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Greetings, ladies, gentlemen... frogs. Pull out a chair, sit down at the table. There's mead if you like and food roasting on the fire. We're a hospitable bunch, aren't we? Anyway, enough of my coddling...

Welcome to the HaRPy! Role-Play Guild - our very own one-stop shop of horrors, delights and awesome Role-plays. From fantasy to real-life, any RP can be part of HaRPy! All we ask is that it is unique.

Featured wiki: <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=32>


The Elite

The esteemed guildleaders. Bow and obey, you know you want to.

The Guild Master: [Barock]
Essentially, the boss-man. Enter this guild, he owns your soul. Forever.

The Resident Sorceress: [Chimes]
She makes things look pretty, as if by magic. Wonders never cease with this odd, little gremlin-hybrid.

The Guild's Knight: [Swollenfish]
He's epic, but sadly lacking in steed. What he lacks in steed he makes up for in 'Nii!'

The High Priestess: [Thrice]
Well, we say Priestess, she's more of a Goddess - there's talent, oh yes.


The Avery

The places you need to visit.

About HaRPy!
Everything you need to know about this dazzling wiki.

HaRPy! Rules
The rules of joining and the submitting of RPs.

HaRPy! Members
Those lucky enough to have been accepted into HaRPy!

HaRPy's Roost
Only Elite allowed. Shoo! Scat! Flee!



HaRPy! RPs

Role-plays in the HaRPy! network.

Wisdom or Subtlety? Which path will you take?

New Mind
Some of us are born different...

Masked Morality
Superman and Wonder Woman are so overrated.

Clock strikes one, foul deed's begun.

Hyde's Illusion
Do you see me now?


Original badge frame by [May-lea], edited by [Chimes].
All other graphics by [Chimes].

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2009-05-26 [Silver Moon]: do we post our link here? Because I have a whole group of rpgs on my home page that I created

2009-05-26 [Chimes]: Yeah, you do... then we steal it. (in a manner of speaking)

2009-05-26 [Silver Moon]: ok thanks, but what do you mean you still it? Would it still read me as the owner?

2009-05-26 [Chimes]: Yeah, I mean... we take the link to a private wiki where we discuss whether we're accepting it or not. :P I chose my words poorly sorry!

2009-05-26 [Silver Moon]: lol it's ok, another question (sorry I ask allot) how many links can I put here?

2009-05-26 [Barock]: One per member on the main page, when we have more time and/or rps's we may put up a secondary RP archive type page ^^

2009-05-26 [Silver Moon]: ok well I think I will enter my first one here. It has the most members and I don't want it going under.
The Tower Of Seletar It is a fantasy rpg

2009-06-26 [Avalyn Bastian]: Bonjour, everyone!! ^_^
I absolutely love roleplaying, having made a few rps of my own.

so, how is everyone?

2009-06-27 [Rice]: I'd like to submit my RP GasMASK please.

2009-06-27 [Chimes]: We may take a little bit of time looking at them XD So please bear with us. :)

2009-06-27 [Avalyn Bastian]: of course! ^^ i understand ^^

2009-06-27 [Bubezleeb]: yes...quite

2010-10-02 [Thrice]: Hey Guildies.... Who's down for a one on one rp? Message me pleassse? :)

2010-10-02 [Elwyne]: what kind?

2010-10-02 [Thrice]: Anything. I'm down for whatever.

2010-10-03 [Elwyne]: well, I'd be willing to play. Just a warning in advance though... my internet and computer are kinda unreliable. Lot's of things have been going wrong lately and if I vanish I hope you'll forgive me.

2010-10-12 [Avalyn Bastian]: Msn, this place is old. lol :) It's been awhile.

2010-10-13 [Thrice]: :( But we're still kickin'!

2010-10-14 [Avalyn Bastian]: ^_^ yuppers

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