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2 Months Later

Cassa poked Ravira's stomach, "looks like I am not the only fat one in the house." She giggled.

"Ugh... don't do that." Ravira complained.

"But why. It's twice as fun when i do it to you than when i do it to myself."

"So, I'll start poking you then." Ravira responded, poking Cassa's belly.

"Hmmph...I know what you mean now." Cassa stated rubbing the place that had just been poked.

"I'm going to go outside for a few." Ravira referred to their evening ritual of burning Varamo's corpse.

"Eww....the smell of burning flesh creeps me out. You can do this one your self."

"Fine, get your pregnant ass something to eat then." Ravira muttered, tugging open the kitchen door.

"As long as your pregnant ass eats too." Cassa said getting some food out of the freezer for two and then some.

"I won't pass up a meal." Ravira called back as she closed the door and approached the fire pit.

Ririk watched Ravira walking to the pit knowing that she wouldn't find the body this time for Ririk had it hidden somewhere safe until he could regenerate himself.

"No!" Ravira's cry of dismay was followed by a sharp string of curses as she kicked at the remnants of the fire, "This... This is impossible!'"

Cassa peeked her head out the window and yelled that it was time to eat. When Ravira didn't come in Cassa grabbed a sweater and went out.

"Whats wrong?"

"The body..." Ravira glanced over at her, fingers sooty as she dug through the ashes, "It's gone!"

"What do you mean it's gone. Do you think this is the fault of that girl that said she was your sister?"

"I don't know..." Ravira groaned and drew herself to her feet slowly. She nearly lost her balance and toppled over, "This is ridiculous..." She sighed.

"I know. We are very fat...this sucks when do we push these little ones out any way?"

"Urgh, don't ask me... Everything's accelerated.... Tomorrow, next week, next month? We won't know until it happens..."

"This is all bogus. We shouldn't be in this predicament anyway." Cassa said pulling Ravira into the house for dinner. 

Ravira washed her hands over at the sink before sitting down, she leaned back in her seat, "I wonder... how long until he fully revives." She said after a moment of silence.

"I dont know. Its all because of your special blood.!"

"Don't blame me! I didn't ask the bastard to bite me... I didn't ask him to do anything... Except stay dead."

Cassa finished setting the plates when there was a knock at the door.

"I wonder who that is?" Cassa wobbled over to the door and opened to see Varamo completely regenerated.

"I would guess being dead made you a gentleman?"

Ravira made her way over to the knife block and grabbed a large blade. She moved as quickly as she could around Cassa and drove the blade into his chest. "Stay dead!"

"Ouch!" He said pulling the knife out and tossing it behind him. "What was that for?" He questioned.

"You don't have the right to ask that question..." She brandished her other hand, which held a second knife, and tackled him to the ground, her arm raised to stab him again, "You have no right to be alive."

"I was just coming to see if you guys were doing okay." He replied struggling to keep the knife away from his throat which was inches away.

"We'd be doing even better with your smoldering corpse in the fire pit." She hissed.

"Easy Ravira. I'm leaving...geez i can take a hint." He said disappearing from underneath her.

Cassa walked over and helped her up. "Are you okay?"

"Fi-" Ravira blanched.

"Are you ok-" Cassa then doubled over in pain. When the pain subsided she ran into the house and called the paramedics.

"No, Cassa!" Ravira called, terrified of being in the hospital, "We can't go... Not with what..." She cringed again, leaning against the door frame now, "They aren't human... That'll be obvious from the beginning!"

"Well I sure the hell ain't having no home birth. Fuck that. I need drugs!" Cassa screamed from the pain.

"Then you can go..." Ravira eased the door closed and sat slowly on the couch, "I-I refuse."

"Your going because neither of us is staying just go and quit being stubborn."

"Besides... You're the one who should be giving birth now, not me. I won't go, Cassa. I don't like that place." Ravira breathed deeply, trying to slow her heart rate.

"Your coming."

"No!" Ravira pinched a nerve in Cassa's neck, knocking her out as the paramedics arrived, "She's about to give birth!" She exclaimed, "She needs to get to the hospital."

"We're going as fast as we can, ma'am." The paramedics quickly put Cassa on a gurney and wheeled her out of the living room and into the ambulance, it was a few moments later that Ravira heard the sirens distancing themselves from the house and she leaned back into the couch, sweat gleaming on her face as pain wracked her body.

Waking up Cassa noticed she was alone she screamed at the paramedics to turn around and get the other girl, but they wouldn't listen. When they arrived at the hospital she was given an I.V. as well as, an hour or so later, a shot in the spine.

Ravira stood and made her way slowly into the kitchen, she was dying of thirst. She turned the tap on in the sink and brought a glass down to fill.

Simultaneously the girls hit a contraction that lead to the crowning.

"ah!" Ravira gasped, the glass slipped from her hands and shattered as she sank down against the sink.

Varamo had trouble being in two places at once but he was doing it. When he tried to enter the hospital room Cassa screamed for him to leave so he did. when he went to the house he dare not even enter it for fear of what a pain induced Ravira could pull so he just watched from the window.

Ravira curled up on the kitchen floor, hugging her stomach as she waited for the contraction to pass. She was foolish to have thought she could do this on her own, but she refused to go anywhere near the hospital.

"We're losing them!" A nurse exclaimed as the bleating of the machine that showed the heartbeat of the baby slowed. The term them wasn't lost on Cassa, "Prep her for a C-section, asap!"

The room was then a flurry of motion.

"OH no no no! Ravira!"

As soon as the pain passed Ravira was on her feet, swaying towards the doorway. Something wasn't right... She clutched the frame as another wave of agony flared through her.

