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The Cave Right Side

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Along the right branch of the cave, Geranothe cavorted in the cool mists of the waterfall splashing down from a hole in the cave ceiling. Pale streaks of sunlight shone in as well, glistening off of her scales. Giggling, she plunged back and forth through the wall of water, unaware, for now, of the intruding group of magical creatures just a few hundred yards away.

Jennive *Aproches causiously and waves at Geranothe*

"Yeep!" Geranothe dives into the pool at the base of the waterfall and swims underwater to where Jennive stands. Poking only her head up out of the water, she eyes the creature standing before her suspiciously. She speaks, her voice clear but with a slight accent that can't quite be placed. "What strange beastie do you be?" 

Astrofenhoaf slowly aproached to, standing on the side of jennive she says slowly "I'm Astrofenhoaf, and i'm called a dryad, if you love plants and tree's you'd be my friend" she gave away a little smile when she said that.

Geranothe slowly climbed out of the water and ruffled her wings to dry them. Cocking her head to the side, she chirped "a tree that talks! Strange beasties indeed. How many of you are there?" Feeling a bit more confident, she strutted over to a nearby rock and spread her wings to sun herself.

Jennive "your an intreging creature your self. I am a vamp x ware wolf"

"A batty wolf thing and a tree...hehehehehe!" Geranothe giggled, sending faint bubbly echos off of the far reaches of the cave walls. She bowed and fanned her three tails in a gesture of welcome. "I'm Geranothe and I suppose you could say I'm a dragon lizardy thing. Hehe!" Geranothe giggled once more and inclined her head toward the far side of the waterfall pool. "I'sa live over there. You may stay for a bit if you wishes."

"Thank you geranothe" she stepped into the water and put down her little plant."If you don't mind, i'l have a drink, I was starting to dehydrate"

Jennive "can i fill my canteen here?"

Geranothe nodded. "Yes, yes! But don't eat any animalthings...those belong to the Therruli." She shuffled her claws uneasily.

tell me later about those terruli if you like, but when i'm taking a drink i will be sort of knocked out"
at that moment she sprouted again roots and her head bobbed down, her eyes close"

ok no animal eating

While Geranothe waited for Astrofenhoaf to finish drinking, she hopped down from her rock and went to inspect the small potted tree Astrofenhoaf had set down. Hoping that the dryad would not mind, she closely eyed the potted tree's leaves. They were like nothing she'd seen before, either in her valley or on the rest of her travels. Where were these creatures from? And more importantly, why were they here? Geranothe almost shivered with curiosity, but she'd wait until she'd warned them of the danger of the Therruli before she started firing off questions at the newcomers.

While drinking and her sences from the real world were blocked, she felt the creature's whom was called geranothe presence very close to her.
she would'nt wake up cause she didn't felt any threatment.

Jennive *dips her canteen into the lake/revine* *sees a rabbit* "your shore I am not aloud to catch anything? I am part animal and the circle of life is very important to gods and such"

Geranothe suddenly hissed, eyes narrowed and tails thrashing. "These are no gods. The Therruli have been festering in this cave for as long as I can remember. Great terrible molebeasts. Slinging their big poleaxes about and growling in a most awful manner. I could take care of one or two..." She looked at her claws menacingly. "But they slink about in packs. They'se claimed all the animalthings as theirs. Say it's their hoarde." Geranothe hissed again, then seemed a bit calmer. "I'se can go fetch jackrabbitses from an oasis nearby for you. That's where I must hunt. Out through the hole in the cave ceiling."

Jennnive "sorry I did not know poor you having to hunt some where else". "I could take down a few but they could out number us easily" *looks into back pack and finds a couple of slices of the animal killed earlier* "have a bit of this if they come out they will mess with my wolf form" *steps into the moon light and transforms and howls* 

Geranothe observed the transformation with wide eyes. She'd seen werewolves hunting on the ground while she flew overhead, but had never met one personally, and certainly hadn't seen one change at such a close distance. To see it was truly magnificent! She thought to herself that she'd certainly like this one on her side if it came to a fight.

