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Herald Guest Submissions


For The Town Herald, ET's official ezine


So, you want to submit something to The Town Herald?

If you have a one-off contribution to make to the Herald, making a guest submission is the way to go. Your work will be published in the Herald - not purchased, and the copyright will still be your own.

We're looking for: artwork, games, puzzles, articles on all things sci-fi/fantasy/art/photography/writing related, tutorials, personal accounts, humourous articles, general Elftown interest articles, reviews, etc!

The submissions process is simple:
1. Read the Herald and work out what sort of things we're interested in - Remember! We're always open for something different, and guest submissions don't have to fit the theme!
2. Create the piece, or find it amongst work you've already created.
Work should be original and created by you. If work contains any copyright content (or anything found on the internet) please reference it, and we'll consider your submission.
Remember to spell check it if it's a written submission, any very incorrect submissions will not be used.
3. Either post the work you wish to submit here, or, if it's on another existing wikipage, post a link to that page here. Put your username next to your submission, so we know which work is yours.

Please note: Themed art pieces, and poetry can be submitted to the Art Corner and the Poetry Corner.
Artwork submitted here will not usually be featured individually, but should be suited for use as illustrations to accompany written articles :)


Current Theme: Creation
Deadline: May 5th 2011 Open indefinitely:

This page will be updated when submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme

We're especially on the look out for fiction, articles, recipes and tutorials for our upcoming Issue 23: Creation :)


1. Future Dictator Creations Inter.- [Eyden13]
2. The Making of... Kero-chan- [Ravendust]
3. How to make... Funnel Cake- [Ravendust]
4. Awakening - Creation Created - [kamisch]
5. Sugarplum Meets Rainobicorn - [kamisch]
6. Oatmeal & Honey Crisps - [Akayume]
7. sammie h review of elftown - [kians mummy]
8. The Process of Creation - [Lord Josmar]
9. Environment Creation Tutorial - [Karithina]


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2011-05-31 [Chimes]: Yes, real life happened as it tends to do. So the Herald is keeping to its tradition of being fashionably late. :)

2011-05-31 [kians mummy]: this isn't fashionably, this is taking the piss a bit, 1 or 2 days yeah, thats fashionably late, but this is more than that

2011-05-31 [Lord Josmar]: That was just to get the submissions in. It didnt say Release date May fifth.

2011-05-31 [kians mummy]: it didn't say anything, just Deadline: May 5th 2011

2011-05-31 [Chimes]: Yes, but Sammie, you have to take into account that this is a busy time of year for most people and we do this on a volunteer basis. :) Jos is right, I don't know if we ever did give a release date.

2011-05-31 [Ravendust]: I think fashionably late is better than nothing. The herald is always put together so amazingly. I don't mind the wait. Real life comes first, naturally. I'm sure when the next issue comes out it'll be just as good if not better than past issues, so be patient. :)

2011-05-31 [Kaimee]: To be clear, submissions will continue to be accepted for this theme until the next theme is announced both on this page, and The Town Herald :)

[kians mummy], May 5th was our predicted closing date for submissions, which we are currently in the process of editing, sorting, and designing (for the PDF layout).
As we do not have very many guest submissions yet, we would like to keep this page open for submissions until we have more, or until we publish :)

2011-08-16 [kians mummy]: So will mine be published?

2011-08-16 [Lord Josmar]: No.

2011-08-17 [kians mummy]: I will choose to ignore that answer and wait for a responce from the workers on here.

2011-08-17 [Lord Josmar]: lol. That had to be the best response ever!

2011-08-17 [hanhepi]: at this point, i'm beginning to wonder if anything at all will be published for this issue. :P 23 is our unlucky number it seems.

2011-08-17 [Chimes]: @Lord Josmar, please don't unnecessarily antagonise people. :)

@Sammie, we're working on it. Albeit slowly. >.>'

2011-08-17 [Lord Josmar]: Sorry Chimes. That is my usual response to people who ask me things in real life.

2011-08-18 [iippo]: But she didn't ask you >_>

2011-08-18 [Lord Josmar]: She didn't direct the question at anyone though.

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: It's pretty much assumed that she was asking the people who ultimately make the decision.

2011-08-19 [kians mummy]: Thanks [Nioniel] and [Chimes]. :)

[Lord Josmar] If I comment on an official page, then this is not a comment for you to answer, or if it is a page that there is a staff team on there, so I would politely ask for in the future, as you are not crew, to not answer questions what are for the crew by me or other members, I think we would all appreciate that a lot. :)

2011-12-23 [Earoluim]: .....

2011-12-23 [wicked fae mage]: Yes?

2011-12-24 [Ravendust]: Any news on when the next issue is going to make its appearance? *curious*

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