Cassa was taken into an operating room, "Stay calm ma'am." She was informed

"You must send another ambulance to my house..oohhh!" She clutched her stomach in agony. "There is another girl hurt at my house."

"Okay we will send one. Just remain calm." The nurse said soothingly.

She didn't remember making it there, but finally Ravira collapsed upon her bed. The door slammed behind her and the windows shook as though they were about to break. Objects drifted up off of the dresser and swirled about the room. This, though, she didn't see.

Finally the children were delivered one by one, both girls, Ravira's being harder. Cassa had a boy and girl and Ravira had the same. When the babies were brought out to Cassa and naming was at place she named her daughter Ravira and her son Carl. Cassa really wanted to know all about Ravira's children so as soon as they gave her the clear she grabbed a taxi and headed home.

Ravira lay curled in her bed, twins resting against her. She wanted to sleep,but she was completely drained. The front of her shirt had been sliced in two, and the knife she'd used... She shook her head, Cassa would probably be home soon, she couldn't think it or the other girl would learn what she'd done in order to deliver safely.

"Ravira!" Cassa yelled pushing in two strollers made for twins.

"Cassa, you're home already?" She glanced towards the doorway though didn't move.

"Yea, I left as soon as i had the chance." She said climbing the stairs.

"Ah... don't know how wise that could have been..." Ravira sat up slowly, wincing as pain lanced up through her belly before it quickly faded, she'd blocked the pain from Cassa, "Why don't you get some rest?"

"But I'm not tired. Not in the least bit. I wanna show and see babies." Cassa nagged.

"Yes, well, I'm exhausted." Ravira rolled her eyes, "I guess I can handle visiting for a few minutes."

"Yes!" She came rumbling the stairs, with babies in each arm. " This is baby Ravira and this is baby Carl." She stated with pride showing the babies to Ravira.

"You named one of them Ravira?" She blinked, "Why?" She glanced down at the two still nestled near her, "These are Gabriel and Eva..." She murmured.

"I named one Ravira because you are like my sister. Our twins look alike."

"Like sisters?" Ravira murmured, "kinda funny to think... we met in the woods only a little more than four months ago."

"Well what do you consider me as?" Cassa smirked.

"I wasn't saying that the feeling wasn't mutual..." Ravira shrugged.

"Oh ok." Cassa mumbled.

"Get some rest... Cassa." Ravira murmured.

"Okay, but tomorrow we go shopping for baby"

"Sure, why not?"

"Ok." cassa smiled to her self.

"Can I get to sleep again?" Ravira asked now.

"Sure." Cassa giggled.

"Good night." She muttered tiredly.

"Night." Cassa said waving goodbye heading to her room.

Ravira stood carefully and pried the comforter away from the bed, quickly she tucked it into a bundle, grabbing the sheets as well without waking the children, and headed down to wash them. She wobbled slightly, still weak.

Cassa placed the babies in a dresser drawer until tomorrow when they could get craddles. She then snuggled into bed ignoring the creeks of the house.

Ravira sighed, entering the kitchen she quickly did up the dishes, washing the blade that had been in her room fiercely. Then she headed up and laid down, curling on her side on the floor as the babies slept in the bed.

Morning shown through the window and the cries of babies woke up Cassa. She wiped the crust from her eyes and lumbered over to the babies, picked them up and began to feed them.

Ravira awoke to cooing and gasped in surprise as she realized that somehow the twins had wound up on the floor with her and one was now playing with a strand of her hair. She checked over them quickly to ensure that they were okay.

Cassa walked to raviras room to see her playing with her babies who looked somewhat bigger than hers.

"C-Cassa..." Ravira glanced up at her, she didn't know what to say.

"wow you got some big ems'" cassa said laughing.

"They're growing at a pretty unusual rate, I don't understand it..." Ravira shook her head.

"Maybe i should go have another look at mine." Cassa said turning around entering her room. There were her babies same size as Raviras.

"It's so strange." Ravira was behind her now.

"guess we will have to shop cautiously."

"You mean sparingly since their sizes seem to be changing constantly?" Ravira chuckled.

Their day of shopping left them both exhausted and terribly unaware to the strange woman whom seemed to be following them the whole way home. But the young woman was not alone for Varamos was not yet far behind either.

Ravira collapsed upon the couch after setting the children down for a nap and leaned back into the cushion, "Ugh, I'm tired," She muttered, "Whoever said shopping was fun for kids needs to be stabbed."

"These days though, you think everyone should be stabbed. I'm actually pretty sure other than me, there is not one person whom you wouldn't stab." Cassa said to herself chuckling.

"True." Ravira shrugged, "But don't find that so amusing. Its not nice." She made a face, "Wonder what those people thought of us shopping for so many different sizes..."

"Well A. that we were little whores, with many different kids of many ages. B. We have friends with babies. Personally I would like A." She stated with a straight face.

"I think I'd prefer the second choice." Ravira stated seriously, "It allows the public to view you with less thoughts of promiscuity."

Cassa fell to the floor howling, going blue in the face. "Hate to tell you...but thoughts of promiscuity are all over us because of children and no husband." Placing her hand on Ravira's shoulder she chuckled once more, still gasping for air.

Ravira shook her head, "Not that that is our fault." She said, her voice soft.

"Listen, it's done. We need to move on. We have got two wonderful children out of it and if worst comes to worst we will get WIC and hit his ass up for child smile while I make us food or would you rather go out. I am really in the mood for a Mc Chicken." And with that Cassa left the room and her sleeping children.

"I don't want to go out. I've been on my feet all day. Why don't we make something here for a change?" Ravira pulled herself up from the couch.

"Maybe as long as you plan to help..." She said after stepping back into the room.