JEnnive "because of the vampire I have wings t" *the wings sped from her back and her long sharp claws begin to appear with one last swish of her tail the transformation was over*

"at a sudden jennive's gentle aura was gone and a new one had come, one that astrofenhoaf hadn't senced before. it was a touch of evil, it was an aura of an angry creature but it was wierd, it was not some thing of a creature of pureblood"
time to come back quickly astrofenhoaf told her self.
within a second her body started to move and her eyes started to glow reddish. her gentle looking and treeish body started to change to with sounds of cracking. her hand started to grow long claws that easily touched the ground, her head became more dynamic, her legs became longer and thinner. her leaves on her head started to fall within seconds as the branched that used to hold them grew and became sharp and pointy.
within some seconds she had turned into a Black greyisch bark-skin combat creature
she looked at the new creature, a wolf liek thing, with wings and otherworldy eyes. then she spook with her crackling eery voice "wrere irsss shree?"

Jennive *bowing before the dryad* "where is who?" *speaks alow and camly also sits and liks self*

hruo arss not stupirdss,I warnts Jernirve"
She got enraged by the camly respond and attidute of this creature. she stepped forward, scratiching her claws on the ground which made an unpleasant high sound. she hissed while she waited an answer.

Jennive *very quickly steps out of the moon light and tranforms back infront of Astrofenhoaf and knelt on the floor as this saps enery out of Jennive* "that is kind of my combat mode as I am more vunerable like this"

Astrofenhoaf first blinks "urhhh orkayssrrr"she transforms back to and walk's to jennive.
"oh that is cool, so im not the only shapeshifter around here "she smiled "so what are you exactly? in this form you are nothing compared to that combat form, i even sesed some evil touch within that form, but you stayed calm afterall'
she sat down next to jennive" I became this angry becouse i senced this change around me, and I'm quite vurnable when im drinking you know, so i have tought myself to turn always back to combat form to every small thing that doesn't seems right.

Jennive *looks at Astrofenoaf* "your not the only shape shifter I should have told you I senced danger and would transorm but I was to busy to awake you" *smiles shaking opens back pack and get out some meat and eats it stops shaking as mutch* "in this form I am near enough human but not quite, Werewolfs are quite evil creatures and have a negative ora because of it. I stayed calm because I could sence you and if I reacted agressivly it could have cost me a close friendship and I did not want to do that" "smiles at you*. *eats some more meat and my energy is restored fully*

ah ok, well now we knwo from each other that we are both fierce combat mosnters if we want to.
* looks at the food from jennive* "so how does it feels to eat like that?"she points at the food and jennive's mouth "don't you sufficate then?" we dryads don't eat liek that, our mouth is only there to communicate and bite as a attack. I have seen the others eat like that, ut i still wonder how it can be"

Jennive "we chew then swallow" "or in my case if small enough swallow whole and because of what I am means I am capable of coping with it I drink raw blood eat raw meat ect"

Geranothe, now somewhat accustomed to all of this shape-changing about her, took Jennive up on her offer of some meat and demonstrated the chewing and swallowing process. With her mouth still full of meat she said, "Shee? Ish goohd! hehe-cough, cough." Pausing to choke and gulp the mouthful down, she looked up at Astrofenoaf sheepishly. "One cannot eat and speak at the same times though. hehehe."

hahaha "she luaghed with a cricky sound. well that make sme happy i just drink and eat with my roots. way easier and less tiring.
she shtood up "well i'm going to ahve a look at these plants and tree's, and maybe have a chat with them , if the respond.

she took her little potted plant and walked of into the incave forest.

"Careful!" Geranothe warned. "There be strange beasties aplenty around here. Though if you transform into a great tree thingy, I'm sure it will give them a fright! Mayhaps we should come with yous?" She looked at Jennive to see if she was going to follow Astrofenoaf.

"well i could use a guide" she said smiling "is this place big or is this just a sort of hall?"

In response Geranothe spread her colorful wings and, with a mighty flap, rose into the air. She circled Astrofenoaf's branches. "Tis a big dome, really. The only ground entrance in or out that I know of is the way you creatures came. I can show you around. Follow!" She glided to the right, along the ,bank of the pool.

Jennive *gets up ready to follow* "you know as soon as I step back in to the moon light I will change into the wolf form again"

well if you have good control over your self i don't really think it matters, and it is not that big spot where the light is"
Asrtrofenhoaf said noded while she looked up to the hole in the cave"well shal we go then?"

