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Username: [XxTsomexX]
Name: jacob Harper
Age: 18
Race: Werewolf
Powers: Once every month he transforms into a raging beast :)
Description: Tall at 6'0". He has curly/wavy black hair and greenish golden eyes.
Clothes: Black attire usually. It makes him feel safe.
Personality: He's quiet, but he packs a punch. He doesn't like to tell people he's a werewolf because of the Twilight craze. Around girls, he's shy and awkward, but around boys, he doesn't take shit. Don't mention anything with him and Twilight, he gets upset. He's a gentlemen, so with a woman if they mention it, he pouts. However if a dude teases him, forget it. Game over.
Image: <img:> Human form
<img:> Werewolf form
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