"Of course I'm willing to help." Ravira rolled her eyes, "Now we just need to figure out what we want."

"Mmm...grilled steaks! With maybe some corn on the cob and wine....lots of wine." (I'm jealous!)

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Ravira opened the freezer as they entered the kitchen and pulled out the steaks.

Cassa was working at getting out the pots for her corn when she remembered that she had drank all wine last night. Placing the pot down she turned towards Ravira, "I have to run to the store to get some wine. I finished off the last last night. You be okay with our little monsters?" she said motioning to the now seeming size of the terrible twos.

"Yeah, I'll get the steak and corn going. YOu just get that wine and we'll be good to go." Ravira gave her a playful shove towards the door.

"Just for that i will make sure i have to make a few trips back because i accidentally keep getting empty bottles...silly me!" Cassa said leaping out of the way of a flying towel.

"Maybe the temperature in the oven will drop mysteriously and your steak won't cook... Silly appliances." Ravira grinned.

"That may just suck because i would be drunk, you would be hungry and i could accidentally stop at Mc Donalds and get that Mc Chicken i wanted." She replied jumping out of the way of a flying fork.

"Oh, don't worry, see, appliances are tricky and sometimes cook only on one side. So maybe my steak will get done to a tender perfection."

"Maybe I will get lost?"

"Try not too."

"With all that alcohol i can't make any promises."

"Try not to drink before you get home." Ravira smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Of course, you do know, that it will be a temptation." Cassa stated before skuttling out the door.

"Goofy girl." Ravira muttered good naturedly as she heated up the oven.

They watched cassa leave then decided to make their advance. Sneaking up to the front door, knocked, then waited for her to answer.

Ravira put the steaks in the oven and quickly went to answer the door- she froze with it halfway open.

"Hey sister. Long time no see. Dinners on, how sweet. What are we having?" Ririk asked pushing past Ravira and helping Varamo through. "Where is you hospitality that dear dead mother taught you?"

Ravira narrowed her eyes and placed herself before them, "Get out." She said coldly.

"Over my dead body or should I say your dead body..." She stated making a cackling sound.

Ravira clenched her hands into fists, "Leave, now." She said coldly.

"You have a choice...yours or have two," she took a breathe then slammed her fist into Ravira's face.

Ravira stumbled back with a grunt then twisted her body into a roundhouse kick, sending Ririk flying through the open door.

"That tickled," Ririk stated getting up and flying to her tackling her, pinning her arms to the ground with one hand and bitch slapping her with the other.

Ravira headbutted her and quickly struggled out from beneath Ririk, tackling her into a stand by the door, glass fell and shattered about them.

"Brava!" Ririk stated wiping blood from her brow then rolling Ravira below her. She gripped her hair using it to bang her head off the floor.

"Get. THe. Fuck. Out." Ravira ignored the buzzing in her head and picked up a sliver of glass, jamming it into the side of Ririk's throat.

Pulling out the sliver, she threw it to the side. "Your severly beginning to piss me off LITTLE sister." She was starting to raise a fist when a frying pan with frying onions in them connected with her head.

"You pissed me off to begin with." Ravira stumbled to her feet.

"Sorry I took so long...maybe i should have went to the movies instead." Cassa laughed dropping the frying pan to the floor and looking at the crumbled Ririk.

"Glad you didn't take that detour." Ravira glanced over at her in relief.

"So do we tie this bi-" Thats when Varamo stepped around the door and clamped his hand down on Cassa chlorophorming her. She slumped in his arms.

"You will be helping me or your friend dies. Get it?" He stated sneering.

"What the hell do you want from me?" Rage coiled in the pit of her belly.

"There is a lot that I want from you two. Get the children. NOW!" He screamed pointing.

"No." Her tone was firm, "You'll leave them alone you bastard." Ravira drew in a sharp breath.

Varamo extended his hand, "You have one more chance to give me the answer I want."

"What do you want with them?"

"I'm being a good daddy. your coming with me and you dont want them home alone." He said.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what it is you want."

"Thats not the answer I wanted." He out grew his nail and made a small incision along her neck, making a little thin line of blood.

"You're not going to kill her." Ravira crossed her arms, her expression sour.

He pushed his nail a little deeper making the line trickle, "Would you like to risk it?"

Ravira faltered, then sighed, "Fine." Her voice was resigned.

He smiled triumphly, "Now go get the kids. My driver is waiting in the car, there is car seats, of course. And when you are finished i will bind you, for my safety and Cassas."

Ravira scowled and her hands curled into fists once more, "If you want my cooperation you're going to stop adding on to your demands." She said in a low voice, leaving the room.

She entered her own first, surprised to see that once more her twins had had a growth spurt, they appeared to be four years old now. Gently she shook them awake, "Come on you two, we're going to go for a ride." She murmured adoringly to them.

"Hurry up up there please...I do not have time to waste and the longer you take the deeper I go." He shouted from downstairs.

"Damn bastard." She led the two into Cassa's room, surprised to see that her children still looked to be around two, shaking that off she picked them up and led the way downstairs, her steps jerky and angry.

"Thanks for your cooperation, finally. Please put them in the car, I will be with you momentarily. I will pack some clothes for you, Cassa, and children." He watched her walk through the door, he heisted Cassa up over his shoulder than started to the rooms.

Ravira glared at his retreating form and went outside, quickly she tucked the children into seats and leaned against the car, arms crossed.

Coming out he had Cassa craddled in his arms, he whistled and a very beefy driver stepped out to get the luggage. As he came closer he motioned for Ravira to move from the side of the vehicle.

Ravira stepped a few feet to the side, arms still crossed, patiently awaiting her opportunity.

