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Player - [Silverbullet]

Name - Iason-Elias Lorena

Race - Human

Sub-race - Xiadomian, but raised by Ravillians

Class - Mystic

Allegiance - The Caryathids, Sean

Appearance - Iason's body has been subject to many years of wandering on the open road, often in less-than comfortable circumstances. The years have left their mark on the man, leaving him with a lean, sun-darkened face equiped with gaunt cheeks and crowsfeet (wrinkles, at the eyes). Years of dusty roads have helped his hair become permanently windblown, and somewhat grayed it, making him look some 10 years older than he is. He will sometimes complain of aching joints when it is especially damp out. Though he aged a bit prematurely, Iason's face is still somewhat handsome. He's grown a scraggly short-beard which is tinged with grey. His face does seem a bit elongated and stretched, but this can be blamed on his Xiadomian heritage.
In the past, Iason would wear normal travelling clothes, nondescript stuff in brown and green hues, to blend in. Over time, however, he became more powerfull and thus more confident and changed his style. No longer caring if he passes incognito, Iason now wears a tunic with one bright-green right-sleeve and a pink sleve for the other arm, he colors jarring quite horribly together (though Iason doesn't think so). The body of the tunic, however, is plain black. Six ornate silver buttons line the front of his tunic: a sword, an elm tree, what looks like a blazing sun, a crane (the bird), a pair of dice and a miniature version of a witch doctor's mask. Leather strappings bind his left wrist and arm up to the elbow, and his left leg is similarly bound, up to the knee.

Age - 30

(Split) Personality - Put simply? 'Slightly' deranged. Iason's personality is divided in half (whether they're equal halves, no-one can really tell). His personalities are Rav-Iason, Xiad-Iason, and Akuma. Iason is more of a prankster, whereas Akuma is more serious and to-the-point. While both are essentially evil, Iason doesn't really need a reason to cause torment to others, no matter how small. He once kicked a kid in the shins and made him cry. You could almost say he can't help himself, just as he can rarely help himself from laughing in battle (Nothing maniacal, though. More like a "Haha, you're dead." type of laugh.) He does know not to kick a grown man in the shins, however. Except if he thinks he can get away with it, that is. Akuma, on the other hand, is more apt to keep his energy for something more worthwhile than a kid. When he does decide something is worth his time, however, he's prone to do a bit of overkill.
A few key emotions are known to trigger either personality to surface. Anger, physical violence (i.e. getting hit) and arrogance from others, to name a few, can call Akuma to consciousness. The sound of laughter, acts of love, fatigue and fear will often bring Iason into play.
Both personalities are talkative enough in social settings, though they'll try and turn the conversation towards themselves or try to get more knowledge. Akuma isn't very interested in people's lives unless the knowledge benefits him or his powers. Iason can be known to become a bit loud when talking, though.

Iason is foremost a Shaman, and Akuma a Necromancer. They've spent a lot of time either on the road, or around other mages, and thus have picked up on various tricks and spells, including some that would qualify them as a Frostbearer and, later, an Illusionist. The continuous crossing and melding of magics eventually led to the creation of the Mystic. Akuma's necromantic abilities became available to Iason's brain when the wraith posessed him; they may have two separate minds, but the brainpool containing stuff like skills and spells is shared between the two. (Technically, since magic is a mind/soul ability and not a physical ability, there's no reason why an incorporeal creature like a wraith could not keep his magical abilities and use them through Iason.)

History - He was separated from his birth parents while still too young to walk. The reasons of this separation are unknown, for he can't remember anything from that time, and never found anyone who could help him in that department. The familly that brought him in never discussed how they found him, either. He grew up with an elderly familly of well-respected Ravillians. They had already had two children; two girls. One had moved away to another city, somewhere coastal, if Iason remembered right, but the other still lived nearby. She also had a daughter, a year older than he. She often liked to play dolls with Iason. When they found him, the old couple named him with both of their first names. Partly because the boy wasn't really their son, thus the man couldn't quite give him his house name.. and also because they were a bit senile. As the years went by, Iason's "parents" slowly teached him the ways of Ravilla. An unconscious part of him, however, still yearned to be what he was; Xiadomian. At the age of six, he started manifesting a double-personality, caused, his "parents" could only guess, by the Xiadomian blood that ran through his veins, and the Ravillian boy he was being raised to be (reffered to as Rav(illian)-Iason, and Xiad(omian)-Iason). The personalities started out normal enough, somedays his "parents" would find a boy using chopsticks at the breakfast table whereas other days it'd be forks and knives.. and spoons. Ravillian-Iason and Xiadomian-Iason were two diferent people, having different cultures (Xiad-Iason learned what he could from books he found, though never really got what was up with the whole honor thing), habits, and tastes. Rav-Iason had a great friendship bond with his "parents" daughter, and was often seen with the other kids, yet Xiad-Iason always seemed to keep to himself. Being asexual didn't help Xiad-Iason either, though he was too young to really know he was, at the time.

