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2005-02-01 20:18:23
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This is the fan club for fans of [inkheart], AKA Erin!!!!!!

Yes, we love this girl, she is awesome, and she can do anything and everything!!!

This page is a tribute to her from all of her friends whom she has had an effect on, and who all think she's the greatest friend to have. She is smart, witty, talented, gorgeous, and oh so sexy to top everything off!!!

They do not and cannot make a better girl, friend, or a bigger sweetheart than her!!!

Here is a list of fans who all love her dearly, and who all hold a special place in their hearts for our little gal!!!

inkheart's Fan List

Here are some pics of her from her in her play, the Cabaret:

inkheart as Frenchie

If you are a loyal and devoted fan, and have added your name to the fan list, go to the link provided and get a banner to put on your page declaring your love for her!

inkheart's Banners

If you have any problems, or questions, please contact either [jdwoodschild] (ex-chairwoman) or [Lord Asriel] (re-instated chairman), and ask.

Thank you for your devotion and love. And go hug [inkheart]!!!! Declare your love to her!!! She needs your love, devotion, and your loyalty!

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