Whistling once more, beefy driver came over, "Please take Ravira, get the tape and handcuffs. You know what else is to be done. I'll be waiting for you." Then with a wave of his hand he slid into the vehicle, placing Cassa on the seat lying down.

Beef Master walked over to Ravira, "Hands behind your back."

"Fuck you." She said caustically, "I refuse to be bound."

Calling from the car, "You know the rules."

"That wasn't your demand. Your threat to Cassa was if I didn't come. I am now so you're not adding on and having me bound." Ravira growled.

"You are correct then my small bug, I will not hurt Cassa, but how about your youngster? Pick...Gabriel or Eva? You make the choice or I will OR you could do as your told. The choice is completely yours." He shrugged. He said all this getting out of the vehicle.

Ravira sucked in a sharp breath and clenched her fists at her sides, fear for the children and anger burned deep within her, and suddenly the doors and windows of both houses and vehicles up and down the road filled the air with a loud cacophany.

"Your magic doesn't scare me. Do as I say or I'm going to kill your children, infront of you." He said temper rising.

"What're you talking about, bastard?" She honestly didn't know what was going on, but he was pissing her off further nonetheless.

Rising his eyebrows, he made a last minute change in his decision to leave her behind. "Okay wear the cuffs, but in the front." He motioned for his beef guardian.

"Fine." She growled, the silence thereafter was deafening.

"Interesting." He said placing his hand on the small of her back helping her into the vehicle. "An asshole I maybe, I still occasionally can be a gentleman."

"Fuck off." Ravira replied tersely as she turned away from him.

"Hey you made a good decission. Killing your friend and children would lead me into eating them and it would be a waste of food since i have feasted before I came." The started down the road, heading south, out of state.

Ravira braced herself, pushing back the sudden urge to leap over the seat and remove his head with the cuffs that cut into her wrists, "Stop trying to seem like a good guy you fucking freak, I'm tired of you interfering with our lives." She spoke rather than acted.

"We are all connected, whether you like it or not. And a good guy...never even try." He stated with a shrug. "And please, name calling isn't necessary."

"You expect me to do anything less with all you've done?" Ravira drew in a sharp breath to calm herself.

"I believe you owe me. You now have two bundles of joy to have and love."

"Oh don't even get me started you... you... douchedick!"

"Nice choice of words. Your beginning to annoy me though." Sleep

"You're the one who is... annoying." She cursed inwardly as she sank down into darkness.

Arriving at his place fifteen hours later, he awakened Ravira. "Welcome home beautiful."

"This isn't my home." She stated flatly, irritation leaking into her voice.

"It is now. I want to watch my children grow and make sure they grow into what they are supposed to be."

"That's not going to happen." She glanced at the carseats and gasped, hers had aged another 5 years, their sleeping faces were unmarred. Cassa's were still young toddlers, there was no doubt that her pair was aging at a more alarming rate.

"I see they are growing slow...your blood must affect the growth somehow." He scratched his brow.

"You call this slow? They've aged ten years in a matter of days!" Ravira glowered, masking her worry for the children with the blind rage she felt towards Varamo.

"Yes its slow. And Cassa's should be growing soon."

"This is ridiculous."

"Maybe so, but these children must be raised in a proper enviroment."

"That puts you out of the picture."

"You are purposefully trying to hurt me, no?"

"Definitely am." Ravira replied, "You should have stayed dead."

"Then what pain and agony you would be put through when these youngins decided to be part of what they are. You would have no control and be lost completely."

"Oh I highly doubt that I'd have had to worry about that. They are creations of my own body. They are pure beings and nothing like you."

"Oh? But they are one of mine, so they are more like me then you believe." He stated lamely.

"Keep telling yourself that. Maybe eventually you will be able to sleep with yourself." Ravira shook her head in irritation, "They'll never be like you."


"No, you watch." Ravira replied coldly, "They are loving, well-cared children. Whatever you are is at the opposite spectrum as they. It won't happen."

"Listen woman, you are naive in this situation. Just shut up and learn and listen. You might be able to over come your idiocarcy (spelling)."

"I am not naive. You are the naive one. Whoever you've 'mated' in the past, whoever else of your kind has had children... Mine and Cassa's are different. Stop being such an ignorant fool. You're really pissing me off."

"Ah, your temper soothes ones mind...because I will laugh about you in my sleep and everything else. So are we going to sit in this car all night or can i handcuff you and show you and your two to your room?"

"Oh, but I thought I was already cuffed." Ravira shook her hands in front of his face, "I'd rather you just take us back home and get the hell out of our lives."

"I meant in the back. You honestly think I still trust you, Ms. Stab Me Every Chance I get." He chuckled.

"You're really pissing me off."

"You say that alot. It makes me wonder. Shall we?"

"I say what's on my mind. And right now, I'm tempted to take your head off." Ravira growled.

"Well that wouldn't be very nice. Anyway I asked a few times nicely and your tiring me, now get out." He stated without feeling.

"Yes, well, take these damn things off and fight me fairly. I'm tired of playing these pointless games with you."

"I do not want to fight. I want somewhat of a truce...if you are human enough to handle it." He challenged her.

"I'm not having a truce with you." Ravira replied in turn.

"Ah, I would have thought so, you leave me no choice." He whistled and beef master came to the door. Sleep

"Bastard." Ravira lunged at him and wrapped the cuffs around his throat as the overwhelming dizziness took over her mind and she was left drifting into darkness.

Cassa woke up to being petted. She nestled closer to the petter and snuggled until she reliazed (spelling) what was going on. Cassa opened her eyes and seen Varamo, jumping off the bed she swiftly kicked him in the back of the head.

