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House Zapper

I'm a House Zapper! :O

1: [Zab] <-- Ultimate House Zapper and Pageowner x)
2:[sequeena_rae] Oy, you stole my title! Meh, oh well "Ultimate bitch house zapper" ^_______^
3: [Atayemi] Yeaaah! I zap [Zab]'s and [sequeena_rae]'s houses! :D Go me! XD
4: [LadyMoon] I am a silent zapper :P
5: [Akayume] House teh bomb >:D
6: [Ocean Soul] I'm teh house zapper with no eyes (but I have a hammer xP)
7: [Shade of Alastair] is a zapper too.
8: [Cia_mar] to!!!*admits it*
9: [Charybdis] And me x)
10: [Always Hope] And here I just thought I had no life. :)
11: [Paul Doyle] I can never completely sit still, and I am endlessly curious about new visitors.
12: [ueryurwt] Going against the grain, I read the houses, but yeah, I Zap 'em.
13: [dayah] Zapping random houses and wikis at this very moment...hahaha *evil laugh*
14: [Corazie] Heh... ZAP! That's how I got here XD
15: [herrschneemann] Any visit to Elftown isn't complete without going through my 'Last Vistors' list
16: [Elegy - gone] *zap* >.>
17: [sky fox] i can't believe this is actually a wiki! but i really do belong here.
18: [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] The sad thing is that I think I've seen everyones homepage on that banner that 19: [Elegy - gone] made. lol.
20: [whitemageramza] Zip zap zippity zap zap zap.
21: [*Night_Shade*]-Oops I zapped it again!
22: [Elisha Kelly] - pow... pow pow... 0.0 oops! Imean ZAP... ZAP ZAP.
23: [Little Red Ridinghood] very much a zaper..>.<
24: [Patri] - Definitely a zapper.
25: [Angelic nightmares] well, zapping your own house gets boring, so you have to zap someone >_<
26: [Astrid.] didn't think anyone else did it but me.
27: [The Apocalypse]I found this link when zapping [Astrid.]'s house.
28: [Koho Ai]hm this really some up what i do when i get bored.
29: [Paz] Weapon of choice... a bug zapper ;P Makes a nice "ZZT" noise! Meh heh!
30: [Deadlock jester] no time for witty comment, must zap!
31: [Lothuriel] Zappin' time!!
32: [cowube] zappin is what got me here so meh!
34: [Kyrinn] Me!! Meee!!!! *waves wildly* I admit it!!
35: [Stratakus] I've raced fellow house zappers before. We went to 100+ before my opponent logged out.
36: [Sister Insomnia] Hahah...
37: [~Crimson Angel~]I'm a house Zapper
38: [earthkynd] totally. it's addicting. it's boring. can't stop it o_OO
39: [Glimoni] has become an unashamed souse zapper. See above.
40: [Yoruno] Gosh, I have to admit it... that "Random Member" button is just too attractive... *shiny*
41: [Linderel] Bah, I confess.
42. [NibblerLove] i usually use random members or last visitors i like to know who loks at my page!
43.[*Phoenix*] i'm with angeldust (^) i like ot know hwo's visited my page.
44. [Chimes] Zappidy Zap Zap Zap.
45. [shirono] Oh No I'm a Zapper!
46. [*(.Randi.)*] I'm a loud Zapper! *sly smile* Ever heard of *dun dun DUN* The Evil Random Guestbook Signer?
48. [IX.Dollface] Oh Noes! I'm a zapper...haha. XD WHOOT
49. [NOOOPE] YES! I am le Zapper! Bwahaha...
50. [BillyThePsycho] yes and i just can't PREVENT myself from doing it again and again *sniffles*
51.[Ripp3R_28]Always knew what i wanna b :P
52. [Stray Kitty] So... I'm not the only one.
53. [pink floyd] Zap. ^_^
54. [Draymond] Zaps houses and wikis at random ^_^...oh and quite a bit too.
55. [5thwitch] me misfortuned house zapper TT
56. [moonscale] I even read peoples houses!
57. [Domo-kun] Zaps like there's no tomorrow!
58.[Thrice]-Never thought of that kind of title, but it sure fits!
59.[Lanrete] It's kind of like people-watching. You don't really learn much about people, it's an idle way to pass time, but it's interesting ^^
60.[stuffAEAmade] I always zap everyone in my last-visitors list. :B
61.[kingtheodin] ZAP *is a random house zapper*
62.[cap'n sharkbait - the sword test dummy] *click, click, click, click, click, click, *
63. [Duredhel] Both the last visitors and last logins... I'm addicted, someone help me! T_T
64.[eyelinertears]i like to click see *click*
65. [Findecano] - I can't help but check them! I just look for people who look im thirsty! ta ta!
66. [Stephen] - I just love to click..
67. [sanke] I zap houses that have interesting or weird usernames. When I'm not wiki-zapping, of course... ^-^
68.[FoxFlight] :p I'll zap you all
69. [Filthy..] ironic im 69.. ZAP!
70. [~username~] Guilty as charged.
71.[Night Prowler] zapityzapityzapzapzap...kapow!
72. [Adaman] Serious last visitor zapper, can't stand to see a highlighted one I haven't zapped before.
73. [The Whistler] I zap people with interesting names. And with stupid names. And those in the middle.
74. [7sevin7] Y ARLY!......Zaaaaappp!!
75. [Rhoslynn] can't help in...need something to do
76. [Jardín del horror] I have nothing better to do.
77. [Aliz] ok. So I do belong here. I just don't want to admit it. hm. And just because you're not paranoid, doesn't mean I'm not after you!
78. [Sharky87]me be (not) a :P
79. [Lord_Guac] I didn't even realise I was one untill I read this page! w00t! I now have a name for my actions ^-^
