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2004-09-29 20:56:28
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This is for all of the sexy people of elftown, of whom i have made my sexy slaves. If you would like to be one of my slaves, then send me a msg through elftown, not this.

My head slave: [One]  <img:>
Other slaves
1:[Effulgent Vampyress]
3:[the dongle master] "I love you long time, sucky sucky" Disturbing I know :P
5:[esperanza] -on here on a trial bases, considering she has no pic, and im still unaware of her 'skills' i thought i'd give her a try ha.. so if you think she should remain on the page, then give reason down in the comment box below :)
6:[otep_creature]- :D
7:[jenniferGENUINE] Threw a temper tantrum because i forgot to put her on :P


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2004-09-20 [One]: hmmm, not sure about you having more slaves I kinda find the term whore derogatary...;)

2004-09-20 [shadowscast]: lol, aww babes, you'll always be my number one 'whore' ha.. and you are a whore :D, remember? :P

2004-09-20 [One]: hmmm...;) you'd better not replace me with any of these losers ;) j/k guys

2004-09-20 [Nightmare Anatomy]: well... all the chick's are hott so no problem here

2004-09-27 [jenniferGENUINE]: i thought i was gonna become wanna your whores i wanna be one lol*throws tantrum*

2004-10-20 [lillithsatine]: i'm feeling kinda expensive. hahahaha.

2004-11-02 [The Masquerade]: I ain't much of a whore, but i am a sailor... so i'm pretty much in teh same catagory

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