"Where is Ravira? And make any move-" She paused when she looked around the room, "Where the fuck am I? Where are my children? RAVIRA!?" She screamed frantically. Varamo got up and started towards her.

The door burst open and Ravira was there, "Get the fuck away from her."

Cassa jumped over the bed to Ravira feeling that if Ravira and her were together they could once again take him on.

"Are you okay Cassa?" Ravira's tone was concerned though she continued to glare at Varamo.

"Could have been worse, although he had his clammy hands on my hair. I'm going to need to shower for almost three hours to get that feeling out of my hair. I say we kill him now...and burn then bury in the sea."

"I'd have to say I'm in agreement."

"Neither of you will be doing anything. Have you noticed that you are missing something? If anything happens to me, your children will be gone." He said smuggly moving closer to them.

Cassa sucked in air, "If you hurt my children you will never live to regenerate again."

"You aren't going to play this game much longer. Cassa and I will get our children back, slay you, and go home." Ravira replied.

"Silly child. You will understand soon, very soon." He said getting walking up to them. He kissed each of them and stood in the doorway, "I get hurt, my men will make sure you won't leave. And if you do, it will be empty handed." He said before turning and leaving.

"Dammit!" Ravira slammed the door behind him and turned to Cassa, "Lets find the children."

"But we dont even know this's a maze!" Cassa said exasperated.

"Are you just going to sit here and hope that they're okay wherever fuckhead dumped them?"

"Would you rather get fucking lost and never be able to see them again?"

"I'd rather be doing something. Stay here if you want, I refuse." Ravira made a face and left the room swiftly.

Cassa stood around for a few seconds then ran after her, "Wait! Don't leave me here!"

"Changed your mind?" Though sarcastic, her words held a note of relief, she didn't want to search the place by herself.

"Yes because you know I would just love to sit in that creepy room and wait for Varamo's next attack on me. Did you see how many fucking cuts I have? It's crazy. So have any ideas-" They stopped because they came to the end of this hallway and before them stood three dividing hallways.

"So which one would you like to take all mighty smart one?" Cassa stated with a fake slave bow.

"Not funny. You take the left and I'll go right. Whether we find anything or not we meet back here as soon as possible and then take the center." Ravira replied.

"It was so funny. Okay do you think you can handle him on your own? I know I stand a slight chance of knocking him off guard and get away." Cassa asked raising an eyebrow.

"I killed him with a screw last time if you don't recall." Ravira replied, "Lets just go, move quickly and discreetly Cassa." she took off at a light jog down her chosen path, opening and closing doors as she went, venturing into rooms with other doors as needed.

Cassa started off in her direction and walked as light as possible. She didn't want to even give the slightest hint of her movement. She glanced in doors, some were filled with coffins. Oh my god. What do those contain? Varamo's buddies per chance?

Ravira came at last to the end of the ever expansive hallway, she entered through the door there and glanced into the adjoining bath. She saw nothing and prepared to leave the room with a sigh.

"What are you doing out of your room? Do you have permission to be wandering the halls? I am most definetly sure Varamo would not want you two of all people to be wandering."

"Fuck off." Ravira replied, "Varamo doesn't control me. Now get out of my way."

"Whether you like it or not...he controls all of us. One way or another. I'm more like you guys though. I want to get the fuck out of here. The name is Aspien." He stated bowing.

"Name's Ravira. I'm looking for my children and I want no hindrances. As soon as I find them I am out of here."

"Wait. You don't mean the youngsters that arrived here last night?"

Ravira froze, "Where are they?"

"Why? What's in it for me? Varamo is my brother, I won't betray him for anything unless you have something to catch my eye." He stated with a far off whispful glare.

"And what would you like?" Ravira asked simply, she would give anything to have her children back.

"Well I would like to be introduced to the chosen one. It's simple, but nice."

"Who is the chosen one?"

"Please do not waste my time in acting like you do not know. You have been so close that you didn't even know." He said exasperated.

"I'm not acting, I don't know what you're talking about."

Aspien held up his hands, and in the end just dropped them, "Ca-Cassa, you know who i am talking about now."

"Cassa? What in the world is she 'chosen' for?" Ravira blinked in general surprise.

" release the rest of the ones locked in hell, or put the ones escaped back. It makes her very interressting to me." He said emotionalless.

"Well, tell me where my children are and I will introduce you." Ravira replied.

"Do you think I am naive, young lady?" He asked with a smirk.

"You don't think I am good to my word? Unlike Varamo I don't lie when I make promises. Cassa and I have the same goal- to get our children back. We'll do it with or without your help."

"When you are here," he said pointing around. "You tend to learn not to trust strangers."

"Yes, well, maybe that is why I can't trust you." Ravira replied, "I only want my children back."

"No. You are untrusting because of whats happened. It has nothing to do with me."

"I have known a lot of distrust in my time. Either way I have made a promise. Show me to my children and I will introduce you to Cassa."

"I will take you instead, but we can not go this way because Chedipe is on this floor. She will eat you alive...with no regrets."

"Lead the way." Ravira replied.

"Alright." He slightly pushed her out of the way and strode ahead of her the way she came from.

Ravira followed him in silence, arms crossed over her torso.

As soon as they reached entrance of the three way corridor they heard an ear peircing scream. Running, they seen Cassa pinning Ustrel to the wall with her mind.

"Cassa, are you okay?" Ravira ran to her side quickly, glaring at the pinned woman.

"For the most part. A little help?" Cassa asked growing increasingly weak.

Ravira approached the vampire and glanced up at her, she pinned her with her hands and looked back at Cassa briefly, "Let go. Don't use all your strength." She said before looking back at the vampire, "You'll either leave willingly, die, or be left for dead." She said coldly, "The choice is yours."

