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Welcome to


For almost four years (a century by Internet standards) there was a site known as thisdepletedlife. It was Ha[Mekashef]'s home on the Web, & for this reason was also called the Beith HaMekashef.

Now the server is deceased & HaMekashef is loath to search for yet another cheap host.

Thus it has crossed our favourite sorcerer's mind to make an Elftown version of the old site. The abode will never be -- not by any means -- as vast & luxurious as the previous one, but we hope you enjoy your visit nevertheless.

Sections of the Beith:

HaMekashef's Petting Zoo -- HaMekashef's Music Parlour -- HaMekashef's Secrets -- HaMekashef's Library of Valued Tomes -- HaMekashef's Seven Deadly Sins -- The Older House

... all materials © Etienne Domingue (Ha[Mekashef]). Please don't steal. That wouldn't be good sport.

Also check out: ;
The Doppelganger Effekt - the band Ha[Mekashef] sings in.
Welcome to the Crew... - Ahrrr!
Order of St-Elmo - An equal-opportunity monastic order for sea-faring folk.
The WSCFBS - World Sofa Cushion Fort Building Society
The Occult Corner - a repository of Arcane lore.

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2006-08-11 [Ilana]: Neat! I hope to see more content soon!

2006-08-11 [Mekashef]: Oh, there will be, but you will most likely have seen most of it on the Old Beith...

2006-08-12 [Ilana]: That's ok. I'll be seeing it in a new milieu... I thought it would also be cool if you made a map or a list of all the places where MAPPs have been distributed.

2006-08-12 [Mekashef]: That would be a good idea.

2006-08-13 [Ilana]: They've only been as far as Edmonton, right?

2006-08-13 [Mekashef]: Oh no. They're all over Scotland & the UK.

2006-08-13 [Ilana]: Ah yes, I forgot about that.

2006-08-14 [Ilana]: Are you going to be putting any of your own writings on here?

2006-08-14 [Mekashef]: Possibly. I am not altogether certain.

2006-08-16 [Ilana]: ok

2006-11-24 [Priscilla Primkin]: Hi! I'm keeping an eye on you now. :-D

2006-11-24 [Mekashef]: Oh dear... I'll have to update... or something.

2006-11-25 [Ilana]: Yes, you really do.

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