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I Am Morgan le Fay review


I Am Morgan le Fay by Nancy Springer

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

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"It is a hard thing to be a woman."

This book tells the story of the total transformation of the mischief little princess, Morgan, into the shadow of fate and death, Morgan le Fay.

This is a companion tale to I Am Mordred, but takes place before it. It also never talks about Mordred in the entire book (not including the Epilogue). Because of it being a companion tale, it clears up a couple of unanswered question from I Am Mordred.

This book follows I Am Mordred's path, showing a tale of someone trying to break fate. It also follows in the footsteps of great storytelling and pulling the heartstrings. The telling or Morgan's life helps you understand why she does what she does and what drove her to her harsh power. It almost makes me pity her and give her a warm hug.

I Am Morgan le Fay is a great companion to the first tale of Camelot. Whether read on its own or with I Am Mordred, this book is sure to please any Camelot lovers.

/ [*Phoenix*]

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2010-08-10 [Akayume]: Ohhhh! I should read it then! :D

2010-08-10 [*Phoenix*]: You should!

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