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The children of [savagedragon].

The projects of [napalm sticks to kids], [Doom Walker], and [savagedragon].


Banners are at Basement Banners

To find a pony worked on by a particular preson hold the Ctrl key and push the "F" key. Enter the code for each person the the serch field.
for [savagedragon] enter XXI
for [napalm sticks to kids] enter XIX
for [Doom Walker] enter IXX

to find a particular pony enter the name in the search field.


I present to you DUNKLES, the dark carousel pony. IXX


HYENA WEIRHAIT, the water pony. Sister to JACKYL WEIRHAIT, they both share the same eyebrow spikes. XXI IXX


I.T.L.A.G. (It Tastes Like A Ghost), the Technology pony. XXI XIX IXX


I.T.G.A.G.'s neck opens for access to the batteries that power his nose lights and has a door that holds 6 AA batteries. XXI XIX IXX


I.T.L.A.G. has two speekers in his hind legs with a cord that allows you to plug him into a cd player, mp3 player, computer, etc... XXI XIX IXX


The mouth and saddle open giving more access to the inner workings of this pony. I.T.L.A.G. also comes with weels, thats right boys and girls, he rolls. XXI XIX IXX


JACKYL WEIRHAIT, brother of HYENA WEIRHAIT. The dark around his stitched areas is refered to as "The Death". XXI XIX


This is the other side of JACKYL's face. XXI XIX


SPIDERPONY a.k.a. LA NACHO DAWN (not realy a girl but we had to decide on how to spell dawn) IXX


DEMUS has large bones that pretrude from its back and more whimsical ones that come from its head and ankles. Kin to SOLAR (R.I.P.) XXI IXX


Here is BACON, the twin sister to MILK. Some believe BACON and MILK to be next in rank to the Master Pony PONY. XIX


A view of BACON's right eye. Aint it pretty? XIX


SCABBEROUS the burn victom. IXX


Right side of SCABBEROUS. IXX




THE THREE FUEHRERS: TERROR, DESPAIR, PANIC. They appear when something catastrophic happens. IXX

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2007-11-04 [vampiric tendencies]: hey do u think if i payed you you would make me one please????

2008-03-23 [An American Tragedy]: Dude.
I would totally buy one
If I had money. xD

Imagine what all the MLP collector people would think! x.x;
(I collect a certain type of dolls, so I know MLP people...)

Keep working hard!

2008-05-05 [Scorpi0]: I want a technology pony. Are they for sale?

2008-05-07 [Neon Tiger]: These are so amazing..

2008-05-09 [Cyrano meets Merso]: I would not want to be a pony...
cool ''art'' me like::D

2008-05-09 [de Morte]: I want one...

2008-05-19 [goneandhappy]: i love your art

2008-05-27 [shadowfire09]: these are sooo cool. it took me a while to realize that the reason the basic shape looked familiar was because they were mlps. haha.

does teh tech pony actually work? like the nose lights and cd and everything?
that's totally badass!

2008-10-07 [soy esclavo de tu piel]: Hey T!
You should try to sell these. =3

2008-10-07 [napalm sticks to kids]: as a rule anything that looks like it does something probably does... and i don't think i'd be willing to accept payment for anything i've built... i didn't really put enough effort into any of it to make it worth anything... and jeanna seems to think of them as her children so i'd have to pry them away from her first

~the T~

2010-03-09 [*Phoenix*]: Wow. It's like my little pony was attacked by an emo five year old. XD lol. I really like the techno pony with speakers and nose lights! That would be cool to have!!

2010-03-20 [Silver Moon]: reminds me of the apocalypse ponies from Robot Chicken ^-^ They're neat

2010-03-21 [Keylla]: I absolutely adore these :D This is a really creative idea too. I really like The Three Fuehrers for some reason. You could probably make alot of money by making these and then selling them, I know I'd want one, and so would half the school I go to.

2010-03-25 [Company Awesome]: Absolutely amazing. :D

2010-04-28 [The Doll Mage]: GIMME!!!!!

2010-10-01 [nehirwen]: Featured Wiki! <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2010-10-02 [Olwen]: I used to have my little pony dolls when I was a kid... Now I feel lonely and scared :'( hehehe :D Pretty great work! Very creative!

2010-10-02 [Nioniel]: Epic.

2010-10-03 [Jitter]: WOW! Great job, I'm stunned. I.T.L.A.G. is my fave

2010-10-06 [Warhorse]: Very cool. Kind of Tim Burtonish. Great work!!

2011-08-13 [Yami]: Very awesome I love the interworkings and usefulness of I.T.L.A.G. Great work!

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