he could dislike Redd, and for, from his perspective, pulling the close knit sibling trio asunder. He would greatly like Wyrm to come over to his side, and doesn't want to have to kill him... if he can help it. His family is the only point upon which he will balk against the Queen, preferring to deal with them on his own terms.

Weaknesses: Cold Iron is fatal to him, as is the way with most magical creatures.

His sister, and, to a point, his brother. Obviously, he still wishes to protect his sister, and as such, would do almost anything for her. His brother, conversely, has the ability to short-circuit his crooked, plotting mind, causing him to make moves more rashly and generally act with far less thought than is prudent.

The Queen holds much sway over Jay, and though he likes to tell himself he is in control of their relationship, in all reality, Redd has him wrapped around her little finger. The only thing he wouldn't do for her is harm his sister, or (probably) kill his brother. He loves her, and truly believes she loves him back.

Jay is also prone to a rather embarrassing near-obsession with gold, as is not entirely uncommon in dragons. He enjoys collecting it and hording it, and gets snippy if anyone asks about it. It doesn't even have to be real gold, although that obviously catches his attention more. Just being gold coloured is enough to catch his eye.

Abilities: Jay can shift with almost thoughtless ease from draconian form to human form. While in his dragon body, he is capable of breathing fire and flight with his great leathery wings and the spiny pseudo-sail that runs along his back, making him that much more agile. His dragon blood has healing properties, which he does not bestow on anyone, except the Queen, or, in times of intense cruelty, individuals he's torturing, bringing them back from death's door again and again. As a dragon his senses are average for that species, which means they are miles ahead of any human version of the same sense.

In human form, he's educated himself in the ways of combat, although he's focused mainly upon fencing. Instead of learning a more broad range of fighting techniques or magics, he instead taught himself to shift specific parts of his body, granting him various draconian powers while in human form. Namely, fire breath, healing blood, and localized transformation of specific body parts. The fire breath is unpleasant, as human shapes were not, typically made for such a thing. For him it feels a lot like vomiting after having eaten far too many spicy peppers- a very caustic feeling, but not unmanageable. The Healing Blood operates the same as it would as a full on dragon, but is much easier to access, not being covered by armored scales. He can't use his own blood to heal himself. Localized transformation currently can grant him scales in various places, wings, a tail, or draconian-type arms and hands. He can only pull across one thing at a time currently, meaning he can have wings OR he can have scales OR he can have healing blood, etc etc.

While in basic human form, his senses also operate on a level greater than that of average, normal humans.

Jay is capable of reproducing in a rather unique way, in addition to being able to reproduce normally. Without going into details, he can be compared to a seahorse, in that he will carry eggs, laying them a week before they hatch. The resulting offspring from this style of reproduction are known as the jabberspawn, and are, for the most part mainly bestial and draconian in nature. He is very private about this aspect of his life, only really letting Queen Redd have anything to do with it.

Weapons: As a human, if he's going to use a weapon, it'll be a golden-handled rapier. He realizes gold isn't a good material for a weapon but he loves how it looks when he just wears it about.

Home(s): With the Queen of Hearts, and the caves in the Checkerboard Desert


The eldest of three, Jay was always manipulative and a touch more twisted than was typical. Despite this, he still cared deeply for his younger siblings, although he showed this care differently. His sister he spoiled and doted upon, while his brother received a more 'tough love,' but love none the less. He disagreed with much of how Wrym chose to live his life, thinking him to be too 'soft,' and this attitude being a danger not only to himself, but to Jay and Wyvern by extension. However, as no danger ever presented itself, Jay was complacent to let Wrym do as he would.

When Queen Redd began requesting help, he initially was taken by the idea of someone as powerful (politically, at least) as a queen to be asking for his aid. Enjoying this power-play, he began helping Redd, believing himself to be winning her over with his charm and looks. He was completely blind to the fact that Redd was the one charming him. Her plans for Wonderland appealed to his love of power and his general taste for mayhem. Initially he tried to include Wyvern and Wyrm in these plans, but confusingly, the two balked at the idea. For a time he tried to convince them both that the Queen's way truly was the best way, but these encounters grew more and more angry, until Jay was forced to give up on his soft brother, and focus any remaining attention towards his sister. Were his brother to come around, he would gladly welcome him back. As stands though, he continues to court his sister's favor, knowing that as she goes, so must the remaining brother.

He does not hold anything against Alice, or really any Wonderland resident. But as all Wonderlandians represent an aspect of Alice's personality, or a twisted memory of hers, Jay is the embodiment of her crushing guilt. It is simply the role she's subconsciously assigned him, to be as evil as he is. That he enjoys his job is simply an additive bonus.

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