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Law and Chaos and Mas

<img0*250:stuff/%5bMas%5d_and_Jake.jpg> [Mas] and Jake
[Mas] was over my grandparents farm and met Jake the dog

I just got my phone back and [Mas] was on my PC. I threw my arms around him and took a shot. He didn't quite realise what I was up to and pulled this face

The day I dyed his hair red. Caught him unawares

I was setting up my camera and he thought he's be silly. So I took the shots

Again, just him pissing about while I was setting up my camera

I set the camera to timer and sat down next to him. I cant remember what I did but we ended up in fits of laughter. I was later informed I hit him in the ribs by accident

I set the camera up for another shot and I sat down (without hitting his ribs this time) and he asked what should we do in the shot. I replied I didn't know so we ended up like this

Setting up my camera (AGAIN) and another posing shot but he ended up pulling a face like a chimp

We were hugged as close as possible

An edited version of the original, but less border, smaller file size and more focus on us

Our first photo as a couple. I didn't want it taken as I was a mess that day but he took it anyway. Titled after what he called it on his phone (Kiri is one of my game-names for the Nintendo Wii)

<img:stuff/aj/35739/Mas%20on%20a%20bad%20day.1.jpg> (Mas on abad day)
Insider Joke

/ [Law and Chaos]

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2009-01-13 [Mas]: ewww look at that ugly guy y u with him??

2009-01-14 [Law and Chaos]: Because I love you silly

2009-01-15 [Mas]: x)

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