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2007-08-24 23:09:06
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Last Logins Messengers

This is a wiki for those who see their friends or people they message alot on the "Last Logins" and copy then paste it in a message to whoever they saw.

See the: Messengers of last logins
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[Under construction]

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2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: Typo? Where?

2007-05-25 [Zab]: I fixed it:P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: oh ok, thanks. ^_^ Can you help me get this wiki as texted as house zapper? you know, like different banners, alot of words up there please? ^_^'

2007-05-25 [Zab]: XD Sorry no..I'm not very good at english..ask someone to make you a banner or make one yourself:P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: Oh, ok. I could, but it'd probobly be from paint only. ^_^' I'm not that technalogicly bassed. ^_^'

2007-05-25 [Zab]: you have other art programmes? You could try gimp

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: Paint is the only program I know of. That's where I make most of my banners but that's for like RPs and stuff. ^_^'

2007-05-25 [Zab]: Gimp - to install it's free, you could try it:P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: I can't install anything without my dad seeing it first and gives me the "Ok"

2007-05-25 [Zab]: aw..too bad..I can guarantee it's virusfree, but I suppose that won't help much:P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: My dad is abit overbearing. ^_^'

2007-05-25 [Zab]: am I..XD

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: lol ok. ^_^

2007-05-25 [Zab]: hehe:P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: My dad said we don't have enuff space to install it. Thanks anyway. ^_^

2007-05-25 [Zab]: naw..oh well. Ask someone else to make it, or use Paint.. I'm off now

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: oh ok, bye. ^_^

2007-05-25 [dark cleric]: lol :P

2007-05-25 [Zel Holt]: Hey! ^_^

2008-02-22 [Enoz]: I can help to make banners. :D

2008-03-06 [Zel Holt]: Ok! ^_^ thanks.

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