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2005-01-19 15:05:17
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Alfred Jodocus Kwak - One crazy person to another 
Avoral - the so called "Mr. Right" ^_^ lol! 
Daiquiri - blood bond 
Deladreing - random conversations friend 
Dezkat - friend 
DMB Chick - Brought together by good music and Trent Reznor! All Hail Trent! 
Dragon's Virus - Lispy bond! 
dragon_of_sorrow - The only person you really talk to from the shithole of Alberta! Yay! 
Font - Brought together from different continents by poetry and the spirit of friendship. ^_^ 
Gunn - friend 
Heid - friend 
I stabbith ye - Tee hee....tis me ^_^ 
Imraith-Nymphial - vampire lovers united 
Irishpixie - Fairy wings and a vampire heart, are soon to make a friendship start, but remember this and it's a must, Don't forget the pixie dust! 
Kal'daka - Now it's just the allies against the annoyingness that is Brittany! URGH! 

katraka - hmmm... well we live in the same house, mainly have the same friends, both think trent reznor is "a sthexy beastht", both like vampires, both listen to the same music, are mostly part of the same wikis, both - hey, well, we could go on with this list for five pages, but would anyone really want that? 

Keeper of the shadow-spirits - friend 
Kiss of the vampyr - ~blood bond~ 
Kurus_Dreaon - friend 
MetalMeister - The bond of people against shaving men's sideburns! 
mine4me567 - friend 
poison_girl - my wonderfully liberal friend 
Poisoned Cherry - friend 
pSueDo StRawBeRRy SpiDeRs - vampire budds =D 
Sad. .Vampire - be myfriend or die!!!hee hee. 
smartsaver - friend 
Spider - Canada has poser metal! 
Tielandros - Why not? 
ValoSombre - Brought together through frogs and goth metal. Who'd have guessed that combination? 
vampirefriend666 - great chick 
VampressKris - ~Vampires~ 
Wicked_Clown_666 - friend 
Zakoji - friend 
~Dreamer~ - friend
Gwing999 - My rachie! Wish you were here chicky!

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2005-01-15 [gwing999]: What about me am I not your friend. Gwing999 =p

2005-01-19 [katriana_borgova]: Sorry Rachie!

2005-02-14 [gwing999]: yay! i feel loved.

2005-02-16 [katriana_borgova]: Damn skippy you are loved!

2005-09-29 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: <^,.,,.,^> hellas sid... i guess we should change that relation name some time...

2005-10-02 [katriana_borgova]: Maybe... ^_^

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