Funny thing was, neither side knew the other existed. Xiad-Iason wouldn't remember anything anyone would tell his Ravillian counterpart (and vice-versa). Luckilly for him, however, stuff either personality learned, the other one knew too. Sadly, that didn't apply to instruments, much to his "parents" dismay during a school play. A few kids had laughed and one had thrown a doll onto the stage to further humiliate Iason and his playing habits. Another peculiarity was Xiad-Iason never answered to the name "Iason", and never told anyone what he'd rather be called.
Before he even neared pre-adolescence, his Xiadomian side started to rebell more and more. It started out with normal-ish tantrums (the first one being right after that schoolplay.), but things slowly became more and more dark, and increasingly violent.
His "parents" tried to keep this within the walls of their home, but things eventually got out. People got scared and were convinced he was posessed. If the rabble he sometimes uttered to his "sister's" doll in public wasn't enough to convince them, the small critter's head collection he hung at the end of fishingline on the front porch of his neighboors sure did, especially since they thought they saw him bite the heads off himself.

Three acolytes were assigned to Iason, and tried to fix him for years! That only accomplished two things. Giving him a deep contempt towards any acolyte, and making Rav-Iason start believing he really was posessed, resulting in a sort of "birds of a feather flock together" effect which helped bring him to the dark arts.

He ended up escaping the acolyte's clutches a few months before his fourteenth birthday. Though Rav-Iason never knew, he really had been posessed, by a wraith named Akuma, and indeed had a Xiad-Iason personality. Three entities were living in the boy's body! The wraith, however, found it couldn't take over both personalities at once, so it attacked Xiad-Iason, who was more easilly corrupted. Slowly, with Rav-Iason unaware of the battle going on inside of his mind, Akuma was taking Xiad-Iason's place. This, the acolytes had finally managed to figure out, but the boy escaped before they could do anything substancial. They had, however, succeeded in protecting Rav-Iason against Akuma.
Akuma could easilly have bypassed the acolytes' spell protecting Rav-Iason, yet he was what you'd deem as a semi-lazy wraith. All the ambition for power and destruction was there, but he easilly tired of travel and every-day happenings. Things he deemed as beneath him. He found that being able to drift back into Iason's mind and have him act as an autopilot was just perfect, especially now that Xiad-Iason was now dead and gone. The barrier caused by the acolytes' spell to protect Iason also kept Akuma from communicating with his host. Directly, at least. Iason sometimes found notes in his pockets with scribbled advice on how to perform a spell without killing himself, and incidently, Akuma.

Wandering around rather aimlessly, or so he thought, Iason managed to survive off people he met on the road, yet never had to resort to stealing. Near mid-adolescence, he managed to get some shaman teachings from a Tiger for a couple years. Seems a tree had mysteriously fallen on the Tiger while he was walking on the road minutes before Iason passed there. The Tiger offered the teachings to Iason as repayment, finding the boy's thirst for knowledge quite admirable. The clansman died the morning after telling Iason he had nothing to teach him anymore. Another random tree accident, oddly enough.

Years passed and Iason found himself living in the Septimian countryside. He woke up one day to find he was amongst a dark society called the Caryathids. A feat accomplished by his joint-tenant, Akuma. More years passed as he slowly scaled the professional ladder, gaining rank and knowledge on the way. The ascension could have been faster, were it not for his apparent forgetfullness when it came to keeping appointments. Was it really his fault if people told Iason to be at the sacrificial altar at midnight and when it came time to be there, it was Akuma that was in control of the body, busy in the library?
For that reason, he's never been good with keeping track of time.

Weapon of Choice - Sicle

Element - Black


Level - 25

Experience/To next level - 87790/97150

Equipment -
Grim Crescent (Unique Magical Sickle + 5, 5 Atk, 4 Def, 4 Dex, 2 Wgt. Frost - This weapon is coated in ice and has an icy aura, deals d6+1 extra Blue element damage when it hits an enemy. Life Sowing Everytime the Grim Crescent deals damage, there is a 10% chance it'll immediately kill the target if it fails in a constitution roll with a DC of 25. Undead, Constructs and plants are not affected by this.)
Menthinide (Unique Magical Doublet + 5, 6 Def, 3 Mag, 1 Int, 1 Cha, 2 Wgt. Thorns - Returns 10% of all Physical Damage done to the wearer. Bubble - As long as he's wearing the Menthinide, the character can breath underwater, but he may not swim, he immediately sinks to the bottom of any body of water and must walk. Meteor Rain - Can cast Pellet Rain 5 times a day without MP cost. Grudge If the wearer of the Menthinide is killed, he has a 50% chance of taking over the body of the killer for INT rounds by overcoming him in a CHA roll. Once the posession is over, the wearer departs for good.)
Spire Cloak + 5 (4 Cha, 4 Mag, 3 Wgt, Bonus to Lv 1 Black Magic.)
Moon Reflection Earrings (+2 to all actions vs White Elementals, Moonlight - Once per day, restore 25% MP. Reflect - returns 10% of all magical damage done to character)
Spell Component Belt (Grants the caster a +2 bonus to all actions related with spellcasting, 3 Wgt)
Scarab Necklace + 5 (3 Cha, 8 Mag)
Lesser Magic Potion x 3 (1.5wgt)
Lesser Healing Potion x 3 (1.5wgt)
Rations x 3 (3wgt)
Bedroll (5wgt)
Waterskin (2wgt)
Darkpuppet x 4 (8 Wgt)
28 GP

