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I haven't really spent too much time on these. They're just thoughts, mostly. I hope you like. 

Exquisitory Sensory OverLoad

Exquisite beauties lap at crowns of jewels
Blindingly greedy, misfortunate fools
Transform into stuporous idols
False as they are

Angels mark the path of heaven
Demons mark the path of hell
Where are you going to fall
Where are you going to land

Filagreed answers
To secret questions uninvented
If w even had a clue
What would we do?

I understand
That you may not believe
The path that I am trying to concieve
The webs that I intrinsicly weave

The fabric is thin
To which we are kin
But our sins
Remain heavey and dim


Beached as dying Whales

There they are
Lined up on the sand
Like fallen soldiers in battle
Fallen angels of damaged earth
They shatter the universe
Will silent cries
Karma will call again
And he will break their silence


Eyes of god

Can you see me now?
The child that you created
I am weak
Broken, used and spent
Child of the Solar System
One of the youngest
But hurt the most
My Beautiful Earth
It slowly bends,
Warps into space
Wraps backwards
And inside out
But you watch it all
With bated breath
I know you listen
And I know you see
For you are here
With me


Star melody

I've seen them before
A glorious tail
A comet, a trail
Dying embers of the past
And I know that it is going to last
Within my eyes
Light reflects prismic beams
That soar
Dance upon the earth
Kissed the stars
And made you cry



My memory
Is somewhat rusty
Of the day the universe came to be
I was in the shadows
That turned to light
And this is how I came to be
How I came to see
When before there was nothing
And from nothing comes nothing
And from everything comes everything
And that is my simple memory
Of how I came to be
For I was there


All alone

Waiting in silence
I could not begin to imagine
How you must be feeling
Right now
In the night
Wings battered and broken
Words spoken
Broken promised
And hateful spitful eyes
From grace you fell
Bruised by the fall
I am the demon
That broke those wings
Left you for dead
And moved on the town
I am the female demon
Who feels no sorrow
So how come
You're pricking my conscience?
Like a knife in the side

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