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The Cave Left Side

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Walking onwards deeper into the cave, Shiva felt a chill run down her spine! Maybe she should have gone the other way! but she was drawn to this part of the cave and couldnt go the other way! Hearing footstepps behind her she knows some of her friends followed her in! Atleast she is not alone! Its a bit dark, so she stopped and waiting for the others to catch up to her.

Nova wondered what it was that could have attracted her this way, though didn't voice her wonders aloud. She still didn't even know anybody's names either. Can I trust people that I don't even know? Her inner thoughts twisted about in her belly.

Turning around Shiva spotted a new face.
"Oh hi there! Sorry I didnt see you join the group! We kind of split up a bit. But your always welcome to join us as we explore! Truth be said we dont have much of an idea on what we are looking for. But anyway, I guess this isnt the place to stand around talking about this right now."
Looking back to the cave wall next to them Shiva pointed to some markings on the wall.
"Have you seen these? There are loads of them, but I have never seen anything like this before, so dont know how to read them. Maybe if we follow them they would lead us somewhere?"

"Hi," Nova said after a moment, "My name's Nova. What is this place? I've never been to the desert in all my life. I woke up here days ago... How did you get here?"

"You woke up here?" Shiva asked frowning. How odd! "Were you kidnapped or something? I'm not sure what that is about.....we got here by walking I guess. Me and the rest of the group are all folowing a magical pulse and it led us you feel it? "

"Kidnapped? No... I don't think so." Nova said, her face screwing up in thought, "Magical pulse?" She continued, her tone genuinely confused before realization dawned on her features, "Ooh, is that what you call that weird feeling?"

"Weird feeling indeed! We have been following it for quite some time now and so far we came accross the cave. I think these markings on the walls might help us out!" Touching the wall she ran her fingers over the markings. They almost felt soft under her skin. Looking back to Nova Shiva suddenly felt imbarrased.
"Oh gosh I'm so sorry!!!! My name is Shiva!"

"Shiva?" Nova tested it out on her tongue before nodding to herself, "It's a nice name." She brushed her fingers tiredly through her hair, shaking out the sand that had accumulated there since she'd been walking through the desert, which caused her to remember that her makeshift mask was still up, she tugged it down, taking her first unfiltered breath in a while.

Azure ran up to the group ahead of him,He caught his breath quickly."When where yall planing on telling me yall where leaveing?" Azure said slightly agatited

Nova turned to the newcomer curiously, resisting the urge to draw her weapon, "Who are you?" She asked.

Shiva quickly stepped inbetween Nova and Azure.
"Its ok Nova, this is Azure, one of us! Some of the rest of the group is still behind aswell and I'm sure they will rejoin us as soon as they can! I just hope they dont get lost or something!

"Oh, I see." Nova said, relaxing slightly, "You're quite a group of people- how many of you are there anyway?"

"mmmm good question! I never thought of counting us all. Well it wouldnt matter really, as our group is growing as we go along!" Shiva said smiling at Azure.
"Azure maybe you can read these signs on the walls?

Azure moved closer to the sighs,his eyes shifting from side to side under his eyelids,"hmmmm,I belive its a tomb marker.But I could be wrong, its been centries since I've read something like this."


"A tomb in a cave? Is it possible to open it? It might hold some treasures! Im guessing anyway!" Shiva said while running her fingers over the markings again.

"A tomb, eh?" Nova said, looking it over thoughtfully, "Wouldn't it be wise to let the dead sleep in peace?"

"That is true Nova, but I very much doubt that this can be a tomb! This is a cave in the middle of some unknown desert! who will put a tomb here? " shiva said looking over at Nova

"That's true I suppose." Nova had to agree, "I don't know why anybody would put a tomb way out here in the middle of nowhere..."

"I think its best not to ask questions about the civillzion that onced lived here."Azure paused to breath "And not to open it."

"Well... we could always take a quick peek..." Nova said slowly.

A tingle of excitement went over Shiva! "It looks so old I'm sure it wont be much of a struggle to open it! Might be very easy!" Shiva moved closer and wraped her hands on the one side of the stone.
"Nova come on help me!" she said waiting for Nova.

Nova slipped over to the other side and braced herself to tug it open, allowing her shadows to slip in to the back of the door to aid the duo as they pulled.

Azure smiled slightly "If anything bad happens I want yall to know" He paused "I will run away"

Nova laughed, "Well, that's reassuring." She said.

With a big pull from both girls the slab of stone started moving towards them. Slowly but certainly they managed to pull the whole thing out without dropping it. Once out they stepped back to admire their handy work. Ontop of the tomb were more strange lettering that makes no sence. Grabbing hold of the top piece they dragged and pushed it , until it opened to reveil no evil creature or scary sceleton, but a pair of scrolls instead.


Shiva stepped closer and picked one of the 2 scrolls up. "Wow, I have to say I never expected this to be inside! *giggling* atleast you dont have to run away Azure!!!"

Nova couldn't resist lifting the other into her hand and released a soft laugh, "And here I expected some exquisite tomb..." She said.

Focusing on the writing on the scroll Shiva frowned. "Azure can you read this too? they sure make no sense to me at all!!! " She handed over her scroll to Azure and waited for him to have a look at it.

Azure took it and looked over it closely.His eyes shifted under his closed eyelids, "Hmmmm..Its a slightly different dilict but Im pretty sure its says something about magic and a city called Ardor." He paused "Something tells me I should know this place."

"Ardor, eh?" Nova scratched her cheek distractedly, "Sounds familiar, but nothing comes to mind." She shrugged at last. "Now then, how about a break? Got anything to eat or drink?"

"Oh sure I got some dried meat!" Shiva sat down and opend her bag. Taking out some dried meat she handed it to Azure and Nova.
"Its not spiced or anything, so not sure what you guys used to but its just normal dried meat. Atleast it fills the stomach. "
Taking a bit herself sort of relaxed a bit more.
"You think you could make out the rest of whats on that scroll? It sounds very interesting actually! Somthing about a city! "

Nova grinned at Shiva, devouring the meat, "Believe me, I'm no picky eater. I take what I can when I can get it." She said simply.

Azure looked at the meat in his hand "Nova you can have it."

Nova blinked, looking up at him, "Eh?"

"What do you eat then Azure!?" Shiva asked frowning at him. She has never met somone that doesnt eat meat.
"It really doesnt taste all that bad" She said smiling as she watched Nova enjoy the meat.
"Oh guys I think we shouldnt linger here too long anyway! We have to get back to the group! I wonder what they have discovered so far! "

Azure grined "I dont eat food." He shook his head to clear a cob web outta his hair "I agree we should leave."

Nova stood and nodded, slipping the last of her food into her mouth, "Yes, there's an ominous feeling..."

Heading back to where the group split up it didnt take them long to find the other (right) side of the cave. None of their group was still there so they decided to go on in and try and find them.

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2007-08-01 [Wednesday]: ok guys we moving over im closing this page! we walked back to where everyone split up and then followed into the section where they went in...i hope ists not confusing to anyone!

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