"Silly girl, why are you wandering around. Mmmm, you smell good." Suddenly the vampire threw Ravira back. She slauntered over to the fallen Cassa and wrapped her hands around her neck. "Give me a taste or your friend dies."

"Leave her alone..." Ravira stumbled a few steps before she could right herself and turned to face the vampire, "If you want a 'taste' then come and get it." She growled.

"Well a feisty one, he didn't warn me about that." She said roughly dropping Cassa.

"I'm assuming that he is Varamo. Did he tell you how I removed his head?" Ravira replied fiercely.

"He did. But did you notice he is still alive and managed to capture you," nodding to Cassa. "And your friend."

"He is only alive because-" Ravira caught herself and shook her head fiercely, "He won't have us much longer."

"We will see. So how about that bi-"

"Step away from her and the other. They are here for a reason." Stepping out of the shadows came Aspien. "And I think you remember that I am your master. Plus Varamo would be mad if you fucked with his chosen one and her friend." He stated shrugging. With that Ustrel stepped back into her room mumbling.

"How gracious of you to step in." Ravira replied flippantly. "Cassa, this is Aspien, he knows where our children are."

"Ugh. Help from one of them? Sounds exciting. Pleased to meet you." She stated flaty extending her hand. He took it and kissed the top of it.

"Enchante. It me-"

"I know what it means. I'm not an idiot." She stated pulling her hand out of his grasp.

"Take us to our children." Ravira said after a moment.

He broke his stare with Cassa, "Ah, yes, I did say I would. You held up your end of the bargin, so, so shall I."

Cassa gave Ravira a questioningly glare.

Ravira shrugged helplessly at Cassa, "Lead the way."

"Right then, you should have picked the middle." He stated laughing.

"Funny. Which room?"

"The attic and in the basement. There are stairs in this corridor." All the while he talked he stared at Cassa, she grew increasingly uncomfortable.

"They're seperated?" Ravira placed herself between them.

Cassa looked relieved. "Yes, boys with boys. Girls with girls."

"Then we'll split up. I don't want to take the chance that while going after one pair the other will 'disappear.' Cassa?" She looked to Cassa for confirmation.

"I don't want to go alone. Don't leave me?"

"Take Aspien with you... I know he's a vampire and all, but I'm sure that if he tried anything you could handle him. We'll go quickly so as to keep our time apart to a minimum." Ravira put a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled, "We want to get all of our children back, don't we?"

"Yes but.." You can read my mind if I put the thought in your head. So With him?

Cassa, you'll be okay. Just move quickly, okay? If you need my help... Send me a shout. Ravira turned to Aspien, "If you do anything that could bring harm to Cassa I will kill you myself."

"You have no harm will be brought to her." He said crossing his heart with a laugh.

"Be safe, Cassa." Ravira gave her a curt nod, "Where is the entrance to the basement?"

"Um. Since there is only one of you, you should take the attic. And we can walk there together until we come to the stairs."

"Fine." Ravira sighed, "Let's just hurry."

"ok. I will smash you with my mind if there is any funny business." Cassa stated.

"I agree with Cassa." Ravira glared.

Throwing his hands up in the air, "Ok ok. Lets not gang up on me now."

"The stairs?" Ravira prodded.

"Yes, please. You two together frightens me." And he started towards the stairs.

Ravira chuckled dryly and at last came to a stop at the base of the stairs that led into the attic, "See you in a few, Cassa." She murmured before starting up the stairs.

Cassa gave a look of despair as she walked down the stairs.

At the top of the stairs Ravira tugged open the door and entered quickly into the attic, heart pounding in anticipation.

As she walked in, another vampire stood at attention. "Nachzerer is the name, and i was told to watch for you."

"What do you want?" Ravira froze in the doorway.

"Well to keep you away from the children of course. It's a good thing you came up when you did though. They were making me hungry, but i am pretty sure you can fill me up." He said with an evil grin.

"You're not going to keep me away from them." Ravira said coldly, "I will kill you if you get in my way."

"This shall be a good game then. I know the ultimate out come though." He snickered.

"I'm not going to play games with you." Ravira glared, "Get out of my way!"

He got into fighting stance, Nachzerer's once beautiful face turning ugly. "You think you can stop me! Ha! Little girl you are in for it." He stated shoving his fist into her nose, causing it to drain of blood. "Mmm. You smell good. Dinners on!"

"Bastard!" Ravira covered her nose quickly and ducked down, sweeping his feet out from under him.

Crashing on to the floor he snickered. "Ah. Have a few tricks up your sleeve, aye?" He said spinning pulling her to the ground too. He climbed on top of her and held her down with one hand, bareing his teeth. "Mmm. Yummy in my tummy. I'd share but I dont think this is your favorite meal." He came closer to her neck.

"Yeah, well, you're out of luck. I don't give out free meals." Ravira growled, throwing him off of her and scurrying to her feet.

"Oh, well then, I guess I will have to snag some off of you. I'm dreadfully hungry." He said lunging at her.

"I said no." She leapt to the side to avoid him and turned, baring her fists, "You just don't know how to take that as an answer, do you?"

"Mind reader are you? Mother said the same thing until I drained her of her blood." He said turning around and ramming her into a wall.

"Get your filthy hands off of me." Ravira growled, shoving against him angrily.

"I'm sorry. As much as I love women against me, I'm just not in the mood." He said baring his teeth and inching once again towards her.

"I said... back off!" Ravira exclaimed, and quite suddenly he was thrown forcefully away from her and slammed into the far wall.

"Ow!" He suddenly closed his eyes and his world was blackened.

