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75 (199 MD) years after the death of Krissin.
Darkborne and the Rogue are all but gone, but there are small bands of remnants that plague Tnemele still.


Name: Juna
Gender: Female
Race: Human, windborne, All About a Borne
Age: 26, born in Novale in 173 MD
Element: Wind

Description:Juna is kind of short, standing at five feet exactly and is often mistake for someone much younger. Which is funny because by her hips and breasts you can tell she isn't a teenager. Her short dirty-blond hair is kept cropped in the front (to her chin), but down to her shoulders in the back with a few silver feathers hanging from their locks. Her eyes are curiously light green with sparks of blue under the faded silver overlaying her iris and pupil. Juna is blind and has been since she was six. Like the other 23% of borne, she cannot bring forth her element into physical existence.

Personality:Has a love for sarcasm and hates being dependent on other people, which has helped her develop her ability to "see" using her element. Juna is a tough chick, used to working hard and trusting her companions as little as possible... but that doesn't apply to those she dances with. Often times when she isn't on a job she practices with her split chakrams in the safety of her room, hidden from view. Juna has a great dislike for people that think just because she is an exotic dancer, they think she is a whore. Where in fact its the extreme opposite.

History:Although she wasn’t born blind, due to her mother and father’s lack of care and attention, Juna almost starved to death at the age of six. Thankfully a group of local whores took her in, but were unable to save her eyes because of the deficiency of nutrients to them. It was here Juna learned the art of the dance, for although her eyes could not see, she did not need them. As her talent grew her parents saw this as an opportunity to exploit the child for money. They tried to take her while the whores and other dancers were busy and almost succeeded, but Juna’s anger and hate were so rooted into her being that they failed. In fact it was reported that a mini tornado had touched down on the large house, efficiently destroying a good part of it. The only casualties were her parents.

ContinuedAfter that Juna’s windborne gifts increased, as well as her natural beauty and grace for the art form of dancing. She became more and more popular, hired to perform for nobles as far away as Siikent. It was there in fact that she ran into another violent encounter, this time Juna didn’t come out unscathed and a long scar proves it on her right forearm. Thanks to her profession she had saved up plenty of money and specially commissioned a pair of hidden and lethal weapons. Often times, the dancers that perform for nobles are hired to assassinate them as well.

Weapons:An earthborne forged modified split chakrams, blades that are hidden under her sleeves. With the touch of a button the blades push through the fabric at her wrists (or through the especially deliberate holes on her dancing apparel) where she can stab with them, or grab onto the handle on the back of the blade and twist it on specially designed springs for slicing. One is typically only able to use these for defense, or in a surprise attack.


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