Jennive sences a cavern behind the water fall "where dose that go and whats inside it?"

Geranothe stopped and flew back to the group. "Oooh, is pretty. I'll show you. Tis too damp back there for a home, otherwise I would have made one there-such shiny things!" She flew up to the ceiling of the cavern, hovered there for a second, then angled herself for a steep dive. "Through the waterfall! Follow meeehehehe!" Giggling once more, she did a fancy loop, then dove straight through the falls, vanishing from sight in the pounding water.

ok Astrofenhoaf said and followed geranothe. it wasn't a real thick waterfall, because she came thru with only just one step...

Jennive *follows* "wow it is pritty theres some kinda cave painting and drawings on the wall"

After Jennive and Astrofenoaf entered the cave, Geranothe took a deep breath and breathed a long plume of flame up toward the ceiling of the cave. Illuminated by the firelight were walls covered with runes shimmering with an otherworldly light, paintings of rabbits, elk, centaurs, dragons, and all sorts of creatures, both fantastic and normal. Looking up toward the ceiling, though, one's breath caught at the amazing sight of thousands of crystals glistening in the damp air. Geranothe's flame went out after about ten seconds, but it was long enough to glimpse the glory of the small cavern. As they waited for their eyes to adjust once again to the semi-darkness, Geranothe explained, "I came across this cave one day while flying through the waterfall. Is pretty, no?"


Jennive *looks up* "beautiful and so fantastic so much history in here"

wow, and I thougth that the twinkling drops of water laying on leaves after it had rained was beutifull" she said amazed... "so what are those?"

Jennive "the things on the ceiling are staligtights of crystal and the wall things are things presurved over time and stuff"

Astrofenhoaf:"ahh crystals, i like those :d never seen it before"can i have one?"

Geranothe considered for a bit. "They be's very hard and sharp. And take a long time to grow. If you'se can break off a smallish one, mayhaps, yes, you could have it."

ok! "astrofenhaof looks around for a small crystal"this one? " she pulls it doesnt even moves "awhh it is ind hard to break, i'll just leave it here!

"Hehehe. Alright then." giggled Geranothe. Suddenly her burst of hilarity stopped and she cocked her head to the side, eyes wide, and listening intently. "Shh! What be's that noise?" She waited to see if her two companions heard it too, but crept slowly toward the entrance to the cavern, barely disturbing the shallow puddles that covered the floor of the waterfall-cloaked entryway.

"no "she said softly "i only here the water running from the waterfall, what should we have heard then?"

Jennive *gets beside Geranothe* "I can hear faint druming from the far wall of the cavern"

Still listening closely, Geranothe whispered, "I hopes that the Therruli are not on the move again. Occasionally they will go on the march, patrolling "their" territory." She spat the word their contemptfully. "Mayhaps they will not come by here, though they do know of these caveses. Hssssmmmmm...." She half hissed worriedly.

Quickly Geranothe decided that the best course of action would be to try and circle around what might be a march of Therruli to get behind them. If it were not Therruli, she didn't know what else it might be. She was curious.
"Let us move now. Keep behind me, and silently, silently!" She slid into the water on the side of the waterfall, took a deep breath, then submerged.

"okay?"said astrofenhoaf softly and confused as she also leapt into the water

"wait I think its the others on the other side of the cave I hear Shenivas voice"

"There are others of you?" Geranothe asked quietly after she surfaced on the other side of the waterfall. "Hmm...mayhaps, but still we should be careful..." She continued towards the bank.

"oh where here with some couple of more, but they are ok. they went the other way in the cave."
said astrofenhoaf when she took place besides geranothe

Jennive "maybe the two sides meet some where or something" *stays with others*

Geranothe continued to lead them over to where the entrance to the cave was. She could see movement up ahead, and waited for Jennive or Astrofenhoaf to see if these were the companions they had mentioned.

Jennive sat with Geranothe to see if they where or not.

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2007-07-16 [Eglagrodion]: hmm good tip :) i'll try it soem times then

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2007-07-25 [Wednesday]: ah you guys are going at it wicked! I enjoy reading it!

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