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I am Mordred: A Tale from Camelot; Nancy Springer Review

This book was, honestly, what really got me into the lore of the Knights of the Round table. I recently re-read it and first discovered it when I was in middle school, and it is still just as good today.

This is a tale of Mordred, the bastard child that Arthur conceives (unknowingly) with his own half-sister. The book opens with, "When I was a baby, my father tried to kill me" (Springer 3). These are very powerful words, and grasp the reader's attention immediately.

Not only does the author write fantastically, but I love the alternate perspective on Mordred, who is usually thought of as purely evil and an abomination. I really appreciate this alternate look on Mordred because he is one of the most intriguing characters of the whole Camelot tale, if you ask me.

Overall this is a great book, and I must admit that I cried like a baby at the end.

/ [Akayume]

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2010-07-26 [*Phoenix*]: Oooooooo. This sounds good. I've always been intrigued by Camelot and the Knights of the Round table. I'll have to add this to my list. :]

2010-07-26 [Akayume]: It's super good. I have always loved this book. :D And it's a pretty easy read to boot. :D

2010-07-26 [*Phoenix*]: Awesomeness. It's officially on my list. :}

2010-07-31 [*Phoenix*]: I so found that book at my library!!! I was looking at the books and went "Hey, that's that book that I saw online. I gotta get it!" I'm already 1/4 of the way through, almost half. It's good so far. ^_^

2010-08-01 [Akayume]: It is! :D I am glad someone else is enjoying it.

2010-08-01 [*Phoenix*]: :] I'm getting there. I'll probably try to finish it today. I didn't realize how small it was going to be when I first read this review....I've been thinking of adding the number of pages to my reviews, but I don't want to make unnecessary work, ya know? What do you think?

2010-08-01 [Akayume]: I don't think you have to. 

2010-08-02 [*Phoenix*]: Okies. Seems like a kinda a waste of time to me because one book may have more than the other version (i.e. hardcover vs softcover...)

2010-08-02 [Akayume]: This is true.

2010-08-02 [*Phoenix*]: I finished it!! Woots! I also got I Am Morgan le Fay that goes with it. :] Yay!

2010-08-03 [Akayume]: I haven't read that one yet! You'll have to tell me if it's good or not!

2010-08-03 [*Phoenix*]: Sure! You'll have to see my review when I'm done. ;D I bet it will be good.

2010-08-03 [Akayume]: So do I. :D

2010-08-03 [*Phoenix*]: ^-^

2010-08-09 [*Phoenix*]: I Am Morgan le Fay was great! You should so read it! I Am Morgan le Fay review

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