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Lingerie on a Bed

So what the HELL is this Wiki about, you ask? It's kind of like 'Snakes on a Plane', only nothing like it at all... :-S It all kind of spawned out of a number of odd conversations myself [Galain] and Debbie [Close The Damn Door] seemed to be having with each other and various people about their underwear. Mysteriously, I was sent photos of lingerie collections laid out for display on beds...and so this was born!

Feel free to post your name and photos below! And take a badge if you do! (I just noticed this lingerie isn't on a bed :-P Lol, sorry!)

More than anything, of course, this is just a place for those of us who appreciate the intrinsic aesthetic value of lingerie to socialise, discuss and critique. And be stupid - we're quite good at that too. If you're an immature wankmuffin, please steer clear. Thanks.

[J Kale]


As much as I could fit in one shot ;)


And my xmas purchases...


I love sales :D Dodgy pic, but the bra up top (and the g-string) is Pleasure State with the most gorgeous little crystals on it, and the other 2 are Elle - the silver one's all beaded - sooooo on sale, lol.


Outlet shopping :D Now the proud owner of 7 pieces of the sheer ribbons set, lol. Can't find the one I want, of course, but hey... ;)

[Close The Damn Door]


Just a few.



Pretty small image, but all I have is a camera phone :P



New one.


Not the best one I will ever have, but the only one of t-backs for now
Love the colorful stuff <3
One of my corsets

[Insaniac Yoshie]


well there ya have it


bra's kiss




Yes, you can now sign yourself up for a life of lingerie! Or not...

1. [Galain] Nic
2. [Close The Damn Door] Debbie
3. [J Kale] J
4. [nopenope] Rachæl
5. [Sweetgurl_ alwayz06] Sandra
6. [Thrice]
7. [Crimson]
8. [Insaniac Yoshie]
9. [**Brittani Blue Eyes**]
10.[~Peachie Depression~]
11. [Lovely Needles] Elizabeth
12. [foxtrotter] Andy
13. [SpiritOfTheWater] Sam
14. [Dil*] Karrie
15. [black_lily] Tean
16. [DeadHead_Ninja]
17. [inuhime]
18. [Soul Eraser]
19. [Gwenn*]
20. [orchidflame]


Lingerie on a Poll is where you can find all of our polls on favourite sets of lingerie, preferred types etc. Thanks, [foxtrotter]!

Visit [Galain]

Visit [Close The Damn Door]

.....or, better still:


or hassle your friends to - that's just as good. Wiki growth is needed, my lingerie-loving compatriots!

Username (or number or email):


2008-05-06 [Soul Eraser]: I have to take mine on monday. Thank god its only one but still AHH! and its weird b/c i do online college i needed to find a proctor and it couldnt be a friend or someone close to me. So i got a old highschool teacher to do it lol. Thank god im still friends with her.

2008-05-25 [Soul Eraser]: i got new goods =) <img:>

and i got another one . They dont have it on the site GRR its very cute its bright green with a pink lace trim with hearts and stars on it with monkeys , frogs and something thats cute and looks like a dog haha and the matching undies.

also apparently they have the last thong set i bought on the site. <img:>

2008-05-27 [Galain]: You lot and all your bright colours! Haha. Though frogs actually sound awesome to me, for some bizarre reason...

N x

2008-05-27 [Soul Eraser]: I like cute things. haha and i needed a bright green one to go with a light green shirt i have. So its all good

2008-05-27 [inuhime]: lol

2008-05-28 [Soul Eraser]: grr i hate this heat wave. And right now its dropping bad its gonna be frost tonight. It went from like 70 all lastnight to frost tonight.

2008-07-24 [SpiritOfTheWater]: That's how it is here in CO. Fucking hot during the day, then drop-dead cold at night.

2008-07-27 [Galain]: It's surprisingly mild over my way, actually.

Anyone got any nice new purchases? I'm afraid *I* don't :-P Haha.

N xx

2008-07-27 [Soul Eraser]: well i didnt buy lingere.. instead bought a short cute denim mini =] <img:>

its good wen your left alone in a mall for a hour lol.

2008-07-29 [SpiritOfTheWater]: I have corsets, but no camera. I'm getting a camera next week though!!!

2008-08-31 [Soul Eraser]: yay (:

2008-09-01 [SpiritOfTheWater]: I put the pic up but it's kinda big >_<

2008-09-01 [inuhime]: That sucks. I hate it when pictures aren't the size you want it to be.

2008-09-01 [SpiritOfTheWater]: Yeah..... And I'm kinda technology impaired when it comes to resizing things.

2008-09-01 [Soul Eraser]: Im so computer impaired that ive only had my computer for a year and it already as numbers of trojans, and malware. And everything under the sun

2008-09-02 [Galain]: Haha, that's no good. I work with a computer company on the side of my regular stuff, so I get those guys to keep an eye on it all for me :-P

N x

2008-09-02 [Soul Eraser]: shut up, lol. Stop braggin.

2008-09-12 [Galain]: Me? Never ;-)

N x

2008-09-12 [SpiritOfTheWater]: That's crazy. Didn't you get any virus protection?

2008-09-13 [Soul Eraser]: Yeh i have a virus scanner and well... Im pretty sure when im out , people are using my computer cuz i've found porn sites on my computer when i would come home.

Gotta love my family. No respect, i bought myself a computer not for them to use. They have laptops.

2008-09-25 [SpiritOfTheWater]: I need to buy myself a computer of a laptop too.... This one is the family's and it's crappin out!

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