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Maeve104's Art

All images and characters are the property of [Maeve104], so please don't use them without her direct permission, thanks! :)

Done in colored pencil and outlined in ballpoint pen.
Done in dry erase marker on glass.
Done in dry erase marker on glass.

Done in colored pencil.
Done in #2 pencil.
Done in fine tip ink pen.
Done in fine point ink pen.
Ballpoint pen.
Colored pencil.
Colored pencil.

(Elven Archer)
No.2 Pencil

Cannon Powershot

/ [Maeve104]

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2008-01-01 [Galatea]: By the way I love the artwork you have up here! :D

2008-01-02 [Maeve104]: Thanks! ^^

2009-09-02 [WeirdEd]: You have amazing talent, you're Drawings are awesome.

2009-09-16 [Maeve104]: Thank you very much! :)

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