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Player - [Veltzeh]
Name - Ke'rodre Lawar'in'ger
Race - Dah'kin
Class - Fencer/Shadowcat
Allegiance - Thadre
Appearance - 175 cm, 60 kg, lean build, pale skin, black eyes, snow-white hair, thin face with sharp features. Ke'rodre has some necromantic tattoos on her forearms, a couple on her upper arms and few others on her chest. She also has scars: a few on her stomach; two on her chest; and one, particularly big and severe one right across her face, starting from under her left eye, going right across her nose and stopping before and a bit under her right ear. She wears a simple dark gray tunic with lighter fire-shaped figures on it and loose black trousers that are generally tied to her legs just under the knee and at the ankle. On top of the tunic she usually wears a small black hooded cloak that has a few dark blue decorative patterns. She has a pair of brown good quality boots and an equipment belt from which her weapons usually hang. She also has nice black gloves and some bandages around her arms for no obvious reason other than slight protection. Some of her stranger pieces of clothing include two long rectangular pieces of gray fabric with darker and lighter lines on them. At first glance, they don't seem to serve any useful purpose and are usually tied over and around her upper body. She usually wears her bamboo hat to minimize the amount of light reaching her face. Her long hair is often either in a sloppy ponytail or untied and bound by her hat or a black ribbon around her head.
Age - 26
Personality - Ke'rodre is generally mischievous, nasty, cynical, vengeful, lying, backstabbing and overall just plain evil. Some of her better qualities include bravery, efficiency, strange sense of dignity, straightforwardness, and a slight sense of humor, even if a somewhat twisted one. She's not exactly talkative, preferring to speak only when she has something to say, though sometimes she will speak just for the sake of being an annoying pain in the neck. She doesn't bother to hold up with honor or politeness, but figures out the easiest way to get done with her business; she's often rather rude, down to the point and not very patient. Due to her rather unfortunate background Ke'rodre has an attitude problem and is gloomy and bitter and tends to hate people by default. She will often appear happy at the sight of other people's misfortune if they're deserving of it, though. However, she is rather flexible and if she thinks that the best way to get over something is to not be a pain in the arse, she won't try to be one. Thinking that the best outcome can be achieved in a team, she tends to try to gain the trust of people that she considers helpful and trustworthy enough and even do some small favors for them. Of course, she only does this for their help, and when they become unhelpful... well, let's say it's not good for them. However, she can grow fond of the people she considers helpful, and even she has enough sense of compassion to not want to hurt them for no reason as long as they continue being nice.
History – As a child Ke'rodre was rather active, but more of an individualist than most of the kids she spent time with. Thus she tended to be a leader figure, but that quality faded as she grew older, probably because the other kids, who were mostly younger than she was, didn't like her beating the hell out of them in their games. She never much cared for her parents; she mostly just ran all around the places, and didn't ever even find out whether she had any younger siblings. She never actually abandoned them though, and once they had realized this, they stopped caring where she was at any given time. She led a rather carefree life, living all around and doing small crimes to earn a living. She became a rather good thief and an assassin, but she didn't really care enough for either profession to keep practicing them.
At some point, Ke'rodre befriended a male Dah'kin with an equally bad attitude and who eventually became her boyfriend. As a rather unfortunate ending for their relationship, they were one night ambushed by a group of six human thieves. She fought back as much as she could, but there were too much of the humans. The male Dah'kin was rather passive save for his attitude and didn't even resist as the humans took his money and equipment and tied him up. Ke'rodre was also tied and hung by her wrists on the wall of the cave the thieves used as their hideout. She was also relieved of her possessions. The human thieves had earlier caught two other Dah'kins and pretty much disabled them. By chance, they happened to be Ke'rodre's parents, whom she had been visiting currently for a change. As soon as the thieves found out their relation, they thought it would be a jolly good idea to try to crush Ke'rodre's spirit by killing her parents and boyfriend right in front of her eyes. They then mutilated, chopped and killed her parents, and though Ke'rodre didn't that much care for their deaths, she certainly didn't like the way the humans made them suffer. It was then that she started offending the humans with the foulest phrases she knew, and the humans punished her, resulting in knife-cuts on her torso and a horrifying whipslash across her face. She considered herself lucky since the whip hadn't hit her eyes. The humans were satisfied as the pain silenced her. Next they started working on Ke'rodre's boyfriend, and though passive he was, he didn't utter one scream of pain even as he died, only kept cursing the pack of humans to the worst cesspits on the continent. As it could be foreseen, the killings didn't crush Ke'rodre, and her feelings were more on the line of disgust, despise, hatred and revenge rather than sorrow. The thieves then gathered their stolen items, packed them and left, leaving Ke'rodre hanging on the wall. Eventually she managed to chew off a rope on one of her wrists and after that detach the rope on her other wrist. At that time, a few other Dah'kins from nearby found their way into the cave and helped her out.
After the murder of Ke'rodre's family and boyfriend, she tried to turn to the Dah'kin to help her locate the murderers. She attempted to persuade them to fulfill the Dah'kin duties of revenge, but she was ignored. Disappointed and enraged, Ke'rodre swore an oath against the spire king himself, not because of her family's death, but because she had been dismissed as something unimportant.
A few months later she was contacted by a strange being in a dream, the creature seemed to be made mostly of black fire, and introduced himself as Avatar. Avatar offered Ke'rodre power beyond her craziest dreams, and the power to kill the humans she sought. Ke'rodre swore allegiance to Avatar's master, Lord Thadre. Thadre's methods were very much to Ke'rodre's liking, ruthless, direct, without much time for intrigue and the sort, worthy of a Dah'kin warrior like her. Her loyalty to the dark lord grew as she felt her own power increased by his.
However, Ke'rodre felt herself strongly compelled by something. That something was somewhere in the Ki'afisal mountain, so that is where she went, though she had a hard time abandoning her search for her friend's murderers.
Weapon of Choice - Pistol
Element - Black (Death)