80. [Your Brompton Cocktail] lol im am totallyt a zapper lol actually i found out about house zappers by well house zapping lololol
81. [Lexi. Short and Sweet!] LUFF TEH ZAP!!!
82. [Tekkon KinKreet] Imma zapper.
83. [Iruvielle] *zaps everyone* muahahaha, i shall zap you one of these days! :P
84. [Disko-tecka] I hadn't noticed, but I do this all the time!!!XD
85. [Intolerant Of Hatred] Zapping is like talking... It's an addiction :-P
86. [Skw3rlch4n] Guilty as charged... XD
87. [Heathglen] Hello. My name is Heathglen, and I'm a House Zapper.
88. [Beki in Wonderland] *holds hands up* Guilty! XD
89. [~La Vie Boheme~] zapping is fun!!!!!!! I do it all the time!!!!
90. [XxTsomexX] hehehe how many ppl recognise me?
91. [DemonBunny (penguins will rule you all)] mwehehe...
92. [Canvas Confessions] Um... well... I'm Philo, and I'm here to confess that I, too, am a House Zapper... ^^;;
93. [Angels Of San-Angelus] - God-damn! I'm real bad for it! Even if i HAVE got something to do, i'll be a-zappin!
94.[shadowfire09] yup..i'm pretty much the zappiest of the house
95. [Elodicressida] Heehee... I have a routine: check new stuff, check forums, housezap
96: [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric] is like me exactly  XD
97: [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] i didnt know there waz a wiki like describes me dowwn to a tee lol
98. [Hello Sunshine] I must admit, I am a zapper. It's a problem, I know, but I can't help but do it.
99. [Surimia] yes i get bored WAY too easily ^_^ but not all da time, tho.
100. [leaving fo good] i do that all the time!!!!!! didnt think there was a term for it....
101. [Ramirez] I love it when people say, "Thanks for looking at my page!" and I internally I'm like, "Who the hell?" But of course I reply, "You're very welcome." Because I'm such a suck up XD Glad to find a page for this Aha. <3
102. [deus-misereatur] Meh loves jsut looking at random people...
103. [H3_six] ZZZZZZZZAP!
104. [Dint] *click, click, click, click...*
105. [It Ain't Easy Bein' Sceney] who doesn't do that when they run out of messages to answer? Zap houses, it makes the world a better place.
106. [Phoxx] *zap*
107. [I dribble on people] Of course zapping should be some kind of internet sport... even if your not getting any exercise...
108. [Subject37] i have no idea why i'm a zapper, maybe because i don't know what to do with myself, but anyways, isn't talking to a stranger the only way you can make friends?.... well at least on here we can get to know the people before we speak to them....
109. [DarkMCat] Me and my friend have house zapping races. Clicktastic.
110. [maggie the pie] When I have nothing to do I go zapping.
111. [Yami] I do it for different reasons and sometimes I leave random messages to those I Zap
112. [Erubeus] How do you think I found this wiki? ;)
113. [Seize.The.Moment] i always zap random peoples houses and leave random comments
114. [de Morte] I'm a zapper that acctually reads profiles... if they attracts attention...
115. [SweetChaos] I'm a complete zapper, and I never even knew! Silly me...oOo, New logins...>.>
116. [Leaf_girl] Yo
117. [if i followed you home would you keep me] i do it all the time...never knew there was a wiki...
118. [evil beavle] wieie, finally some recognition
119. [Our Lady Of Sorrows]-Love to zap! especially when im bored ^^
120. [Rice] Guilty as charged.
121. [Just.Kate] I'd plead the fifth, except that my being here says it all. >_>;
122.[Rove] had no idea there was a name for this...XD
123.[PureEvilDemon] Wow, so there's a name for my bored little habit...that's interesting... >_>
124.[Sienta] *is in the process of zapping away madly, looks up* Oh crap, I've been caught red handed. Fingered. Whatever. 
125. [Blue Raspberries and Grape Juice] One of the few zappers who will actually skim through the houses...unless, of course, I decide I hate someone in the first few lines. ;)
126. [Nyki] What they said. *points up* And I found this wiki by zapping...
127. [full.blooded Robot] im not gonna lie, ima House Zapper.
128.[nightrosa] Guilty. I found this wiki...zapping. I think I may be addicted to the "Random Member" button...
130. [Amarantha] *zaps*
131.[Papa Don't Preach]I zapped my way here!!!
132. [Nik Cereal] It's almost to the point where I just naturally do it
133. [Miss Emma.]
134. [Anette]
135. [Morningstar Rising] Do it all the time, thats how I came to be here. hehehehe
136. [Novvy] <goes to confession> >.>.. <.<..>.> <looks innocent>
137. [Ζab]
138. [Bunny451] <--- Doesn't like odd numbers!!!
139. [Avrora_Black] when there's nothing else to do in the infinite universe of internet...let's zap houses :D
140. [light.] xD
141. [Morgana-Rose] That "Random Member" button is just made for me :D
142. [Vou] I'm so a house zapper...
143. [schitzo]OHHHH YEAHHHH look out I'm just clickin' through!!
144. [Slipknot Bear with Razors] clickin everything in sight man!!!
