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Username: [Fearathress]
Character Name: Karien Reika

Physical Description: Karien is a fair skinned, tall (5”6’), icy blue eyed, long curly red hair girl that war the dresses of the court; long floor length gowns (like seen above).
Alternate Form: <img:>
Personality Description: As a lady in waiting for the Tudors Princess Mary, Karien is very smart, cunning, and respectable. She will protect her mistress at all costs, as well as advise on all subjects and topics. When harm is threaten to either herself, her mistress, or those she cares about most she does not hesitate to take action.
Chosen Element: Light
Occupation: Lady in Waiting to the Princess Marry
Additional Information: Being born into the noble class, Karien has always known there was something different about her, she could always see the aurora of good, make light come out of the darkness so that she could see, among other weird things. However, in the fear of being burned, hanged, or getting her head chopped off she kept it to herself, trying to learn to hone her powers for the better. 
Time Period: Tudors

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