Ravira moved quickly around the room, "Carl, Gabriel!" She called out worriedly.

"Mama?" A boy's voice called from nearby, then a small form rushed out and wrapped itself around her.

Ravira gave a surprised start, Gabriel appeared to be 14 now. Slowly she wrapped her arms around him, "Where's Carl?" She murmured.

"Where's mother?" Questioned Carl, whom stepped out from around a corner.

"Downstairs. We're going to her now." Ravira grabbed both boys by the hand and led them from the room, leading the way down several flights of stairs and into the basement when she didn't see Cassa on the landing, "Cassa?" She called.

"In here! And hurry!" Cassa screamed sounding strained. She was calling from behind a locked door.

"What the hell?" Ravira ran towards her voice, "Cassa, what is going on?" She tugged on the door to no avail.

Cassa screamed. "MAMA!" Carl yelled pounding on the door making small dents.

"Cassa!" Ravira flung her shoulder against the door multiple times, "Cassa!" She ignored the sting.

Gabriel approached the door as well, "Open up!" He exclaimed.

With the force of all three of their blows the door was thrust from the hinges and fell inwards- Ravira fell with it. "Ugh..." She muttered, pulling herself to her feet.

Carl looked around and seen Aspien laying unconcious on the floor with and Ustrel pinning Cassa to a wall with a fire place very close.

"Ravira, help." Cassa sounded very weak.

"Get the hell off of her!" Ravira lunged and grabbed Ustrel, dragging her backwards, "Carl, Gabriel, get them out of here!" She called.

Gabriel nodded and ran quickly to Cassa's side, "Come on, let's get you to safety." He murmured.

"Oh, you've gotten so big." Then she fainted.

Carl was pulling Aspien and then he looked towards Gabriel, "I'll take these two. You just help your mom."

Ravira slammed Ustrel into the wall, "Where are our girls?" She demanded.

Gabriel carried Cassa to the doorway and set her down gently, "Watch over them," He murmured before turning back to Ravira and Ustrel.

Carl pulled the two bags of weight and set them in the room next door finding his sister and someone as goodlooking as her. "Ladies. Shall we go kick some vampire ass?" Eva started towards Carl, but Ravira stayed back.

"Why should we? Tis our destiny Carl. Stand up and be a man. If you can." Ravira chuckled.

"Ravira, what is wrong with you?" Eva turned towards the other girl in shock.

"Well you see, our strenght and mind and body are obviously better than humans," she nodded to her weakened mother. "Let us embrace our superiority, and forget abour being a meesely human."

"We are not like that!" Eva exclaimed, "We were born not to destroy or do evil deeds... Don't embrace the darkness of your heart, Ravira!"

"Say what you like, but daddy is right and I am with him." Ravira left the room and strode up the stairs out of sight.

Carl looked around then looked at Eva, "We still need to help your mom." He grabbed Eva's hand and pulled her into the next room where Ravira was fighting Ustrel.

"Looks like your young boy doesn't want to help you." Ustrel growled smiling with glee.

"What-" Ravira turned and was suddenly pinned to the wall.

"Mama... Stop fighting." Gabriel looked at her with emotionless eyes, "Maybe it would be better for you to see things from our perspective." He gave a wicked smile, showing his fangs.

"Gabriel, what are you doing?" Ravira gasped in shock, numbness engulfing her heart.

"I am embracing who I am. Maybe you should too." He sniffed at her, "You smell so delicious... maybe a small taste? You wouldn't begrudge me that, would you?"

"Gabriel, stop it!" Eva exclaimed from the doorway in shock.

"Don't give me that." Gabriel turned his glare towards Eva as he nicked Ravira's throat with a claw and brought his bloodstained finger forward, "Don't tell me this doesn't entice you... That you don't want to enjoy the taste of who we are."

Eva froze, her gaze locked on his finger for a moment, her heart humming nervously in her chest, "No, leave mother alone!" She burst out.

"Suit yourself sister. Leave." Gabriel's harsh glare flung Eva and Carl from the room, the battered door slammed back into place and he turned back around, "See it my way, mama, please. I want you with us." He pleaded almost childishly.

Carl slammed his body against the door, "It won't budge!" He cried out to Eva.

"What is happening here?" Eva grasped her head loosely as a migraine split through her temples, "My brother and your sister have lost themselves." She glanced towards the door, "We have to stop this..."

"Gabriel... I can't turn my back on who I am... You shouldn't either." Ravira reached for his hand gently, "Please don't do this..."

"I'll make you, Mama... I'll make you see things as they should be." Gabriel growled, sinking his fangs into her outstretched hand.

Ravira winced and jerked her hand away, "Don't do this." She murmured.

Gabriel's eyes turned a deep shade of crimson, "You can't win, mama, our time is near."

"C'mon. He used his mind to take us out, let's use ours to get back in." Carl stated taking Eva's hand before letting go and blushing.

"We're stronger together." Eva slipped her hand into his, "Hurry." She glanced up at him and turned her gaze to the door.

"Okay. Ready? One, two, thre-" Using his mind combined with hers, they blew open the door.

"Drop her, Gabriel. We don't have time for this shit!" Carl shouted.

"Tch," Gabriel turned his glare to them, then back to Ravira, "I won't let you betray me, mama," He let her go and ran quickly past Eva and Carl, his steps quick and agitated.

Ravira was still for a moment, then her gaze hardened, "I'm going to kill Varamo." She clenched her jaw fiercely.

Cassa walked into the room, "Where is Ravira? And Gabriel?" She looked around the room.

"They are being blinded." Ravira slammed her fist into the wall, part of the stone crumbled beneath the force, "They aren't themselves." Tears flooded her eyes.

