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2010-04-10 06:21:42
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Country: no idea
With: [Teufelsweib]
When: May

Country: Turkey
With: [Diede.]
When: July

Country: Argentina
With: [All_Most PUNK]
When: not scheduled

Country: Finland (winter edition)
With: [Linderel]
When: next winter

Country: Korea
With: [Moonknight]
When: not scheduled

Country: Antartica
With: [Teufelsweib]
When: not scheduled

wanna help?

so you enjoyed the wiki and the idea of us all coming a bit closer and being connected by a chick?
or just don't have anything better to do?
or perhaps you're going on a trip somewhere and wouldn't mind it if she tags along?
then leave a comment, or send me a message!

just keep a few things in mind

- Maria Magdelena is in an incredibly poor shape nowadays, so she has a travel container. so if everything goes right and you find her in your mailbox anytime soon, do not remove her from that box. it's her cosy tic-tac box and she'll go rabid if you do so.
ok, to be honest, she'll seriously fall apart. her head is taped on and only holding by a few strings, and I don't want this project to stop anytime soon. so be a bit careful, ok?
- I'm sending her to you to get some awesome pics of Maria Magdelena in your country. whether it's a street, landscape, some local sightseeing, whatever, it'll make me happy. I don't mind some funny pictures as well, but please also include something worth seeing. no matter how lovely the tree in your back yard is, she's abroad after all, so try to capture some of the surroundings in your pictures as well. it has to be somewhat clear, if you get it ;)
- I have to trust you, I'm not sending her out to some stranger, as far as strangers go online that is. so either I have to know you on here, or know someone I trust who trusts you, before I'll send it to you. it's nothing personal, I just don't feel like losing Maria because of something as stupid as some asshole on here.

so you think you can keep Maria in one piece and can take some nice pics of her? then either send me a message or comment here (or on the main wiki, as long as I get the message).
just be specific; where are you taking here? and when do you want her?

thanks in advance, guys!

MM world domination tour

Username (or number or email):


2010-04-09 [Teufelsweib]: on, and I don't care if she's already been to the country before, so don't let that hold you back :3
lets get this thing roooolling!

2010-04-09 [Linderel]: *scheduled, darling :P

2010-04-10 [Teufelsweib]: since when do english also use a 'sch' O_o
*mumblemumble* *changes it* >__>
(thanks :P)

2010-04-10 [Teufelsweib]: now that you mention, it does look much better this way :P

2010-04-10 [Linderel]: Mongrel language, remember? xD

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