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2006-10-02 04:05:50
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click on one of the following links and you're on your way to having fun with the other members of Insane Cat Cattery:

<img:>The Cat Chat - Do you have a story about a cat to tell? Do you enjoy telling people about your cat? Do you have questions about cats? Come and talk with the other members of Insane Cattery.
<img:>Insane Cat Pictures - IF you have an awesome picture of your cat that you want to show the other members, you can post them up here!
<img:>Insane Cat Member Banners - Show your support of Insane Cat Cattery
<img:>Insane Cat Competitions - Competitions will be posted here. [competition currently running]
<img:>The Litter Box - There is where you can go to keep up to date about what's going on around the Insane Cat Cattery (ICC)!
<img:>Insane Links - here are some other wikis that will be posted on that page. You must at least go look o_O c'mon you must be at least a little curious?
<img:>Insane Cat Trivia - You know what this is. I haven't fully have everything ready to open the trivia up yet but you guys will love it [under major construction! and closed for more thought]


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