Level - 6/4

Experience/To next level -

Equipment -
Epee +2 (5 ATK, 3 DEX)
Kogatana (2 ATK, 2 RNG)
Hunter Hat (2 DEX)
Tribal Necklace +3 (3 ATK, 3 DEX, 2 CHA)
Viper Fang (Magical Viper Ring, 50% chance of poison protection, Hellburn: returns 15% of all magical damage)
Gloves of the Rogue (unique swift gloves +2, 3 DEX, +2 to stealing Sneak 3 times a day, add a +20 to a bluff, intimidate, camouflage, move silently, hide, detect traps, disable traps, set traps, lockpick, pickpocket, detect lies or detect disguises roll.)
2 Lesser healing potions
Healing potion
4 Rations
Bedroll sack
Sewing kit
Thief tools
20 GP

HP - 22
MP - 14
Str - 8
Con - 4
Int - 6
Mag - 7
Dex - 9
Car - 4

CC – 25/36

Skills – Lightning Speed, Handle Swords, Discipline, Two Weapon Fighting, Camouflage, Counterattack, Flank, Stealth Attack.
Skill Points - 0

Special Skills
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of his movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when he flashsteps, he can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy he moves through.
Scry - Scrying allows the shadowcat to immediately sense anyone's magical power even if they are hidden, dormant, or even far away. Hence, no one with any magic spells can hide from him, stealth attack him, escape from him.

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2004-12-02 [Veltzeh]: Few bullets maybe... XD

2004-12-02 [Duredhel]: lol ^^ you got a point there, well unlike Tylien she DOES have a secondary weapon.

2004-12-02 [Veltzeh]: Yep! But I gotta save a few, can't have her completely without ammunition. I like guns even if I don't know a thing about them.

2004-12-02 [Duredhel]: lol ^^ well if you run out of ammo or gunpowder or paper you can always club people to death with the gun's handle.

2004-12-02 [Veltzeh]: Hahaha, the gun bottom of DOOM an DEATH! Maybe she should have some spikes carved on it. XD

2005-02-20 [Veltzeh]: Y'know... it's kind of weird that Ke'rodre has "Dark Soul" whereas all the other Dah'kins I've looked at have "Black Soul". O_o

2005-02-20 [Duredhel]: whoops, :P mistake

2005-04-02 [Veltzeh]: Her soul is special! XD

2005-09-03 [Veltzeh]: I suppose it'd be logical for her allegiance to be to Thadre so I changed it.

2005-09-14 [Veltzeh]: New skills: Flank, Awareness, Fire Strike.

2005-09-16 [Veltzeh]: ...Except not >_> Eh, Handle pistol and Awareness.

2005-12-16 [Veltzeh]: And I'm reminded... where's Ke'rodre's 12 MP? Not that that matters much... Edit: Thanks ;)

2006-06-08 [Veltzeh]: Now that Swift gloves needs unique thing :D

2006-06-08 [Veltzeh]: Yay!

2006-06-08 [Duredhel]: Grengo's gonna have an orgasm when he sees those gloves.

2006-06-08 [Veltzeh]: Take a photo :D

2006-06-27 [Veltzeh]: Heeey Dûr. You don't mind if I put that pic of Ke'rodre you did on here, do you?

2006-06-28 [Duredhel]: go ahead.

2006-06-29 [Veltzeh]: Changed the masterwork number... there was an error... >_>

2006-08-27 [Veltzeh]: Note to myself: Ke'rodre wants to become a Shadowdancer! :D

2006-08-27 [Veltzeh]: And therefore wants Camouflage. Two skillpoints reserved for Two weapon fighting when she levels up as Shadowcat and the two are saved until she gets one more so she can get weapon mastery or something.

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