Lowering her head, "No, they are being themselves sadly. This is what Varamo was talking about." Cassa left the room in tears.

"I won't believe it. We still have Carl and Eva!" Ravira burst out, "Hold out hope for Ravira and Gabriel... We'll get them back." She ran after Cassa.

Cassa turned around and took Ravira's hands in hers. "Because Carl and Eva are good, but Ravira and Gabriel are not." She let go and continued to go upstairs.

"I'll find a way to bring them back." Ravira continued after her, "I refuse to believe that they've turned against us like that... Not without some sort of prompting..."

"Prompting? You want to know that the had prompting? Seriously, who do you think has been feeding them more than food? Sure the hell wasn't dear dead mother, it was Varamo." Cassa exclaimed in frustration.

"I know." Ravira replied coldly, "And I have every intention of torturing that bastard to death."

"Don't think you get him to yourself. It will be both of us against him."

"Mommy? Auntie Ravira?" Carl yelled.

"Mother, Aunt Cassa!" Eva ran after them, grabbing Carl and dragging him with her.

"I wouldn't dream of denying you the pleasure." Ravira replied quickly, "Lets kill that slimy bastard..."

"It's a deal. But for now lets grab our two here and get them out then come for the others. We just can't fight them now." Cassa stated grabbing Carl's hand.

"...Okay." Ravira sighed, "Let's find our way out..."

Carl pulled his hand out of Cassa's, "I want to find Ravira first, and Eva wants to find Gabriel. And I am not leaving til I do. Leave if you want, but I am not deserting them. Expessically not here."

Cassa looked at Carl shocked, "We are not leaving them, we will be back. Ravira, it seems our children have made up our minds for us."

"Yeah, we should bring Gabriel and Ravira back to their senses..." Eva nodded quickly.

"Its dangerous... I don't want you two getting hurt or-" Ravira started.

"We'll be fine, mother, let's just find them, okay?" Eva smiled gently.

"Look if we are willing, you should be too." Carl said quickly grabbing Eva's hand.

"It's not that we aren't willing..." Ravira said softly, "I just don't want anything else to happen..."

"Mother, we'll be fine. Let's just get Gabriel and Ravira back." Eva prodded, squeezing Carl's hand briefly.

God this girl is so strong. I wonder why I feel so drawn to her. Carl thought.

Cassa glanced at her son's hand then smiled.

"Well we should get a move on then." Cassa said beaming.

"Yeah..." Ravira said without much conviction, then, "Yeah! Lets go kick some ass!"

Eva giggled softly, "Yeah."

"Maybe we should split up, you know, to cover more ground." Carl said blushing while Eva looked away.

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Ravira shook her head, "I don't want to be seperated and risk losing someone... Cassa?"

"But we are as strong as you guys, actually a little stronger than you two." Carl said pumping his fist in the air.

"You wish, kiddo." Ravira sighed, "If we split up, you two had best promise that you'll stick together."

Carl glanced sideways at Eva and blushed, "Of course we promise. We will never split up. Hell I won't even let go of her hand." Carl grasped Eva's hand in his firmly looking evenly at Ravira and Cassa, his mother.

"I promise too!" Eva replied.

"Cassa?" Ravira turned to her.

"Ravira?" Cassa turned and looked at Ravira hard.

"Should we split up to cover more ground?" Ravira asked her pointedly.

"I don't know, should we?"

"I don't know! That's why I am asking you. Come on, stop being so roundabout, Cassa, what do you think?"

"Well obviously, I am not the one to make the decission, for as I have no knowledge as to what such answer I should give!"

"You are making decisions, get serious. Two of our children have turned on us, and the other two want to split up to better search this place. I can't make this decision myself. Now I ask you again: Should we separate?"

"Rock, paper, scissors?"

"Fine, after you." Ravira replied.

Simulantiously, "Rock, paper, scissors!" Cassa threw out a rock, meanwhile Ravira threw out a scissor. "Ha I am victorious! Decission is yours!"

"Fine, we split up. I'm going this way. You guys can decide your own I'm sure." Ravira stalked off ahead and around the corner, clearly agitated.

"Wait! I'm coming with you douche dick!" Cassa shouted chasing after her.

"I want to be alone!" Ravira called back over her shoulder, "I'm not in the mood to deal with you right now, Cassa. We'll meet back in a half hour, or as close to it as we can."

"But you can't! It was just a measely joke, you are just way more competent the me."

"I'm fine. Stay with the kids if you want company. I'm not talking about the game either. I'm talking about you mocking me before that. Besides, you made me call our actions, and I say I want to be alone."

"Fine! I'll make the decission then. And I did not mock you. Kids we are going to seperate. You and Eva, Ravira and I." Cassa said, yelling for Ravira.

"Mother seems pretty upset..." Eva commented.

Ravira was already gone a fair distance ahead, she stalked corridors and opened doors one by one.

Cassa went to catch up with her but accidentally went down the wrong corridor. She opened a door then was suddenly overwhelmed with Varamo stench.

"So nice of you to show up, Cassa. Where is my other woman?" Varamos asked shutting the door after appearing behind Cassa.

"She's looking for our other two children. Since some asshole made them evil." She said pointedly.

"Listen there is no need for dramatics or name calling for that matter."

"Aunt Cassa?" Eva called from the other side of the door as she twisted the knob to open it.

"Gabriel, Ravira!" She called loudly, not caring now whether she was heard or not, Ravira was pissed and looking for a fight.


"Whose there?" Ravira called, her tone on edge as she tried to place the location of the voice.

"You are not with your protectors are you now lovely lady? No need to answer. I can smell you! Heehee."

"I don't need anybody to protect me." Ravira growled, "Show yourself!"

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