145. [Estantia] I will read the house the first time round, but if you end up visiting my house and I need to refresh the page... neither wikis nor houses are safe!
146. [DeadSockMonster] Zappity Zap! Don't talk back XD
147. [The Raven] Love to zap, see, zap, zap, zap.
148. [Chaotic Serenity] So that's what a house zapper is? *is so guilty of being one* Cool!
149. [Silver Moon] yay!
150. [Sahraminkukka] :P
151. [Zel Holt] Apparently I'm a Zapper. ^_^
152. [Leelo] zap zap zap that's all I ever do -.-' haha
153. [leola] its like heaven! a WHOLE LIST of names to zap!
154. [OMERTA] Yeah, this is cool!
155. [The Keeper Of The Night] ZAP
156. [Chetleon] Hey im just that fucking bored most of the time. Lol.
157. [otakubeth] Woot! ZAAAAAAAAAPPP!
158. [Avatar15] It's a habit.
159. [Eyelash-Wishes] It's an addiction lol
160. [TEDYBER]zap zap..... zappings fun^^
161. [Tableau Vivant] ..Zap zap! =D
162. [Panthalassa] ...ME TOO...! xD
163. [Maelthra]I find that I zap all the time and don't even realize I am doing it. lol
164. [silent_voice] I do it when roleplaying... and normal stuffs...*grin*
165. [kaycee_cullenx3] I'M A ZAPPER... I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE SOMEDAY... <insert evil laughter here>
166. [Shainn] I'm still practicing, mind this... one day I will ZAP ALL THE HOUSES! bwahahahah!
167. [tuff ghost] I just epitomized this page and zapped about 4 members.
168. [Vou] I finally realized I have the House Zapper Syndrome. xD
169. [ADAM!]
170. [PnkShpGnWld] Im a stealth house zapper!!!
171. [// Grace //.And..Bend]- Oddly enough, I met my current boyfriend by zapping his house a couple a years ago. Lol.
172. [Ichi] Yea, I'm a house zapper. Its how I waste my free time since I have no life.
173. [*save my soul*] yep, me too but i find that i zap the same people again and again lol
174. [Yuichi♥] - >.> How do you think i found this place xD
175. [sara(:]
176.[Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]~looks up~woah 175 houses to zapyaay
177. [MidSuMMer.Nights] ZZAAPP
178.[Todd van elslande]I'm a house zappedi zappy zappper ^^ YAY! måsabjønn!
179. [Priscilla Primkin] Hello, my name is Priscilla and I zap houses.
180. [Faulty Limerence] - The "Random Member" button is my page-refreshing friend.
181. [CookieDough]
182. [Seany.] i wanna be a house zapper lalalalala
183. [save my sins] yes... i am a house zapper... well how else did i meet my friends?
184. [inuhime] Zap
185. [Lolli Love] i zap becuase i have nothing better to do hehe sorry you people that dont like it
186.[TheKingdomLight]zappings fun...
187.[Ayaka] why do people stalk my house?
189.[Crazyarilove^^] i hate people who stalk me
190. [Caterin S.] Hi, my name is Cat and I'm a house zapper. *clicks the random member button*
191. [Lily~] I'm the same as #185. the way I zap is by clicking visited member's box and getting someone then clicking on theirs, so on and so forth.
192. [Adela Leafshanks] likes to admire other people's houses because they look cool ^_^
193. [nehirwen] *zaps*
194. [*mimi*] zap zap zap wheeeeeeeee ^-^
195. [Duke Devlin] I just wanna know if I have messages TT__TT
196. [erturk] I wonder everything! sorry :)
197. [lonelywolf]
198. [Mama's fallen angel] ya
199. [~Spirit Fox~]
200. [AWTA]-muahaha 200th.Ohh, shiny, *click*
201. [Triola]
202. [Little Insane Cat]
203. [Jitter]
204. [Zacky Stardust] I'm not a stalker. I'm just bored.
205. [Chris..] Zap xD
206. [little flag] Haha, it's good to know there's a name for what I am ^_^ Proud house zapper!
207. [RebellionMarch] Ive been a house zapper forever <.< i never knew there was a whole wiki for people like me, lmao
208. [▲.] Well who knew. I'd be different in the fact that I actually do sit and read houses while I wait for messages and wiki... But I'd say that I'm included on this, since I often click on a username in "Last logins" and I'm constantly looking at new houses of those who have interesting names. :]]
209. [Ansem] Long time Zapper, first time...signer
210. [MrE] Ah... I'm not the only one :)
211. [Titanium Tiger] wow theres lots of us !@! yeah!!!!
212. [invictusbass]- yup...I'm guilty...XD
213. [The Black Goat] Woot ^^ randomness
214. [Maulok Hukun] :D
215. [Enoz] Zappers, unite! xD
216. [Blood Sucking Beauty] Wow i never realized how many people randomly click on usernames just to refresh their own page O_O lol
217. [Darth Jacein] lol ive been a house zapper from day one..amazing..just means im too lazy to hit the refresh button.
218. [Kairavini] Guilty.....
219. [lohawefniwubf] Guilty and proud of it ^_^!
220. [Dark Side of the Moon] Led Zapperlin
221. [blondechic20891] -yay ^-^
224. [Your Favorite Stranger] Can't resist it...
225. [Lynyrd Zeppelin] i'm addicted to this
226. [..majo..] it's magic, no?
227. [Give Me Red]
228. [dawn bolly]
229. [Nioniel] has waaay too much time on her hands!
230. [your naked night] im an addict whats your excuse
231. [Fifi McFu] it shows how bored I am -.-
232. [Kbird] I'm sorry I get bored...then I'm to shy to say hello...then I ferget and I end up clicking your name again! >.<
233. [Roxcie]