HP - 41
MP - 54/64
Str - 7
Con - 7
Int - 10
Mag - 10
Dex - 9
Car - 8

CC - 37/42

Skills – Handle Staffs, Lv 1 Black Magic, Cause Fear, Discipline, Lv 1 Blue Magic, Handle Claw, Glyph Writing, Brew Potion, Dark Aura, Drain Mana, Empower Spell, Focus Magic, Lv 2 Black Magic, Lv 3 Black Magic, Black Magic Expertise, Black Magic Mastery, Glyph of Pain.
Skill Points - 0

Level 1 - Frost Beam, Magic Circle Against Good, Shapeshift, Curse, Blink.
Level 2 - Drain Life, Restore Undead, Animate Dead
Level 3 - Plague, Blasphemy

Special Skills
Mirror Image: MAG times a day, the illusionist creates copies of itself, making it impossible for its enemies to distinguish from the real thing and a copy. The illusionist creates INT copies of itself. The copies each have 1HP and can move individually from the illusionist, but can't deal damage or cast spells. Copies will last for INT Rounds.
Jinx - The Mystic is known for bottling up dark spirits of the world on his own body. This causes for random, strange tragedies to occur around him. Furthermore, when activated, if the Mystic takes damage, everyone in the are must make a magic resistance roll or take a third of the damage the mystic took.
Skill Drain - Once a day for every 5 levels, the Mystic can attempt to steal a skill from an enemy, he will have the skill and be able to use it as long as the enemy is alive (the enemy can still use his skill). The Mystic can steal as many skills as he wants, but only one per enemy.
Evil Spirits - Once a day, the Mystic can create a Dark Puppet (10 GP), an evil-looking marionette that can be used to house an angry spirit. Dark Puppets can be used to trap ethereal beings. By draining all of his MP, the Mystic can call forth restless phantoms from the area where he is in into any and all dark puppets he has in his inventory (up to 5 at a time). Now having a body, the ghosts will then procede to attack anyone within sight.

Level 3 Zombie

Equipment -
Bite Attack (1 Atk)
Punch x 2 (1 Atk, 2 Def)
Kick (2 Atk)

HP - 32
MP - 2
Str - 13
Con - 13
Int - 1
Mag - 1
Dex - 1
Car - 1

Skills – Defensive Stance

Special Skills
Infection - Zombies carry all sorts of diseases, a bit from them confers a 10% chance of Infection, which works as normal poisoning except for the fact that if someone dies while infected, he will become a zombie in d4 hours
Undead - Zombies take damage from healing spells.

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2006-12-03 [Silverbullet]: Eh, something just occured to me.. Iason only got 17SP to spend.. how come? My calculations, though they could be wrong, add up to 21SP at lv25 for a human.. Oo

2006-12-03 [Duredhel]: You consumed 4 SP in the skills you needed for multiclassing.

2006-12-03 [Silverbullet]: aaaaaaaaaah, I see. Very well then ^^

2006-12-14 [Silverbullet]: Alright, here's another question:
Does the bonus to Lv1 black magic from Iason's Spire Cloak give him an extra Lv1 black spell? I think I've already asked about what a "bonus" means, but i can't remember at the moment <img:44166_1164144921.gif>

Plus, I never got that Blasphemy (extra lv3 spell due to magic mastery)...

2007-11-02 [Grengo]: This party has a lot of Xiadomians. o.o Looks like evil will be outnumbering good (4 to 3). Jinx will also be a pain in the ass.

2007-11-02 [Silverbullet]: Xiadom is evil :P
I just thought it was about time I had an evil-ish character ^________^

And you'll just have to make sure he doesn't take damage X)

2007-11-02 [Duredhel]: Uhm.. I keep wondering wether Jinx and Soul Drain should be "de-activateable" skills.

2007-11-02 [Grengo]: I think they should, for obvious reasons :P

2007-11-02 [Duredhel]: XD. Lesee what the people who will actually be using'em think.

2007-11-02 [Silverbullet]: Hmm, maybe. It certainly would make them less of a bitch... Maybe they could be deactivatable, but not permanently so, so they'd keep their double-edged properties..?

2007-11-02 [Duredhel]: I'm thinking activatable would work, since regardless of when you use'em the skills are always double edged. Iason doesn't need any updating to the new rules?

2007-11-03 [Silverbullet]: Hmm, I don't remember... What options does he have for updating? ^^"

2007-11-05 [Silverbullet]: I do have a request concerning his stats. Not to change them, but rather to rearrange the order in which he learns them, in a more intelligent way, to give him a few extra HP and MP :P
I'll pm ya!

2007-11-14 [Silverbullet]: What about the handle sickle? Any way to exchange that for handle staff?

...What's the Weapon of Choice's function, anyway?

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