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2011-08-01 16:21:07
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First some Lilo and then a great excursion to the beach in Johannelund (in the SE of Linköping).

Lilo and a pretty nice tomcat. He wasn't that interesting for so long.
Ducks on the way to Johannelund.
A duck in the road.
And eventually we got the people together. Hu, Ariana, Aleksandra, Yael, [Hedda].
The beach in Johannelund, SE Linköping.
We were helping out to turn the lock on the way back.
Ariana is working like Conan...
And the family whose boat was passing the lock.
Annoying teenage girl was put in a separate boat behind the big boat... That's smart parenting! :P

/ [Hedda]

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2011-08-01 [Cillamoon]: What a lovely day to be in the shade of a tree :)

2011-08-04 [Hedda]: But now my nose is broken. Well, the skin on my nose. I failed to apply enough sunscreen there. I'm not used to be outdoors during lunchtime.

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