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2007-06-23 23:00:45
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This page is for everybody who can genuinely confirm that they love life

(at least for the most part of it and even when things seem to be going from bad to worse)


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All you artists, writers, poets and anybody who has love to share, start cranking up the banners, odes, sonnets, lyrics, novels :) that glorify life and start editing this page! With your help, we'll make this wiki awesome!

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Life is great, love it!

Here are some quotations to ponder over, maybe you'll get some nice ideas :)

Quotations on Life

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2007-06-23 [sammigal0555]: For those of you who love life, (everyone here?) There is a book series that will make your heart skip a beat! The Sword Of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind! I'll make up a banner soon!

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