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2008-03-27 [PnkShpGnWld]: Huh?

2008-04-08 [shadowfire09]: i'm so addicted to house zapping i do it on facebook too....well, only on my friends though. i'm like, the official facebook creeper of my highschool...and oddly enough...that's a good thing i i've got elftown to thank....and me being able to explain it, by saying :i'm a house zapper...: hehe

2008-04-08 [Kairavini]: lol. SO true

2008-04-08 [Iruvielle]: *nod nod* I'm with ya on that.. i mean.. I zap people on facebook also! *feels better about admitting it* ^^'

2008-04-08 [Kairavini]: I don;t use my face book that much. Only to check on how my sister is doing...but I have to do something while I wait for her to reply

2008-04-08 [Darth Jacein]: wow..i do it on myspace, with my friends..

2008-04-09 [shadowfire09]: it's somethign you can only pick up from elftown though...i've discovered that

2008-04-09 [Darth Jacein]: lol yeah its easier to do nit here

2008-04-09 [Iruvielle]: *nod nod* Tis!

2008-04-09 [Miss Emma.]: I don't care for Facebook and I kind of don't care for MySpace.

2008-04-10 [Kairavini]: Same. I'm on here more than any other site.

2008-04-10 [Panthalassa]: Me too.

2008-04-10 [Iruvielle]: oh, me too.. i'm on here for a good few hours while on the computer! :P

2008-06-07 [Darth Jacein]: i was once on elftown for days..literally

2008-06-07 [Iruvielle]: wow!!

2008-06-10 [Darth Jacein]: yeah..back when the chat was alive..

2009-01-21 [yamisango]: hello how are u?

2009-01-22 [Iruvielle]: ello ello

2009-01-22 [yamisango]: what's going on?

2009-01-22 [Iruvielle]: nothin much here... just being bored... trying to decide whether I wanna go to bed or not :P

2009-01-22 [yamisango]: ah i see

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